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June 25, 2012

Good News Continues to Flow for the New Nicaragua

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Trade and investment are up again.

Tourists continue to flock to the country in record numbers. And more and more publications are spreading the word about what is becoming Central America’s most exciting place—the New Nicaragua.

On the commerce front, exports from Nicaragua reached record levels through November, promising even higher numbers for the entire year. The total for January-December 2011, totaling $2.13 billion USD, surpasses the same period of 2010 by nearly 24 percent. The United States continues to be Nicaragua’s largest export destination with 29 percent of the market, followed by Venezuela with 12.1 percent, Canada with 11 percent and El Salvador with 8.6 percent. Coffee was again the country’s main export product, followed by meat, gold, dairy products, sugar cane and peanuts.

Government and central bank projections show the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) growing between 3.5 and 4 percent for the year. In addition, tourism and tourism spending are both expected to again set new records as Nicaragua proves to be a beckoning destination. And the addition of a third daily flight by American Airlines is anticipated to further boost travel in the coming year.

Big Names Doing Business in Nicaragua

The well-known logos of Nike and Adidas, two of the world’s leading sports brands, now appear on goods manufactured by American companies in Nicaragua.

According to Javier Chamorro Rubiales, executive director of PRONicaragua, the country’s exports will increase through the involvement and investment by Adidas and Nike. He also noted that “the most important benefit is the thousands of employment opportunities created for the population when one of these leading brands chooses Nicaragua to outsource their products.” Both brands continue exploring Nicaragua with the purpose of further expanding their supplier base.

Nicaragua also was the country in Central America with the highest growth in apparel exports (in volume) to the United States of 2011, compared to the same period last year. According to the Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) of the U.S. Commerce Department, Nicaraguan garment exports to the United States increased 20 percent in terms of volume and 37.3 percent in terms of value.

Lonely Planet Says Nicaragua is the Place to Visit

The New Nicaragua gained yet another endorsement when Lonely Planet, one of the world’s largest publishers of travel guides, recently ranked the country as one of the top ten best value destinations for 2011. According to a recent article on the Lonely Planet website, “Nicaragua is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to escape winter. Culture, adventure, sand and surf are all part of its cachet.”

The article also points out that Nicaragua possesses places and things to do that are “nothing short of spectacular, including hammock-hanging opportunities on the mythically unspoiled Corn Islands, bar-hopping and live music in colonial cities Leon and Granada, and volcano trekking on Ometepe Island.”

Nicaragua is an “Undiscovered Paradise”

Travel journalist Ron Stern believes Nicaragua to be an undiscovered paradise. “It’s not hard to see why,” he wrote in a recent article. “With an abundance of sunshine and natural beauty, there are many areas to see and explore that offer travelers an alternative to the usual high-priced destinations.”

In addition, the Montreal Gazette stresses this is the time to visit Nicaragua because “this Central American nation offers empty beaches, exotic wildlife, tropical forests and recreational activities–and prices have yet to catch up with neighboring Costa Rica.”

Good Reasons to Sign Up for Our November Ultimate Discovery Event

We don’t like to say we told you so, so we’ve let others do it for us. But if this inspires you to come and experience the New Nicaragua, check out the details and agenda for our next Discovery Event, set for November 28 – December 2. As one of the  members of the March event put it, “This was the best way for someone who’s never been to Nicaragua to get a first taste of what the country has to offer.”

To learn more about joining is in Nicaragua, go here.

Top 3 Eco-Friendly Condominiums Developments

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Top 3 Eco-Friendly Condominiums Developments

The environment-conscious citizens of the planet will be pleased by the new developments in eco-friendly construction technologies. There are three top examples of eco-friendly condominium developments in the United States. All of them are located in major metropolitan areas. The multi-family dwelling has always been more environmentally sensitive than their single family cousins, but these developments have gone several steps further in taking advantage of cutting edge green construction technologies:

ECO 18 in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has always been intent on maintaining green spaces among the concrete jungles of this “City of Big Shoulders.” Chicago, with its many areas of parkland inside its city limits and the miles of contiguous shoreline of Lake Michigan, lends itself beautifully to eco-friendly construction.

