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January 31, 2012

Potomac Yard: The Place To-Be on February 4.

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Potomac Yard: The Place To-Be on February 4.

Join Pulte Homes as they celebrate the grand opening of three new models at Potomac Yard. This Saturday from noon to 3pm you will have the chance to tour three beautiful new model townhomes in the new community of Potomac Yard. These distinctive new townhomes are located close to Old Town Alexandria across the Potomac from Washington DC.

Potomac Yard is a collection of three bedroom townhomes, just outsold of Old Town Alexandria. Ranging up to 3,000 square feet there is plenty of space inside to live to the fullest, as well as new parks and outdoor recreation centers to get some fresh air. Moderately priced, starting in the $500’s, Potomac Yard is a great option for anybody looking for a Washington DC condo or townhome.

To celebrate this momentous day, Potomac Yard is offering a catered lunch, giveaways, and a grand prize drawing to an Old Town restaurant. Also stop on by to see a Food Network competitor in action. Pulte Homes is declaring Potomac Yard as the place to-be this Saturday.


Potomac Yard
2400 Main Line Boulevard 
Alexandria, VA 22301

For More Details Call: 800-665-4161

January 27, 2012

The ‘Allure’ of Las Vegas

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The ‘Allure’ of Las Vegas

Sin City has been a popular vacation destination for decades now; the thrill of gambling, the elegance of the hotels, and the atmosphere of the town mix together to create something unlike anywhere else. Proclaimed as “the best selling property on the strip” by the Great Las Vegas Association of Realtors in 2010, Allure is turning those visitors into property owners. More and more people are claiming Las Vegas as their desired destination, and many are putting their money where their mouth is.

Owning Las Vegas condos has long been a luxury of many people, and even more are getting into the mix with the value offered at Allure. With prices ranging from $200,000 to over $8 million, Allure is within reach for many prospective buyers. Residences range from studios to three bedrooms, from one to three and a half baths. Allure brings the luxury of Vegas hotels into its homes for sale. Of the 427 total units, there are but a mere seven left.

Located just of the strip, within easy access of I-15, Allure provides its resident’s access to all Las Vegas has to offer. The Allure condos enjoy striking views, outstanding amenities, and extraordinary finishes. It is easy to see how people get caught up in the allure of Las Vegas, and it is just as easy to see how people get caught in Allure in Las Vegas. Remarkably priced and almost sold out, Allure is arguably the best value in Las Vegas strip living.

Time to Discover Plant 51

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Time to Discover Plant 51

This is San Jose’s best selling new community, a century old building reborn as a new residential community of lofts and flats. Plant 51 is a contemporary collection of beautiful living spaces and outdoor experiences, creating a perfect location for your new home.

The greater San Francisco area has been plagued by high home prices and hefty costs of living, but with local area prices at a historic low and rents rising throughout the city now may be the most economical time to get into a place in the city. Selling from the mid $300s to the mid $500s, Plant 51 is an economical option sitting just below the median home price of the area.

Plant 51 offers stylish 1- and 2- bedroom homes, each with its own mix of contemporary style and classic character. The designer was able to bring in a bit of the classic look with original stone bricks as well as newly designed steel beams, while bringing in modern finishes and appliances. The homes at Plant 51 are contemporary yet classic, but what the building really offers is out side of your home.

Building amenities include a gym/fitness room, bike storage and so many more. The Boiler Room is a state-of-the-art fitness center graced with historic brick, the original warehouse doors and steel beams. Next-door is the fitness room, perfect for yoga or getting a good stretch in. With the introduction of the Bicycle Kitchen, residents at Plant 51 will have convenient access to bicycle storage and repair facilities.

Or you can leave you car and bike at home and enjoy an evening in the walkable community of Alameda. Riddled with incredible restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and shops; Alameda is a beautiful community meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Enjoy a beautiful sunny day from your balcony or stroll through the town to the farmer’s market; Plant 51 puts you in the middle of it all.

Residences at Plant 51 have been for sale, and more than likely will not last much longer on the market. Prices for San Francisco condos are down, but they will not be forever.

