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November 30, 2011

Your New Los Angeles Hideaway is at Tavira House in Toluca Lake

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Your New Los Angeles Hideaway is at Tavira House in Toluca Lake

In Los Angeles location is everything, a house by the beach and a job downtown means lots and lots of driving. But imagine a refuge right in the midst of the entertainment capital of the world. Tavira House is this haven, and is located in Toluca Lake. Tavira House provides a central location to the major studios and work centers of Burbank and Hollywood. Located near Highway 101, Downtown Los Angeles is just a few minutes away from Tavira House.

These are not your typical Los Angeles homes; the Spanish architecture is present throughout each spaciously designed condominium residence. Each home is finished with the finest details including fireplaces, stainless steel appliances, and beautiful natural stone countertops in the kitchen and baths. With units ranging in the 1,500 square foot range, with two to three beds and two to three baths, Tavira House is a gem among new Los Angeles home developments. Tavira House offers you the luxury and serenity of a resort, with the convenience of a downtown apartment.

Although the homes are the main attraction, the luxurious community amenities are unmatched. The center of the community is the rooftop terrace, with more luxuries than a fine hotel. Enjoy swimming a few laps during the day, a nice soak in the spa as the sun is setting, and warm up by the grand outdoor fireplace when the chill of the night moves in. Other community amenities include landscaped gathering areas, state of the art fitness studio, open-air grilling area, and gated underground parking. Living in Los Angeles tends to be stressful, from rush hour traffic on Highway 101 to getting that important proposal finished for work, Tavira House condos can offer you that escape from the everyday.

Tavira House brings a new spirit to Los Angeles, relaxed and indulgent. With views of the Santa Monica Mountains, and the old town feel of Toluca Lake there is no other place in Los Angeles quite like it. Large living spaces inside and out, partnered with style and elegance create a unique living experience in the hustling city of Los Angeles.

In a sought after neighborhood with incredible amenities it is expected that homes at Tavira House will not last long on the market. With only 45 units in the building, each one with its own special quirks, Tavira House will not last long, see what there is to gain from a new home in Toluca Lake at Tavira House.

November 29, 2011

Find Your Inner Peace at The Sanctuary – Beautifully Designed Seattle Townhomes

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Find Your Inner Peace at The Sanctuary – Beautifully Designed Seattle Townhomes

The Sanctuary townhomes are many things: a century old, once a church, a Seattle landmark, and now can be your new home. The Sanctuary is a beautiful redevelopment in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, once home to the iconic First Church of Christ the Scientist. After 100 years The Sanctuary is almost here, with twelve architecturally significant, voluminous townhomes waiting to be your next home.

Originally opened in 1911, the First Church of Christ the Scientist is still present throughout much of the redevelopment. Homes at The Sanctuary keep the historic feel of the property through repurposing of original stain glass windows and flooring, as well as recycling of the original pews and detailing. The original stain glass dome that graced the church’s ceiling now illuminates the common area for everyone to share its beauty.

With no two homes alike, The Sanctuary townhomes is an incredible development. Twelve units, ranging from 1,278 to 2,438 square feet in size, included options of two to three and a half bathrooms, and two to three bedrooms. Each townhome includes different features, from lofts to offices to game rooms, each home at The Sanctuary is sure to surprise. Each home has exterior doors, as well as shared elevators that lead down to the covered garage already prewired for electric vehicle use. Each home has the finest modern amenities: climate control, tankless water heaters, stand-alone tubs, 35 foot ceilings in some areas and some even have rooftop terraces with stunning views of downtown and the stadiums. Each home if sure to surprise, and with prices ranging from $600,000 to over a million dollars, these homes are sure to be just what buyers are looking for.

In the development of The Sanctuary no corners were cut, each home is built with the craftsmanship and integrity of the original building, with modern materials and amenities. The homes are intended to embrace the history of the property while creating a modern, stylish community. The Sanctuary continued it’s recycling of the original Church by providing the bricks for the renovation of the community park. The park will include a shared garden, a picnic area, and an art feature.

This property fulfills all potential desires of homebuyers: a rich history, stylish homes, modern amenities, and a strong community. The Sanctuary is now available for sale, and might not be for long; find your calling in a new home at The Sanctuary before it is too late.

November 22, 2011

The Revolution Will Be…Quiet: Electric Vehicles and Their Dilemmas

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The Revolution Will Be Quiet: Electric Vehicles and Their Dilemmas

The emergence of the silent, efficient, modern electric vehicle has swept the country. By 2030, it is expected that electric vehicles make up over half of the cars on the road. Electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to surpass conventional vehicles rather soon due to advances in technology and manufacturing leading to lower prices.

