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July 25, 2008

Raleigh townhomes continue to sell

Filed under: Raleigh Condos,Raleigh Townhomes — Schnitz44 @ 8:50 am

Glenwood North TownhomesThere is a new townhome community in Raleigh that is a must see – Glenwood North townhomes from the nationwide builder, Standard Pacific Homes. This is an Award-winning 3-story garage townhome complex sized from 1,772-2,209 square feet are designed to fit your lifestyle beautifully with loads of light, charming detail, exceptional included features and attractively priced luxury options, including bonus rooms. With pricing starting in the low 200s, this is a new Raleigh townhome project that you relally can’t help but place on your interest list. The gorgeous master-planned swim and fitness club community, complete with a 6,500 sq. ft. residents center, is located on Glenwood Avenue just north of Millbrook Road and is exactly where you want to be. With effortless access to I-540, I-40 RDU and downtown Raleigh, you’re only minutes away from the Triangle’s best shopping, dining, and entertainment.

New Condos Online and Realty Trac Join Forces

Filed under: Uncategorized — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

(August 25, 2008) New Condos Online, the largest online portal for new condo developments worldwide, and Realty Trac, the nation’s leading online foreclosure marketplace, have joined forces to market foreclosure opportunities to consumers. The companies have collectively realized the urgency in moving foreclosure inventory and the impact that will have on the future of the housing market. Due to the fact that over 80% of home buyers are looking for homes and condos online, providing them as many choices and resources as possible is a key element in fostering sales.

“It will be crucial for the future of the new home market to move standing inventory. That includes current condos and homes in standing buildings, units coming up in projects currently under construction, and of course foreclosures and other bank owned assets. To do so, it will be imperative to use strategic marketing methods the way one would for an upcoming new construction development,” says Brent Gleeson, President of

Realty Trac accomplishes this goal by not only providing a user-friendly platform for finding foreclosure property nationwide, but by giving consumers the information they need to learn about the process. Realty Trac offers educational information about foreclosures, information on how to by foreclosure property, resources for selling one’s current home, as well as other tools and services applicable to home selling and purchasing.

The companies realized a unique opportunity to leverage NCO’s international user base and sophisticated technology to further expand the exposure for Realty Trac’s inventory. Realty Trac provides daily real time updates to their property listings on New Condos Online. Through these marketing efforts NCO will be increasing visibility for these properties and helping to educate buyers about this unique opportunity.

“New Condos Online still has a sound commitment to marketing new construction property across the globe but there is an immediate issue that we need to deal with in the United States, and that is moving standing inventory. Until we make a large dent in selling units that are on the market, it will be much harder for builders to gain approval for new developments, much less get funding, “ says Brandon Fishman, CEO of

July 24, 2008

The need for an online presence is more vital than ever

Filed under: Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

In real estate and now more than ever, if you don’t have a website, you might as well not be in business. For developers in a competitive market, you need to make sure your condo development can be found online. Why? Because I can bet that some overnight millionaire in Russia or China or Europe isn’t getting the local paper delivered to their home each morning. What’s the connection? Easy. The US is relatively one of the most stable, if not the most stable market in the world. With the shift in certain economies, many foreigners are finding new found wealth and are looking to invest their cash in certain assets – one being real estate. As many people know, the US market, like other markets, is a pendulum. Yes, the real estate market is on the backward swing but it will again bounce back. Hey, if we can recover from the Depression, we can do pretty much anything. The resilience of the US economy is very attractive to foreign investors. With that being said, investors are looking for great new condo buys now in the US – which, today, are like a dime a dozen. Where are they finding these deals? That’s right – online. Developers need to have an optimized website in different languages sometimes to make sure they are catering to their audiences abroad. Developers also must take into consideration how a site should be built so that it can be optimized correctly and search engine friendly. This is key to any successful website.

July 22, 2008

Want Premier Waterfront Living in the Portland Area?

Filed under: Portland Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

Hayden Island, in the Portland area, is introducing a new 84 unit waterfront luxury condominium development offering beautiful spacious condos from the high $300′s. This new luxury residential community is called The Waterside. Just North of Portland, Hayden Island is located right on the columbia River south of the Washington State border. Hayden Island condos offer everything a well developed community can, great shops, ammenties, restaurants, and entertainment.

Portland is a quickly developing urban environment which has experienced massive growth during the latest condominium boom. Portland condos have generally been very well priced having not experienced some of the inflation that many other cities have. Portland has developed at a more steady pace and has not been flooded with investors and speculators which can quickly turn a market if certain conditions shift and begin correcting themselves. Portland condos for sale can range in price from the low $200′s to the high millions depending on the location and level of luxury.