January 26, 2012

Spire in Denver is the Place for People on the Go

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Spire in Denver is the Place for People on the Go

The average person spends a significant portion of their day in transit. The time it takes to drive to work, walk to a restaurant, or merely remembering where you parked can add up quickly. A new theory of residential development embraces a transit-oriented culture; Spire is one of the best examples of this. Located in Downtown Denver, and boasting a 91 from, this is definitely the place for the person on the go.

Lets start at the bottom of this idea, Spire sits atop an eight floor ‘parking podium’ supporting an incredible 600 parking spots, for the buildings 500 condos. Besides the parking spaces, the podium also includes bikes and cars for rent.

Spire is also conveniently located within blocks of three light rail stations. Denver, originally built around the automobile, is transforming itself and now is home to one of the largest light rail systems in the United States. Many Denver residents are embracing this new lifestyle, especially those in areas such as the downtown Arts District where Spire is located.

The truth of the matter is that Denver citizens are embracing the new walking culture, but many will not let go of their cars. In Denver many people still drive to work, to the store, and to the mountain on the weekend. For many, living in Denver was a choice for good skiing and therefore will never give up their transportation to the lodge. This is where Spire fills the void in Denver condos, providing downtown style living, with the access to walking and city transportation while still including plenty of parking. The car is still a loved and protected asset for many, and will continue to be for a while, which is why Spire is trying to fill the void. Transit oriented developments will continue to be popular, just take into consideration that Spire was one of the nations best selling developments last year.

January 25, 2012

Bosa’s Madrone Project is Not the Only New Building in Mission Bay

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Bosa’s Madrone Project is Not the Only New Building in Mission Bay

Recently there has been a lot of interest in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco, from residential demands to growing industries, Mission Bay is transforming in front of our eyes.

It is no shocker that demand has been high for these San Francisco condos. Madrone is dripped in designer inspired interiors and indulgent amenities, successfully bringing the beauty of the bay together with the vivacity of the city. Ranging from one to two plus bedrooms, these homes are the perfect spot for city dwellers looking for a place of their own. Amenities include a pool, sun deck, outdoor spa, as well as an entertaining kitchen and a fitness room complete with a steam room and sauna. Madrone Mission Bay opened for sale in September 2011 and its popularity has soared as was expected, but this could be due to the surge of other industries in the area. Bosa is not the only developer active in the area.

The medical industry is consistently growing, and Mission Bay will be the new home to a 200,000 square foot medical office building. Kaiser Permanente is acquiring a piece of land just southwest of Mission Bay. This building will bring new jobs into the area and promote further development. Although this facility is not slated to open until around 2016, it shows the progress that has been made in attracting high-quality companies to the area.

Mission Bay has also been the center of a biotech and cleantech company sprout. The Mayor of San Francisco, Edwin Lee, announced that Mission Bay has seen growth of it Innovation Center from five companies at launch to 23 companies in total now. In these tough economic times Mission Bay has been able to produce over 130 jobs through the cleantech industry over the last two and a half years. With San Francisco continuing to attract eye-catching companies to the area we would continue to expect considerable growth in the area. Mission Bay is in a growth phase, continuing to add to the allure that is San Francisco.

January 20, 2012

Valuing the View at Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue

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Valuing the View at Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue

The main benefits of high-rise living are the view, the privacy, and the luxury. These can fade away after time, buildings get old and lose the luxuriousness, but more importantly homeowners do not want to lose their view. Many living in condos will continue to see high-rises sprout up around them as this recession subsides and the real estate market makes a bounce back, but this is a terrible thing. Homeowners will lose their beautiful ocean, or mountain, or city views and they will not have a chance to oppose it. At Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue this worry is taken out of your life.

The Seattle skyline is expected to change drastically over the next five years, with more than 15 planned developments to accompany the seven buildings that have been delivered in the recent year or so. Seeing tower after tower pop up will be entertaining, but also confining. Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue has taken care of this issue by purchasing perpetual view easements from the surrounding buildings, protecting the building’s views from future impediment. A beautiful view will no longer be a standard amenity in a high-rise condo unit; Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue has preferred positioning and is the result of careful planning.

