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August 26, 2009

July New Homes Sales Beat Expectations!

Filed under: Uncategorized — Mr Oscar @ 10:16 pm

More terrific news coming from the housing sector. The AP reported this morning that new construction home sales were up 9.6% in July, rising for the fourth straight month and beating expectations.

This is terrific news for our economy. As sales increase, it’s likely to make builders more confident about getting going on new projects, and that’s likely to lead to more jobs in the construction industry. More Jobs make for fewer Foreclosures. Fewer foreclosures lead to less supply in the housing market, and with this increased demand, home prices should raise again. That’s the real estate cycle and should answer the question posed by my colleague in the previous post.

Take advantage of the housing credit, the deadline is coming. Up to $8,000 in tax credits available.

For you first time home buyers – check out our FHA Approved projects such as Breeza in San Diego, Villa Fontana’s in San Jose, or Loft 42 in Seattle. There are terrific buys in every city in America. Find your new construction home or condo today.

August 21, 2009

Is the Glass half full? Half Empty? Is there even a Glass?

Filed under: Uncategorized — Thimble @ 9:05 pm

As Americans, we love to hear good news when times are bad – no matter how intermittent it may be.  Well, anyone does for that matter.  It lifts you up when everything seems to be bringing you down.  But, what if that ephemeral joyous occasion was simply a way of looking at the glass half empty?  Meaning – there is still water in the glass but for some reason, we don’t want to focus on that part.

Where am I going with this analogy?  You guessed it, the real estate market – especially that of condos and homes for sale.  Today there has been an article on Yahoo’s finance section entitled  Pace of U.S. existing homes sales fastest in 2 years stating that US July existing home sales showed their fastest pace in 2 years!  Yippee!  We’re getting out of the recession!!!  Oh no wait, only 1 week ago, CNN Money published an article online: “Foreclosure Plague: No Cure Yet” – argh!  Which is it?  Why are these news outlets playing with my emotions?  It seems like every day you read that the housing market is bouncing back or foreclosures are at an all time high.  Why are people so myopic in their views of the market?  Can’t anyone take a giant step back and look at the macro-economic picture?  Please?

What do you think?

August 20, 2009

Builder Confidence is UP! Best numbers in 14 Months!

Filed under: Condo Blogs,Uncategorized — Schnitz44 @ 5:37 am

Each day the news keeps getting better and better for all  of us who have been hunkering down in the real estate industry. Regardless of if you are looking for a New Condo in Seattle or you a condo developer in Chicago, this is good news across the board.  According to a Builder Magazine article from August 17, 2009, it looks like we are finally bottoming out in the housing recession. Specifically the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index rose by 1 point in August to 18.  This is a complex index, but basically a laymen only need know that this is the highest number the US has seen since June, 2008.

The Builder Magazine article states that the “August Index shows builders’ growing faith in their current situations as well as their hope about their futures. The Index tracking how builders think their sales of single-family detached homes will be over the next six months jumped to 30 in August from 26 in July. And expectations about the traffic of prospective buyers coming through their sales offices and subdivisions rose to 16 in August from 13 in July.” In addition, “David Crowe, NAHB’s chief economist, says that builders’ confidence stems from the success of the federal tax credit at spurring sales to first-time buyers. That credit expires on Nov. 30, and NAHB is engaged in a full-court press to get Congress not only to extend the credit for a year but to offer it to all qualified buyers…The Northeast region showed the biggest boost in builder confidence in August, rising to 24 from 16 in August 2008. The West followed, increasing to 17 from 10; the Midwest rose to 16 from 13, and the South dropped to 18 from 20.

Here at, we have been receiving much higher home buyer and investor traffic to many of our major metro city pages, including Los Angeles Condos, Seattle Condos, Atlanta Condos, and Austin Condos.  This is all a reflection that things are slowly making their way back to normal and we can expect to see more and more momentum in real estate in the coming months.  Take a look at all of our new condo listings today on

August 8, 2009

Use Social Media to Sell More Homes

Real estate agents and home builders across the country are seeking ways to improve marketing and tap reach their target audience.  The recent economic shifts and advancements in technology have spawned a new age of consumer behavior.  Condo buyers and agents are openly communicating on the social web…are you part of the conversation?  Social media marketing is about discovering where conversations are happening online and getting involved in those conversations.  Once involved in those conversations, you build a trust and following that you can eventually market to. 

Condo builders seeking to engage in social media marketing should first understand the basics and then make the committment to get involved!  You will not achieve your goals by dabbling.  Builders must involve the whole team from marketers to sales representatives.  Whether this is performed in-house or is outsourced, the company brand must play a large role in the messaging and communication.  Learn more about social media at Internet Marketing

Dogtown Station – Venice – LA – New Condo Development

Filed under: Uncategorized — Mr Oscar @ 12:52 am is excited to Showcase Dogtown Station -The Brand new Live/Work contemporary Lofts in Venice California.

Dogtown Station is a new 35 loft development on Main Street. Similar to Los Angeles’ So Ho; Venice is an arts community, where now celebrated artists have lived and worked since the sixties. Dogtown’s addition is to further create a community for people who love the outdoors and interaction. Close to Venice Beach for Surf and Skateboarding, tasty restaurants, and many fitness and yoga centers – Dogtown is the perfect location for the young and the young at heart.

Check out Venice’s brand new luxury Lofts.

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