Eco 18 is currently under construction and is a major example of green construction techniques. It is structured of recycled materials and energy saving systems including geothermal heating and cooling, solar heated hot water and rain runoff collection devices.

The interior appliances and plumbing fixtures are of the latest water saving technologies. The floors are made of bamboo, a sustainable material. The roof garden is not only a restful place for residents to enjoy, the roof itself is green made up of nine different insular layers to substantially lower energy usage for heating and cooling the units.

Green Condominium Project in Harlem, New York City

Fifty years ago, the Harlem section of the borough of Manhattan would not be anyone’s first thought of a place for an eco-friendly dwelling, but there it is on East 128th street. It is a six- story, 13 unit development consisting of such energy savers as solar water heaters, green roof technology, energy efficient, double pane, Low-E windows and LED lighting in common areas. Only energy saving appliances are featured in the interior of the residences.

Baylights in South Florida

Baylights lands on the list of the top three environmentally friendly condominium developments because of its uniqueness in its South Florida location. With all of Florida’s natural beauty and recreational opportunities, it has not been a leader in eco-friendly building, particularly residential construction.

Baylights was originally planned as a conventional development, but the builders felt that an eco-friendly development would allow them to do their part to save the environment.

The 13 unit project features include energy saving air conditioning systems, tinted windows for heat transference reduction and eco-friendly appliances. The landscape surrounding the pool consists of drought resistant plantings.

These are three top green condominium developments in the United States today. Many more environmentally sensitive structures are sure to follow in the future as our knowledge of protecting the environment increases. Green construction technologies are also advancing, including wireless alarm systems to keep everyone safe in these eco-friendly structures. To learn about this technology, visit

June 19, 2012

Understanding Nicaragua and the True Risks in Today’s Market

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Precisely why that is the case is a fascinating story. Nicaragua has redefined itself over the last 20 years so that it is now becoming one of the best places to live for people looking for the next big thing. Weekly, there are over 60 flights to Nicaragua; the numbers of people visiting Nicaragua and the number of people who invest capital in the country have been on a dramatic upward trajectory. The New Nicaragua has emerged as the must see vacation destination in Central America.

In uncertain times, people head for the hills. Private equity is attracted to a haven where they can ride out the storm, which in this case is international economic upheaval. Placing resources in oceanfront resort communities in a country like Nicaragua places you a world apart, yet convenience and luxury travel is never far away.

Today, there is plenty of risk at home. Many of these risks are unappealing to say the least—having to endure another drab and cold winter, uncertainty about financial institutions or allowing your investments to stagnate for another year.

Living in North America, there is a good chance that many people will not get out of the rat race until it is too late to really enjoy retirement. There is a global economy and a personal economy. Luckily, in Nicaragua, your personal economy has never looked brighter. Escape high prices. Escape chores. Escape winter.

There is risk in Nicaragua, too. There is the risk you might fall in love, discover the vacations spots and the adventure of a lifetime or want to extend your stay after being exposed to the warmth of the Nicaraguan people and the vibrant culture.

A prudent way to manage risk is to select the absolute best a country has to offer. Seaside Mariana is an oceanfront community in Nicaragua with a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course from Nicklaus Design, making the property especially desirable and anchored by Wyndham Mariana Resort. Experience a new world filled with opportunities for fun, friendship and active lifestyle! We invite you to step inside and experience our world-class community first hand.

Race the horizon by sailboat or personal watercraft… Dive below the surface for a scuba or snorkeling adventure… Get up close and personal with live whales… Learn to surf or fish the world class waters of Nicaragua… Accept the challenge – and rewards – of some of the world’s best deep sea fishing… it’s all yours in Nicaragua. With the vibrant colonial cities of Granada and Leon nearby, it is also possible to absorb some of the rich culture offered by this former capitol of the country.