New Seattle condos are experiencing a heavy premium on the price of a view. Homes near the bay are experiencing view premiums from anywhere between 25 and 50 percent. Homes just four blocks in from the water are far less expensive than homes closer to the water. We all know the old real estate mantra of ‘Location, Location, Location!’ but in this ever growing city of Seattle, it speaks more true than ever. An already busy skyline is expected to continue to change over the next six years, making it more important than ever to find that perfect location.

Do not expect to fall into a beautiful home with an amazing view; Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue is now over 85 percent sold out. Of the 120 homes in the building, 113 were priced over $1 million. In addition to that, 6 of the 10 highest priced sales in the downtown area in 2011 were at Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue. Consumers have realized the value of the view, and in a city such as Seattle people are willing to pay to secure these.

January 18, 2012

Closing Out 222 Glenwood – One of North Carolina’s Finest Condos

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Closing Out 222 Glenwood – One of North Carolina’s Finest Condos

Homes at 222 Glenwood are flying off the for sale list, leaving just a handful of units left up for grabs in this prime location. More than 100 units have been sold and the developer is eager to get rid of the last few units, the bank has been paid off and the homeowners have taken control of the HOA. There is still the chance to get a deal on one of these remaining units, discounts on closing costs and home owner dues are the icing on the cake in these remaining few units. Offering these deals for such an incredible property is dangerous; buyers will be knocking down the sales office door for the chance to get into one of these units.

It is no wonder why the homes at 222 Glenwood are selling so rapidly, and it has nothing to do with advertising by Direct Response Agencies.  The location is great, the amenities luxurious, and the atmosphere relaxed. Here are the stats: ranging from 850 to 1,450 square feet and boasting one to three bedrooms and one to two baths, residences are sure to fit you just right. Priced moderately from $300,000 to $500,000, these luxury condos wont strain the bank account too much. These homes are designed and priced to sell, creating a luxury home on a smaller budget.

These wonderfully located North Carolina condos are as advertised, “Glenwood’s Finest”. Amenities include a concierge, private health club, courtyard and pool. The homes are finished with the finest features including spacious balconies, large walk in closets, granite countertops, hardwood flooring, and stainless steel appliances. All homes are a short elevator ride away from the busyness of the street. With shops and restaurants aplenty, there is no lack of entertainment. Homes at 222 Glenwood are exquisite, and there is no question why there are so few left.

222 Glenwood sold fast, as expected, but do not miss out on the chance to own one of these fine homes.

January 17, 2012

Reinvent Your Lifestyle at Bedford Parc

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Reinvent Your Lifestyle at Bedford Parc

Condo living is taken to a new level at Bedford Parc in Los Angeles, nothing is mundane, and everything is new and exciting. The extra amenities alone will be sure to alter your lifestyle, from the view to the private theater; Bedford Parc is reinventing downtown Los Angeles living, and the way people live in downtown.

Tired of trying to flag down a cab, or having trouble finding a good maid service? Bedford Parc has eliminated these hassles for you, just one quick call down to the concierge and you will be all taken care of. Get that wake up call, or reservations at the finest restaurants as if you were staying in a luxury hotel. Latitude 33 brings lavish amenities to the everyday life.

Hop on into The Club Room and enjoy a game of billiards, or step onto the patio to enjoy a cocktail with a few friends. This room is perfect for relaxing or entertaining, equipped with a kitchen, dining area, and bathroom, The Club Room is like having an entire extra living space.

Have your friends over for movie nigh, and impress them with the private 16-seat theatre. Sit back and relax in the reclining leather chairs, and watch your favorite movie with stunning surround sound. No more cramming onto the couch, entertain your friends in style.

Get your morning workout done quickly, with the on-site state-of-the-art fitness center. Equipped with top of the line aerobics, resistance, and cardio machines you will be sure to have a great workout any time you can squeeze it in.