Benefits of EVs

Traditional vehicles convert about 20 percent of the gasoline’s energy into torque; with electric vehicles this number reaches about 95 percent. Even after factoring in the power needed to make electricity, EVs are considerably more efficient than regular vehicles. With this added efficiency, buyers are realizing their potential money saved.

The Popular Car on Campus

Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity. EVs provide money savings and efficiency by reducing wastes and inputs. EVs have also come along way in style, many luxury car brands such as Audi, Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes have started making very appealing EVs. These new cars are also increasing performance, allowing buyers to be efficient while still having that acceleration they can’t live without. EVs have come a long way, and as of now is the future of the typical car, so what does this mean for you?

The Challenge with Charging

Most electric vehicles require the owner to plug the car in to recharge, and this is causing problems for many people. For those with single-family detached houses, electrical plugs are everywhere, so giving your car that quick boost is no problem. But, the many people living in apartments and condominiums are not so fortunate, and that is what is holding people back. There is no doubt that this new feature will be included in new Los Angeles condos and New York condos, where lives revolve around cars.

Condo developers are taking this challenge headfirst and planning ahead for this future garage staple. The current plan for EVs is to designate a visitor spot to allow residents to charge up, but developers are outfitting new garages with individual charging stations and separate meters to meet this demand. Cities such as Toronto are putting forth directives to new condo developers requiring reasonable accessibility for electric vehicles.

For many, electric vehicles are off in the future, but with the advances in technology we should expect to see the demand increase greatly over the next decade. New condos and their developers are aiming to prepare for this revolution, creating electric vehicle friendly homes for the future. Direct Response Agencies will be promoting electric vehicles for years to come.

November 19, 2011

San Francisco, a Safe Bet

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San Francisco, a Safe Bet

Investors are testing the waters in the real estate market again, as home prices are expected to begin increasing in early 2012. According to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2012 report card, San Francisco sits amongst the best in investment opportunities across the country. Out of the 51 major market areas, San Francisco sits among the top five in all significant categories for investment.

Ranking third in investment and development prospects for commercial and multifamily real estate, the expectations are high for the San Francisco real estate market. San Francisco also ranked fourth in prospects for new for-sale home building projects. All in all San Francisco seems to have investors excited.

Over all, investors cannot expect a quick turn around on these properties; prices of San Francisco condos are expected to increase beginning in 2012 but at a slower rate with sporadic periods of higher growth. Investors can’t expect to turn around and sell in a year with high profits anymore, the real estate market has stabilized for the most part, and we should expect to see improvements. Investors and developers are getting back in the San Francisco market, and now may be the best time to do so.

The best companies to promote and sell condos, are Direct Response Agencies. Video production is a huge selling tool.

November 18, 2011

Are Seattle Condos as Affordable as Ever?

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Are Seattle Condos as Affordable as Ever?

Here are the facts:

  • Median sale price is down, for 14th consecutive week.
  • Sub $200,000 sales up 71 percent from previous year.
  • Median sale price is down 29.1 percent from peak in 2007.
  • Distressed properties accounted for 47 percent of total resale market.

What does this mean to you? Possibly, that the Seattle real estate market is primed for buying. The number of distressed homes and resale homes are diluting the market, driving prices down, and increasing competition between buyers. Prices are down another 1.7 percent from a month prior and 9.1 percent from the previous year. Seattle home prices are low, rock bottom low and many believe that this is the time to buy.

Around 16 percent of home sales from the last month came from absentee buyers, mainly investors but also second home byers as well. Many of these buyers are bringing cash, 20 percent of all home sales were cash in September. We are seeing more and more investors jumping back in the game, revealing their confidence and hinting to us that it might be time to buy.

New Seattle condos, such as Olive8 in downtown Seattle, sales rose about 3.1 percent from the year prior, but are still at record lows. The subtle increase might be due to the fact that it might be cheaper to buy than to rent. A study by the Washington Center for Real Estate Research claims that housing in Seattle is more affordable than in the last 17 years. The study shows that the mortgage payment on a median priced condo is 35 percent lower than a month’s rent for an average two-bed two-bath apartment. Although the current restrictions are holding back some potential buyers, but regulations have loosened slightly and opened up many opportunities for profitable investments.

