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February 27, 2008

Metro Manor Townhomes — Some days are just a lot more meaningful than others

Filed under: NCO,arizona,charity — The Law @ 8:50 am

Some days are just a lot more meaningful than others, I mean this in a truly eye opening and humbling way. I was having a very routine and calm Thursday, doing some scheduled call backs and updating the exciting new Mexico Alive condo project that I have been working on for some time now. I decided to take a break to start calling some of the dozens of media kit requests we get over here on a regular basis and started fielding some of the requests.

I found myself scrolling thorough some of the more exciting developments and came across the condo project Metro Manor Townhomes and in that media kit request were just a few words that caught my attention — METRO MANOR TOWNHOMES in bold and capitalized lettering. I know that the Arizona Condo Market is hot, so I called up Mr. Richard K. Olsen and that’s where my day definitely changed from the routine and expected to something very humbling and eye opening.

A member of the Arizona Association of Realtors, Richard K. Olsen has been serving the real estate needs of Arizona’s retirees, attorneys, bankers, developers and investors since 1975. Mr. Olsen utilizes the Arizona Regional Multiple Service to locate residential and commercial properties for purchase. Additionally, he offers clients several highly specialized real estate services.

His skill in crisis management of income properties has made Olsen the choice of Arizona attorneys to serve as a court-appointed receiver in foreclosures. Olsen has been a receiver for condos, cinder mines, RV parks, mobile home parks, apartments, shopping centers, motels, and other businesses.

In addition to all these things, Richard is the creator and creative mind behind a very important website: This website is committed to getting the word out about the serious grip that this “birth defect”, being still born has on families all over the world and in the medical society. Richard and I had a very serious conversation about his passion for spreading the word and informing everyone about the dangers and simple precautions for preventing still born births. A passage from Richard’s website

“Welcome to the official web site of The National Stillbirth Society, an activist organization comprised of parents and other family members and friends who, having lost one or more babies to this vilest of all “birth defects”, are fighting back.

Last year over 28,000 babies in the United States were delivered dead. For the most part they were of viable gestational age. About two-thirds evidenced no observable physical cause to explain why they died. And yet, babies, like adults, die for a reason. Medical science just has to search harder to find that reason so many otherwise healthy babies are dying before birth.”

After browsing his site in depth with him, and getting a complete walk-through we came to an impass: He said to me, “James, it looks like what you do at New Condos Online works, and is proven. But what I want you to see if where my passion lies and where all my money goes.” I think he told me this for a few reasons, The first and most important being that he showed me something about himself and his passion to qualify the caliber and level of service of what we do at New Condos Online, it seemed like he wanted me to get to know him better and it made me care very much for his success and his campaign. I believe in what I do here for new condos online and I had no problem confiding in Richard in telling him that we will advertise for his development and drive new home buyers to his developments website. While work is a huge passion of mine and is something I believe in very strongly, Richard managed to challenge my passion by introducing something new to me, a new passion for me. is a charity that New Condos Online will be featuring on the charities page in the near future and he and his website will be in our hearts for a long time to come.

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