It wouldn’t be summer time in Los Angeles without days spent poolside. Bedford Parc boasts a full size, outdoor swimming pool with comfortable sitting and dining areas.

Last but not least is one of the most important amenities in any high-rise building, the views, and Bedford Parc certainly has some nice views. From the views of Downtown LA, to the Hollywood Hills, to some amazing beach views, Bedford Parc stands out among the rest of the new Los Angeles condos. Do not miss the chance to check these residences out, as they are selling quickly.

Find Your Next Beach Home, at Latitude 33, Before They’re ALL Gone!

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Find Your Next Beach Home, at Latitude 33, Before They’re ALL Gone!

There are only two more single level Boardwalk units left at Latitude 33. If you have been looking for the perfect Los Angeles beach home, you better act quickly. The two single-story units left will not hang around long.

If you’re wondering how these sold so quickly, all you need to do is read the amenity list. Three bedrooms, two bath units at just fewer than 2,000 square feet provide space and create an open feel. The open space combines all living areas including the kitchen, dining room, family room, and the great room.  Pair this spacious indoor floor plan with a huge corner patio and you have a luxurious indoor/outdoor living area, a perfect fit for the Los Angeles beach town.

But do not be discouraged when all of the single story Boardwalk units are sold; Latitude 33 has other floor plan options. You can still check out the mid-rise Sky tower, or attached townhomes in the Beach collection, and there is still time to get into a Boardwalk collection townhome. With so many floor plans and living styles there is sure to still be one that matches your needs at Latitude 33.

These Los Angeles condos are in one of the most desired locations around, Marina del Rey. Although there may not be much time to reserve your single level Boardwalk unit, do not miss out on the other remaining floor plans and styles. Priced from the low $600s, Latitude 33 will surely suit your needs. Once your foot is in the door at these new Los Angeles condos, you will not want to leave.

January 13, 2012

The Toronto Condo Explosion

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The Toronto Condo Explosion

Almost 30,000 new condos were sold in the greater Toronto area during the year of 2011, breaking sales records for any single city. But what is behind this mass demand for condos? Could it be the prices, the location, the amenities, or is it something else? Toronto is the most active condo market in North America, leading us to wonder what caused this upsell in Toronto condos, and this is what came up with:

Toronto Condos are Green

The increase of ‘green’ condos could have been a major spark in the demand for Toronto condos – and Direct Response Agencies are definitely showing off inventory. LEED certified buildings are being built around every corner, creating long-term affordability for its owners. A recent study, comparing two buildings over two years, reveals that the LEED certified building’s natural gas usage was 50% less than the non-certified building. This would result in dramatic savings over time. These green features are drawing both buyers and developers back into the market. Toronto has also released it’s own Green Standard (TGS), requiring all new buildings to meet a certain level of efficiency. Buildings such as the IQ Condominiums are already designed to exceed these standards

Style has Filled the Streets of Toronto

The architecture style of Toronto is expanding; new Toronto condos are designed with aesthetics in mind. No more plain-Jane buildings, now buildings are being dressed like soon to be on the market 12 Degrees Condos. Architecture style has exploded onto the streets, drawing in new buyers with the style and elegance of these new buildings.

Can’t Stop Walking

Toronto is a city under revitalization; new buildings are being erected, old buildings taken down. The living style of Toronto is under revolution. The buyers are demanding walkable locations, with easy access to work, play, and food. With downtown Toronto boasting a Walk Score of 98 out of 100, Toronto has been deemed a ‘walker’s paradise’, also add in the discussions of pedestrian only streets in the works.  Locations such as that of the O2 Condos are unmatched in location.


Prices of the condos may have been a determining factor for many buyers as well. With a 4.2 percent increase in prices in 2011 from 2010, buyers were getting into the market before the prices got too high. With prices expected to continue to increase over 2012, but at a slower pace, expect condo sales to continue to be strong. Price is an important factor for any homebuyer, and condos such as Park 570 with starting prices below $200,000 will continue to keep the Toronto market strong.

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