Seattle condos are as affordable as ever, leaving the opportunity open for many to pick up a nice piece of property at a rather low price. With prices expected to increase about 1.4 percent over 2012 and another 3.5 percent in 2013, this is an ideal time to buy. Now may be the time to downsize before prices rise, or to buy that retirement house at a most affordable price, but this will not last long.

November 15, 2011

Exciting Moves Being Made at Tavira House

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Exciting Moves Being Made at Tavira House

The first homeowners are moving in at Tavira House, the luxury amenities are completed and ready for use plus a new collection of 3-bedroom homes in the new South Building are available – this new community is really coming together. Stop by their Sales Center today for a tour, located at 10639 Woodbridge St. in Toluca Lake, CA, open Friday-Tuesday from 11-6 and by appointment.

Tavira House offers 2- and 3-bedroom residences from 1,427 to 1,980 square feet with prices starting in the high $400,000s.

Own a Piece of the Award Winning Armstrong Townhomes in San Francisco

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Own a Piece of the Award Winning Armstrong Townhomes in San Francisco

Armstrong Place Senior and Family Housing is a community unlike any before, combining multiple housing layouts with modern yet culturally rich amenities. Previously an industrial city block, Armstrong Place offers an innovative community for people of all walks. Located in San Francisco, Armstrong Townhomes is bringing safe family living into the big city. Combining atypical townhomes with senior rental apartments creates a sense of community unseen in other townhome neighborhoods.

The award winning, innovative community boasts many astonishing achievements. In 2011 Armstrong Place received the American Institute of Architects Housing Award. The American Institute of Architects gives out this award for outstanding residential designs, and they were sure right with selection. The complex development is anchored by 124-stacked townhomes in a mirrored U-shaped pattern, as well as a row of duplexes, not to mention the 116-unit senior building adjacent to the townhomes.

The LEED-Gold registered senior building sits at the corner of the community creating an iconic tower. The building was built with green strategies including storm-water management, solar arrays, and healthy interiors. The senior building is intended to keep seniors from living in isolation. The building will also hold neighborhood serving retail shops.

The open exterior plan entices residents to become pedestrians, creating an open community feeling throughout the property. Intended for first time homebuyers, the Armstrong Townhomes provide affordable urban homes to families to keep them in the city. The spacious townhomes offer high quality finishing’s including stainless steel appliances, stone countertops, private balconies, in-home laundry, and plenty of natural light.

The buildings are connected by the sprawling courtyard, which in itself is a top-notch amenity all its own. The courtyard includes vegetable gardens, play and picnic areas, sitting areas, and even a rain garden. Armstrong place included exteriors to match their interiors, nothing short of superb.

The townhomes at Armstrong Place create an atmosphere perfect for a young family. Offering two to four bedroom units ranging from 1,100 to 2,100 square feet, there is sure to be a perfect sized house for any small family. With homes starting from the mid $200,000s the opportunity at Armstrong Place Townhomes wont last long.

November 12, 2011

Get Away to a Place of Your Own at The Gateway Grand

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Get Away to a Place of Your Own at The Gateway Grand

The views stretch for miles, and so do the amenities at The Gateway Grand in Ocean City Maryland. The Gateway Grand condos offer you the ultimate vacation spot, just steps away from the sand and beautiful beach of Ocean City you are always just seconds away from relaxation and recreation. From surfing to fishing the beach offers you any activities you could desire, and if the beach is too crowded there is always a chance to slip in 18 holes at one of the many world-class golf courses in the area. The Gateway Grand is your passageway to fun and relaxation in the sun.

Stay in for the Night…

Offering both three and four bedroom units with generously oversized floor plans, The Gateway Grand is suited to fit your needs. You can watch the sun rise from the comfort of your couch through the oversized windows or take your coffee onto the balcony and enjoy the fresh air. Each unit contains a laundry room as well as a pre-installed 42-inch flat screen television hooked up to surround sound. At The Gateway Grand condos you are sure to enjoy yourself, between the sunny beaches and the luxurious homes there isn’t much more you can desire.

…Or Have a Day Out on the Town

The Gateway Grand offers you Call on Jack concierge service; it’s like having your own personal assistant.  The Gateway Grand attempts to make your life just a little easier, by offering many services. Move in assistance includes references to reputable movers, chic interior designers, and professional home installation. If you’re headed out for a night on the town have Jack make you reservations at the most exclusive restaurants, get you tickets to the game, or plan your next party. If you’re headed out of town for a weekend, have Jack make your travel and flight arrangements, and get you onto the best golf courses while you’re there.