Imagine what it could be like. No boss. Your time is 100% your own. Pursuing your recreation of choice, golf, surfing, fishing, hiking, bird watching or fine dining are just a few of the ways you can spend your time in Nicaragua – and the prices are phenomenal. Perhaps taking it easy for a day is more your cup of tea? You can relax in a hammock, tour a coffee plantation, sunbathe, get a massage or enjoy some spa treatments. Let Nicaragua be your personal oyster to open up and discover the riches within.

Grupo Mariana offers you a perfect way to balance risk. Eliminate the risk of non-participation and portfolio stagnation. Indulge in the risk of adventure, exploration and offshore investing by visiting the most enticing country in Central America.

That’s why you’ll often hear us say that if you missed your chance in Costa Rica, you should act now in Nicaragua where the outlook is extremely bright. The country is politically stable, the economy is growing steadily, and there is a welcoming attitude among the people and government. The natural setting and environmental diversity is unparalleled, and, perhaps most important, is being actively and seriously maintained.

The critical factors are aligning in Nicaragua, and we are confident that promising tomorrows are on the horizon. As always, we’re happy to talk with anyone interested in the country and the opportunities here, so please contact us anytime. But, perhaps, the sooner the better.

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June 9, 2012

Introducing Sola City: Beautiful New Townhomes Just Minutes From Austin

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Introducing Sola City: Beautiful New Townhomes Just Minutes From Austin

Located just two miles from downtown Austin, Sola City sits in the heart of South Lamar. These beautiful three-story townhomes mix comfort, convenience, style and privacy all at an affordable price.  Presenting a perfect hideaway in an urban living environment, Sola City townhomes are the best of both worlds.

Offering a collection of two and three bedroom townhomes, ranging between 2.5 and 3.5 bathrooms, these homes are the perfect fit for any small family. These homes boast floor plans ranging in size from 1,641 to 2,277 square feet. All homes include two car garages, private fenced yards, and include green building features. Sola City Homes provide all the amenities of a private hideaway and all the conveniences of urban living.

Sola City townhomes offer three floor plans to choose from: Ibiza, Valencia, and Malaga. The Ibiza offers a beautiful three-bedroom home, including covered balconies, and a 400 square foot rooftop sun deck. The slightly larger Valencia offers all the amenities of the Ibiza but with an interior size of 2,219 square feet, with additional exterior living space of over 600 square feet. The two-bedroom Malaga floor plan boasts an intuitive layout sized at 1,641 square feet and an additional 170 square feet of covered balconies and patios.

Located just minutes from downtown Austin and in the heart of South Lamar these stylish Texas townhomes are the epitome of private urban living. Just around the corner from the eclectic South Congress shopping and dining center, as well as minutes to the Alamo Drafthouse, Highball, and outdoor recreation.

June 5, 2012

Internationalize Your Assets in Nicaragua

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Internationalize Your Assets in Nicaragua

Deeply indebted nations like the United States are increasing their quest for tax dollars to cover government shortfalls. The debt crisis faced by the United States—which has been extensively reported—will have far reaching effects. Most individual citizens, even those that consider themselves to be “small fish” will not be spared. Desperate governments enact desperate measures.

A prime example of this is the jobs’ bill, H.R. 2847 (also known as the HIRE Act) which became law in March 2010. Section 1474 refers to the withholding of payments to Foreign Financial Institutions that don’t meet U.S. standards for information sharing. Beginning on January 1, 2013, any bank or financial institution that sends money to an institution designated as such will be required to withhold 30% of the payment and send that percentage to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The objective is to ensure that monies sent abroad are post-tax rather than pre-tax. This new law could impact virtually every citizen who decides to ship money overseas, regardless of the amount. Why? Because the law stipulates that the banks are held liable for their customers’ tax obligations on funds transferred overseas.

The law further stipulates that the banks are held harmless if they improperly withhold the funds. In other words, banks will be on the hook for 30% of the transferred amount to cover any possible tax liability if they do not withhold but will be indemnified if they withhold when tax is not due.

Deciphering if a payment is pre-tax or post-tax is a difficult and costly thing for banks to do, so the default would be to simply withhold 30% tax on all foreign payments. Thus it could be a wide net that is cast and a growing number of people who wish to have international financial diversity could be caught in it.