Just north of central Portland, is Hayden Island. The Waterside sits right along the Columbia River and even offers a 112 slip marina for the boating enthusiasts! If you want to be able to enjoy a day on the water in your boat and then pull into your own private slip with your new condominium just steps away, then The Waterside is the place to be. Whether you are looking for Hayden Island condos, Portland condos, or other luxury condos, The Waterside offers the ammenities and comfort you are looking for.

July 20, 2008

Icing on the cake for smart new condo buyers in Philadelphia

Symphony House developer Carl Dranoff was looking for a sure fire way to draw million dollar condo buyers to his development and opted for a method that we are seeing more and more of in today’s market. Dranoff decided to incentivize. Only this time, developer Carl Dranoff put a twist on the idea and opted to throw in some unconventional incentives to make the deal sweeter. Even though 85 percent of his 167 units are already sold, Dranoff has offered to include a Smart car (retail value: $16,590) and a $75,000 parking space in the high-rise’s garage to go with the next three units sold.

The Symphony House development soon to be featured on is not the only luxury condo development in Philadelphia to offer some very enticing incentives. Others include the Residences at Two Liberty also to be featured on in the near future and is offering its buyers three free years of valet parking,” when buying a condo according to Ruth Hirsh Lincoln, whose firm represents the developer.

These types of marketing incentives are icing on the cake to new condo buyers in the area considering purchasing a new condo as astute buyers are stepping out from the sidelines to buy in the Philadelphia condo market. Despite a credit crunch and a downturn in the housing market in some areas, the luxury condo market in other metropolitan areas are fairing well and Philadelphia is a perfect example. Although overbuilding and speculative investors have created problems in some condo markets such as Miami, Las Vegas, and Boston, Philadelphia remains healthy for the long term due to the absence of either element.

July 18, 2008

Give a new home a test run

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What? Give a new home a test run? How can you do that? With the current condition of the market, sellers are getting creative. (In fact, creative agencies looking to hire new people should keep their ear to the ground in regards to how sellers are trying to sell their home…but I digress.) Some sellers, from what I have read are prepping their home and allowing some potential buyers to actually stay in their home for a few days – to get the feel of the home or condo. How crazy is that? You can literally try out a home for while! I mean, I gues it makes sense. Some people are giving their will to the buyer when they die and some simply prep it with new furniture. Whatever the gimmick is, they usually make the news. The more random, most likely the more exposure the sellers will receive. But do these tactics work? Does even the exposure from the media about their creative idea help sell the home? It would be a very interesting case-study, don’t you think? Is this where the markets are headed? I mean, what other crazy ideas will sellers of new condos come up with? Maybe there should be a site dedicated solely to the wackiest and most creative ideas a seller has. Or, to follow a trend, we can create a reality a TV Show called SELL MY HOME! where a host profiles property owners who need to sell their home fast! Has anyone written a book on this? I would be curious to read it as would many property owners in dire need of someone to buy their condo.

Condo flipping is alive and well in Manhattan, New York

The condo market in Manhattan New York is alive and well. After some pessimism by many regarding the local markets ability to recover from the 9/11 catastrophe and Real Estate market woes, the numbers have proven the skeptics to be very wrong. Some note able properties that have made some investors a great deal of money include the Plaza, 15 Central Park West, and The Orion New York luxury Condos. The resold units in 15 Central Park West have gained an average of 92% in price, many of them in just a matter of months. The Orion, being a better example of the type of condos that have been recently built in Manhattan has appreciated at a lesser but still significant rate, is reselling at an average increase of 41%.

Confidence in the Manhattan market is evident in a recent press release stating that the largest construction loan in the US this year has just been secured for a Manhattan development. As specific markets continue to weaken, plans to implement a massive 13 acre project along the river in the west 60’s is moving forward without hesitation. The largest tower proposed will be called The Alden and is planned to be built just south of the Rushmore. Rumors indicate that the new tower may be the most luxurious and most expensive yet. Questions among bloggers have been raised as to whether or not the development will sell out before construction is finished but financiers and developer confidence seems to say otherwise. Many of the buyers of property in the area as of recent have been deep pocketed foreigners interested in investing in strong international condo markets. The coming months should prove interesting as this massive undertaking generates interest and attracts investors. Could this be the next Manhattan luxury condo flip opportunity? Only time will tell.


