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June 30, 2009

Bellevue Towers Now Live on NCO

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Bellevue Towers is now Live on!

For those who haven’t heard of Bellevue Towers – prepare to be impressed. Nearing LEED Golf Certification the Architects designed the towers to be both artistically appealing and environmentally conscience.

The two iconic glass towers, 42 and 43 stories tall, provide modern interpretations of traditional floor plans. Each home showcases the surroundings – Bellevue, Seattle, the Olympics, Mount Rainier, Lake Washington, the Cascades – with high ceilings and glass window walls. Finish materials throughout include sustainable hardwoods and stones.

It seems that the developer has taken an interest in selecting Art for these towers. The extensive, hand-selected art collection flows throughout the two towers, complimented by a deep Brazilian Cherry wood paneling along the residential corridors. The significant investment of roughly three-quarters of a million dollars was spent on sculptures, signature art pieces, and the installment of the art glass wall.

Bellevue Towers stands alongside Olive 8 and Washington Square as the pinnacle of high rise living in the Greater Seattle Area.

Sign Up for More information today on Bellevue Towers as a terrific primary or secondary home buying option.

Also check out 937 Condominiums in Portland for Premier LEED Certified High Rise living in the Northwest

June 19, 2009

Hacienda Matapalo: New Additions and Fantastic Progress

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Hacienda Matapalo: New additions and fantastic progress
Come visit our development at Hacienda Matapalo in Costa Rica. Go on a horseback tour of our property. Click on the send button to schedule your visit today! Sailing – Fishing – Diving – Ziplining – Nightlife … (click here to read more)

$120 Million Improvement Manuel Antonio Park Costa Rica’s very popular Central Pacific destination Manuel Antonio National Park is going to get a face lift! The park will benefit from $120 million for improvements to the facilities which will offer better services to the many tourists who visit the coastal preserve.
Continue reading.

$40 Million Theme Park

The Park will include more than 15 amenities, tours and rides for the visitors and make this project the most ambitious and complete adventure attraction in the Central American Region. The Park will be called La Chonta Costa Rica, Natural & Eco Adventure Park. Continue reading. Costa Rica’s New Costanera Highway Set to Explode Land Values Call it the miracle miles or the sight that residents of the Central Pacific coast never thought they would see. Despite a delay of 30 years, more or less, a contractor is paving the Costanera Sur just north of Dominical. Continue reading San José-Caldera highway: What it means for the Central Pacific After years of delay the new highway from San Jose to the beach was finally started on January 9, 2008. This is a huge development since it will cut driving time to the beach in half. As everyone knows, access leads to growth and increase in property values. This is sure to raise the property values in the Central Pacific. Continue reading

Marina Pez Vela will have boatyard completed by end of year We all know what the marine industry has done for so many other boating destinations in the world and Marina Pez Vela will be the marine hub for Central & South America.
Continue reading

New Terminal for Quepos Airport
The Quepos Airport expansion for a new terminal and 7500 feet of runway is being funded. Continue reading Quotes from Owners
“After a day on the property I was more excited and confident in my investment than ever.”
“The Hacienda Matapalo experience is like a dream that is too good to be true.”
“The area is beautiful and the views from the property are breathtaking”
“For me, Hacienda Matapalo is an inspiring and beautiful dream. Its a precious and beautiful place with its springs and waterfalls within a vibrant rainforest, a nurturing land beside pristine ocean beaches, surrounded by kind and gracious people in the local communities.”]

Read more…

For further information, please visit

June 18, 2009

Nicaraguan Coastal Zones Law Approved, Adding Additional Security for Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort Oceanfront Real Estate

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Managua, Nicaragua – June 17, 2009 – This month marks a real turning point for real estate investment and new private sector oceanfront development in Nicaragua. In early June, the long embattled “Coastal Zones Law” finally passed, establishing a clear set of rules and guarantees for land ownership and development along ocean, lake and lagoon shorelines.

The spirit of the Coastal Zone Law is to regulate the use of coastal property and promote sustainable development along the shores, while ensuring access to the public to further promote tourism. The law stipulates that all oceanfront land within 50 meters of the high-tide line is public domain and cannot be built on in any form. The law also stipulates a 200-meter Restricted Zone starting from the 50-meter setback, allowing the development of tourism services such as hotels, resorts, residential development and marinas. A Commission for the Coastal Zone Development (CDZC) has been created as a consulting entity, including government, tourism, environmental and private businesses which will develop a Master Development Plan and other development policies. This law is clear in respecting private property and the rights of landowners who have acquired their land legally, and established supremacy over all other legislation. For owners and investors at Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort, this law is both another layer of investment security and a reason to celebrate the potential for an economic boom in the area.

Chairman Kevin Fleming of Grupo Mariana Family of Resorts is positive and energized about the victory for private sector development. “The coastal law has been in discussion for the last five years with speculation and rumors to what it might mean to ownership along the coast and attracting foreign investment to Nicaragua. Now, we have the answer. With the private sector and government working together in concert, a clear and fair law has emerged through the democratic process. Respecting private property is another step in the right direction in Nicaragua, setting the stage for development in a country that is destined to be the next great tourism destination and investment location. We now have one more law that protects your private property – making ownership of Nicaraguan coastal property the most valuable real estate on planet earth.”

The passing of the Coastal Zones Law is timely in many ways. The Law will offer an added economic stimulus to Nicaragua’s budding Pacific Coast, boosting the regional economy and stimulating new investment. The law passes in concert with the upcoming launch of Phase 2 at Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort, which will offer multiple ocean-front and course-side home lots, luxury and low-rise condominium homes, golf villas, as well as condotel investment opportunities with a soon to be named 5-star hospitality brand.

For additional, detailed information about Seaside Mariana Spa & Golf Resort and Nicaragua’s Coastal Zone Law, contact Kevin Fleming at or visit

Contact: Kevin Fleming, Chairman, Grupo Mariana Family of Resorts
Residencial Las Colinas, Esquina Sur Embajada de Espana 1C
Este Casa #192
Managua, Nicaragua
505-2 276-0292 Nicaragua Office Tel
888-484-4425 North America Toll Free
0800-072-7292 United Kingdom

June 13, 2009

937 – Green at the Pearl in Portland

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The ultimate attraction in Portland for new condo buyers can be found in the Pearl district. The 16-Story LEED Certified building features a green roof that helps reduce storm water runoff and regulate heat. The Building nearly achieved Platinum status, missing it by only 1 point!

The feature I like most about 937 Condominiums is the ‘floor to ceiling’ windows with panoramic views. The windows are also fitted with motorized blinds that rise and fall at the touch of a button. Very cool.

Visit the wonderful Peal District on your next opportunity in Portland. It might just be the most fun you have during the entire trip.

Check out the ultimate in urban living in Portland, and request additional information on 937 today.

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