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March 27, 2009

Get off the Fence, Time to Buy Now!

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It’s all over the news as evidenced by today’s front page story on Yahoo and it seems as if we have finally hit bottom on the housing prices. It’s time to buy – that is if you’re looking for the best deals and financing. First time home buyer programs and ‘lease to own’ options are available in all major cities. Some of the best can be found in Los Angeles with the VUE, Phoenix with Mountain Ridge Condominiums, or San Jose with the Villa Fontanas.

Home sales have already increased to their fastest pace in the last 10 months! Home prices are stabilizing so if you want the best prices, it’s time to see what’s on the market right now. Check out this article by Reuters. “The sky is no longer falling, we seem to have hit rock bottom. The data suggest that the weakest month of the recession possibly was January and now things will probably stabilize at this lower level.”

If you’re worried about the economy, don’t be. Experts are now saying that the recession will ease by the year end with company’s looking to add workers. The end is in sight and we will pull out of the recession this year. Read more about it here.

Keep an eye out for our weekly hot properties newsletter showcasing the best new developments both nationally and internationally: Here is this week’s featuring Washington Square and Crystal Point.

If you are relocating to Southern California, check out Artisan on Second, TenTen Oceanside, or Avalon Fashion Valley Apartments.

March 14, 2009

Washington Square Living in Bellevue

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Washington Square is now complete and ready for move in. Developed by Wasatch and the beacon of downtown development in Bellevue, Washington Square covers four towers that include residential, office, retail, and restaurants. It truly is the landmark of Bellevue and a place for you to call “home.”

If you haven’t read about Bellevue lately it has been receiving accolades from Forbes, Yahoo, CNN Money, and The Wall Street Journal. It has been rated the best place to ‘live and launch’ a new career by CNN Money, a best location to raise a family, and a best place to retire. Is there anything that Bellevue can’t do? Oh yes, The state of Washington also has some of the lowest tax rates in the country, ranked #4 most affordable last week!

Washington Square is just a minute’s walk from spectacular shopping, dining, and entertainment at Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square. Also, Washington Square hosts a variety of retail shops onsite including Shnoo Yogurt, Top Pot, and The Restaurant at Washington Square (coming soon).

Check out Washington Square today and Sign Up here for more information.

Best Selling Property in Costa Rica, Hacienda Matapalo, Achieves $43 Million in Sales

The best selling property in Costa Rica, Hacienda Matapalo, recently topped $43 million in sales. Costa Rica real estate is extremely appreciative, and buyers will soon have the opportunity to invest in the highly sought-after Hacienda Matapalo, as phase II residences will soon be made available at pre-construction prices. Hacienda Matapalo began releasing several new villages in its phase I condo and home pre-construction a few months ago, following a successful meeting by the Minister of Tourism.
Location, location, location is the key to a successful real estate launch, and this was the initial driving force to choose the locale of Hacienda Matapalo:

The pristine 665 acres of Hacienda Matapalo have been conserved by coupling a low density formula of small building footprints with 125 acres set aside for a dedicated nature preserve. Monkeys, Blue Morpho butterflies, birds and sloths share the waterfalls, lakes and lush rain forest with their transported neighbors from North America.
Horseback tours of the property have driven sales in the pre-construction stage, and the equestrian center will have a full stable of horses available to travel either the trails on the property or a gallop to the beach club to enjoy surf and sun. Working out in the expansive gym or enjoying a relaxing massage at the spa has motivated quite a few purchasers to take the plunge into the infinity pools at Hacienda Matapalo.

Amid North America’s housing and mortgage gloom, investors and second-home buyers are finding that the sun is still shining brightly at Hacienda Matapalo, which has become one of the country’s most sought-after destinations. The rental income of the condos, villas and homes will generate returns that make investing the proverbial no-brainer.

Appreciation in Costa Rica real estate has averaged in excess of 30 percent per year over the last decade, and pre-construction appreciation at Hacienda Matapalo has been substantially higher to date. The current property tax rate of 0.25 percent allows more of the bottom line profit to go where it belongs (in the buyer’s pocket).
IRA and 401ks have become decimated with the collapse of the stock and real estate markets in the U.S. This factor has enticed many people to use their retirement funds to purchase at Hacienda Matapalo. Hacienda Matapalo is considered a tax-deferred/exempt entity investment vehicle and is not subject to penalties. There are more social security checks being sent to Costa Rica than any other location outside the United States.

It is in times like these where fortunes are made and fortunes are lost. Being proactive now is the only way to secure your financial future. Diversifying into real estate in Costa Rica is an excellent hedge against the falling dollar, inflation and taxation. Diversifying into hard assets outside the U.S. is the best way to preserve purchasing power and provide stability to your portfolio.

Costa Rica has not been affected by the current world economic woes we have here in the U.S. Costa Rica’s economy and job base is growing… Its government is running a surplus… its banking base system is stable… and its financial markets remain strong. According to a well known and respected news organization in-depth report, Costa Rica’s real estate market has been experiencing gains in excess of 30% annually. Costa Rica does not impose a capital gains tax or taxes on money earned outside its borders. Costa Rica also has superior asset protection and banking privacy laws.

Please visit our website to learn all about our luxury, master planned gated community and see why the Minister of Tourism called Hacienda Matapalo “the most significant project in the region.”

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