It is not surprising that a growing number of individuals are looking to move assets outside the United States before this new law takes effect. In the future it could be doubly difficult to do so. Not only will Americans be faced with the prospect of large amounts of their money being withheld, they will likely find that fewer and fewer overseas financial institutions are willing to work with them.

It has been estimated by the Swiss Banking Association that compliance costs worldwide could total almost $40 billion per year. Foreign banks and financial institutions may turn away new U.S. clients and drop existing U.S. clients in order to avoid the onerous costs associated with the new legislation.

There remains just 9 months for individuals to internationalize their assets before this law takes effect. For those hoping to move a portion of their wealth overseas it’s a short window of opportunity indeed—will you be among those that seize it?

Nicaragua – The Perfect Answer

When one looks at international real estate that experienced significant appreciation in the last ten to fifteen years, what are the common denominators?  Is it the safety of the country? Location? Tourist attractions? Or foreign investment?

The answer is all of the above. These are some of the most salient factors that lead to the strong real estate gains found in countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and Belize. What is notable is that the factors that lead to success in Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and Belize exist in Nicaragua as well—very often to a greater extent.

According to Interpol, Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate in Central America, which runs contrary to popular perception. The Harvard affiliated research group INCAE rated Nicaragua as the safest country in Central America as well. In addition, the Inter-American Institute on Human Rights stated that Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America, with a crime rate lower than Germany, France or the United States.

In regards to location and ease of access, Nicaragua is about a two hour flight from Miami, about three hours from Houston and less than six hours from Los Angeles. Nicaragua lies closer to the United States and closer to Canada than Costa Rica or Panama.

But what really brings people back to Nicaragua time and time again is the sheer natural beauty.  When one thinks of Nicaragua, the term “tourist attraction” does not usually come to mind; Nicaragua is more of a diamond in the rough. What people do find when they come to Nicaragua is pristine natural attractions which are breathtaking and simply unsurpassed.

Nicaragua features rain forests, large freshwater lakes, multiple islands, active and dormant volcanoes, volcanoes located on islands, ancient colonial cities and stunning beaches. Activities that visitors enjoy include local festivals, eco tours, surfing, sport fishing, diving, hiking, golf, tennis, horseback riding, and volcano surfing, to name a few.

As eco tourism grows in popularity, visitors are discovering that Nicaragua is home to seventy six protected areas covering a full twenty percent of its landmass. Nicaragua is home to seven percent of the world’s biodiversity, which is more than Costa Rica.

Visitors are surprised to find that the factors that catapulted other countries in the region to success exist in Nicaragua, but very often more so.  This holds true not only for safety, location and natural beauty but also for foreign investment.

Unlike some other countries in the region, Nicaragua does not distinguish between locals and foreigners when it comes to land ownership.  Law 344 specifies equal treatment of foreign and domestic investment. It eliminates restrictions on the way foreign capital can enter the country, and recognizes the foreign investor’s right to own and use property without limitation. Furthermore, foreigners have the full right to repatriate all profits and 100% international ownership is permitted.

Nicaragua as a country is on an upward trajectory. Nicaragua experienced GDP growth of 4.5% in 2010. Foreign direct investment was $507.95 million during the same time and was up 17% from the year prior.  In Nicaragua, foreign direct investment as a percentage of GDP was the highest in all of Central America. Tourism is up 500% from 2001.

Moreover, the World Bank ranks Nicaragua as the #1 country in Central America to start a business. There are generous incentives offered for tourism, renewable energy, agribusiness, forestry, textiles, apparel and manufacturing and assembly.  It’s no wonder that companies such as Kraft, Crown Plaza, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Citibank, WalMart, Nestle, Jack Nicklaus and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts have chosen Nicaragua.

Nicaragua truly is the land of opportunity. Investors will find the unbeatable combination of beauty, location, and timing—the beauty of the country is unsurpassed, the location is ideal and the time for Nicaragua is now.

Go here to learn more about the Genuine Value of Real Estate in Central America.

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