IndyMac falls — but shows that the U.S will grow

This week was pretty hard on a vast number of everyday people who relied on IndyMac bank to hold and manage their funds. It seems that one of the leading California banks whose strong suit lay in mortgages and loans has been appropriated by the government in an action to save investors and account for some major miscalculations. The bottom line for most customers of Indy Mac Bank is that your funds are protected and insured by the FDIC for up to $100,000. Anything past that you’re on your own, meaning that many people sitting on large nest eggs are out of luck in seeing any more of their money past that $100k mark. The AP (Associated Press) showed customers of Indy Mac waiting in lines numbering in the thousands, waiting for a bank that wasn’t going to open. An interesting thing happened in the following days on the stock market… The price of oil “corrected” by over 16 dollars and is still dropping. As I see it, more banks will fail, and the weak will get weeded out from the strong to help our economy become a more fortified machine. It’s going to take some major “corrections” to see a massive rebound, but the chain of events is definitely set in motion and we should see a strong recovery from the maladies in the last 5 or so years.

In recent times, New Condos Online has forged some very unique and strong advertising partnerships that have overcome many of the hurdles that the U.S based recession is going through. Partnerships for advertising new condos developments with DayStar properties in Costa Rica, who have an awesome series of developments and a one of our international features. They boast over 6 properties in beautiful Jaco Beach Costa Rica and will be adding new developments over the next 6 months.

Another very cool project is Milagro Del Mar down in Nicaragua. This fantastic project is a part of a new development phase in Latin America. While The U.S dealing with this depression, international development is growing by leaps and bounds on a quarterly basis.

July 10, 2008

Hindsight is always 20/20

Filed under: Condos,NCO — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Isn’t starting a blog off with a cliche such a cliche? Well – yes. But sometimes these cliche’s hold water! Another cliche – I should really stop! So, as you know, the market conditions for condos aren’t good, on a whole. Yes there are some pockets of good real estate investments in the US now but the majority of markets are declining and have been for some time. Very seldom do we hear about those firms aka vulture funds that are gobbling up (get it Smile) tons of declining real estate all of the country. I mean, fox news (I won’t capitalize them because I don’t particulary like anything on that channel), CNN, and other news channels can only give the a quick 2-minute doom and gloom report and we all know – well, people with some sort of intelligence – that the news doesn’t always give the most accurate and detailed stories. So why aren’t there more news stories about entreprenuers who are going to profit off this declining market? No one will watch them and if they do, they will become cynical. You see, the media plays such a huge role in our lives – ie, a lot of what we know is based around us sitting on our (explative) and watching a box. That’s how, I would say, 90% of our country gets their information. And the more stories a news channel runs about doom and gloom, the longer the viewer will watch. It’s basic psychology. I would love to see a study run where a news company ran nothing but positive news about something – real estate, cell phones, and etc and see how the public adapts to it. I wonder what would happen if CNN started talking about all the money people are making from buying foreclosures in this market? If they never ran another negative story about the real estate market, would people start to think the market is on a rebound? Would people start buying new condos and homes again? I wonder.

New Condos — New York! Great new projects for the summer!

Filed under: New York Condos,New York Real Estate,new condos online — The Law @ 8:50 am

Summertime seems to be season where most developers and marketing agents want to cut back on their advertising because it’s rumored that many sales don’t happen in the off season. While sales may see a decline in these months I can’t understand why someone would pull their internet advertising program, to put it on hold or to canceling it to later revamp it in the next quarter. The whole goal here is to make a new homebuyers aware of your development and as far as I know, no one is turning their attention away from the net for three months in the summer. New Condos Online is has seen a recent pickup in new clients due to this way of thinking, the logic that their project maintains a status online as a brand and when they list with New Condos Online their listing is further optimized within the specific city and state — That’s like a scaled down version of an SEO campaign for your developments website! we have been brining on new developments all over New York City as the season heats up.

Take The Revere of example –This 30 story dark brown brick tower on the southeast corner of First Avenue and 54th street has an impressive and elegant entrance in a small plaza that is raised a few steps above the sidewalk. The 229 unit was built in 1970 and converted to a condominium project about 10 years later — It has recently gone under some major renovations and makes a definite .Summertime seems to be season where most developers and marketing agents want to cut back on their advertising because it’s rumored that many sales don’t happen in the off season. While sales may see a decline in these months I can’t understand why someone would pull their internet advertising program, to put it on hold or to canceling it to later revamp it in the next quarter.

Riverwalk Court Condos is another breathtaking development in New York and boasts a very modern and sophisticated touch to it’s facade. Take a look at our new additions to this strong market to see how the skyline is changing and take note that the season isn’t the only thing heating up in this market.

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