Everything You need

The Gateway Grand offers its residents the best there is, from making sure your buying experience is perfect to getting you a couple of matinee tickets for the newest release. The Gateway Grand is sure to feel just like home, but with added amenities you would expect form a luxury hotel. Check out what The Gateway Grand has to offer before it is too late.

Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before – Silo Point

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Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before – Silo Point

Sitting 24 stories high, over looking the Baltimore Harbor: Silo Point is a new condominium development sure to wow. With unmatched views, uncommon amenities and convenient location, this former grain elevator will have residents living the good life.

A Piece of History

Originally built as a grain elevator in 1923, this building is a symbol of international commerce on the East Coast. Every year millions of bushels of grain was loaded onto cargo ships and transported across the Atlantic to the rest of the world. Built by the B & O Railroad Company, at the time it was the fastest grain elevator in the world. Silo Point is unparalleled in its rich history.

Pure Luxury

Silo Point offers luxuries upon luxuries, each residence is sure to amaze. Gourmet kitchens, filled with stainless steel appliances and premium granite countertops are sure to suffice for any master chef. Large balconies and 10 to 20 foot glass walls mesh the exterior with the interior, creating a naturally lit enjoyable space both inside and out. All homes boast panoramic views of the city and the harbor. With over 30 different floor plans, ranging from 1100 to 5000 square feet there is sure to be a unit at Silo Point that is begging for you to call home.

The building is nothing short of spectacular, and the amenities are following right in line. From the necessities of controlled garage parking to the extras such as available maid service: Silo Point is nothing short of immaculate. Residents are sure to find many available activities. Resident’s can relieve their stress at the state of the art “Club Fitness”, or grab a quick drink and mingle with the neighbors at The STYLE Sky Lounge.

The 19th floor at Silo Point, also known as The STYLE Sky Lounge is the perfect spot to enjoy a nice drink while over looking the harbor. Silo Point and STYLE Magazine have teamed up to provide residents with an experience unlike any other. With 360 degree views of Baltimore Harbor The STYLE Sky Lounge will sure to be the place for entertainment at Silo Point.

With luxuries sure to astound, and convenient location to I-95, Silo Point offers its residents more than is expected. For more information check out what else Silo Point condos have to offer before you miss your chance to own one of these luxurious homes.

November 8, 2011

Seaside Mariana Now Offering New Affordably Priced Residential Options In A Village Setting

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San Rafael del Sur, Nicaragua – Investors and adventurers seeking an international opportunity and lifestyle now have inviting new options as Grupo Mariana announces its new Village Condominiums in its 923-acre Seaside Mariana community situated along a mile of pristine beach on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast. Studio units in the village start at just $59,000.

The studio and two-bedroom condominiums are located in the Mariana del Norte neighborhood in the northern corner of Seaside Mariana. The units range in size from 408 to 1,184 square feet, and are fully furnished, including many items handcrafted by Nicaraguan artisans. The two-bedroom units have a master bedroom on the main floor and a second bedroom in an upstairs loft, accessed by a spiral staircase. There also are studio units with lock-offs, which can function both as owner-occupied and rental units.

The condos are situated in eight buildings, placing residents within steps of a wide range of village amenities, including restaurants and bars, a coffee shop, salon, post office, pharmacy and grocery store. A central community center features a fitness area, outdoor pool and activity rooms. The location also is close to both the beach and the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course.

“These condos offer an extremely affordable option for individuals and investors who would like to be in an active area close to amenities,” says Kevin Fleming, chairman of Grupo Mariana. “They are ideally sized to meet a range of needs and also beautifully furnished.”

Interested individuals can learn more about the Village Condos at Seaside Mariana in a Webinar scheduled for November 16, 2011. Grupo Mariana also will hold another five-day Discovery Tour in January that allows visitors to take a guided tour that acquaints them with Nicaragua, its history, culture and natural resources. Additional information on these upcoming events is available at by clicking here.

Grupo Mariana is building on Nicaragua’s growing popularity as a tourist destination, and as a choice for a vacation and retirement lifestyle. Grupo Mariana is committed to offering a range of residential products on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast and realistic pricing that reflects current market conditions. The current centerpiece is Seaside Mariana, a community comprised of six individual neighborhoods on a 923-acre oceanfront site that includes a 330-room Wyndham Mariana Hotel & Casino and Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course. Grupo Mariana also is dedicated to reinvesting five percent of each real estate transaction at Seaside Mariana back into the economic development of the surrounding area under its 5% for Futures program.

For additional information on these properties, Seaside Mariana or the 5% for Futures Program, visit or contact Phil Alexander, Executive Vice President-Sales & Marketing, at

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