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June 25, 2010

Premier Austin, Texas Condos to Sell at Absolute Auction July 11

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 18, 2010 –Buyers have the opportunity of a lifetime to purchase premier condominiums in the highly sought after 78704 Austin area at their price. United Country – Supreme Auctions will sell 37 condos at live auction on Sunday, July 11. Eighteen of the properties will be sold absolute to the highest bidder regardless of price, with no minimum and no reserve.

The auction features luxury condo properties located within two prime Austin condominium developments, perfect for students; the Ivy Condominiums at 3204 Manchaca and the Element Studios Condominiums at 2526 Durwood. Both properties are located on the Metro Bus route, in eclectic 78704 South Austin, just minutes from downtown, Zilker and Gillis parks, St. Edwards University and the University of Texas

Bidders can choose from 18 condos, all of which will be offered absolute, at the Ivy Condominiums. In addition to luxury and convenience, the Ivy’s community offers amenities including a private pool with deck and picnic and grill areas.

All 19 of the Element Studios properties will be offered with no minimum starting bids. Community amenities include cul-de-sac location and a hot tub with sun deck.

“We believe that the live auction event is one of the best ways to bring properties to the public. This format allows qualified buyers the opportunity to see a variety of available properties and determine their current fair market values through the bidding process. Because these properties must sell, buyers will be able to walk away owning beautiful condos, at their price. With 18 properties selling absolute, this auction presents a rare opportunity,” said Maverick Commins, president and auctioneer with United Country – Supreme Auctions.
The July 11 auction will be held at 2 p.m. at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown located at 700 San Jacinto at 8th Street in Austin, Texas. Registration will begin at noon. In addition to on-site bidding, buyers also have the option of live internet bidding at
Property details, photos and terms and conditions can be found at
United Country – Supreme Auctions can be contacted at 866-929-2243 for additional information or property showings.

About United Country
United Country Real Estate is the largest fully integrated franchise network of real estate and auction professionals in the nation. Based in Kansas City, Mo., the company has been an innovator in real estate marketing since 1925. United Country supports nearly 675 offices across the U.S. and in Costa Rica with a unique, comprehensive marketing program that includes one of the largest portfolios of property marketing web sites (more than 750 separate sites), seven proprietary real estate catalogs with a cumulative distribution of 1.5 million, an extensive, current buyer database and national advertising of properties to more than 90 million potential buyer prospects a week. United Country has been recognized as a Top 25 Franchise by the Wall Street Journal and among Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500®.

September 6, 2008

Are we a nation of hypocrites?

Filed under: Condo — Thimble @ 7:29 pm

Did you hear the news today that unemployment reached 6.1% in the US? Wow – that’s not good at all! More jobs are being shifted overseas for cheaper labor. Our real estate market is lagging right now and a lot of construction workers are out of a job. Condo projects are being pulled left and right and on the whole the market isn’t coming back anytime soon. There are car factories and banks laying off people and it’s sad but you know what – this was meant to happen. As I have said before, we live in a global world in a global economy. A lot of US real estate developers want to market their project to Europeans, Canadians, and other countries – why? That’s where the money is. Should US Developers of high-end condo projects be scrutinized when they market their community outside the US? No – they are praised as "outside the box" thinkers and really being proactive in this economy as thinking of the world as one big marketplace. But when a company chooses to fire his US workforce and hire cheaper labor in other parts of the world, or manufacture goods in other parts of the world, they are scrutinized and treated unfairly. You know what that makes us? A nation of hypocrites. That’s right – I said it. Hypocrites. I had this epiphany recently after watching the presidential hopefulls talk about how they wish to restore jobs in America because more Americans are losing their jobs to overseas workers. Well if you want Wal-Mart prices, you have to understand the economics behind it. Wake up, America and start to understand that progression is happening faster than you think or like to think. If you’re not offshoring or outsourcing work that you could, you’re losing money. I wish either of the Presidential contenders the best of luck if they can really restore a lot of the blue-collar jobs in America in this economy. I will be the first to say I was wrong but I think that I’m right about this one. We have to understand that a global economy is a "GLOBAL" economy and that offshoring and outsourcing are part of the game. Whether you’re outsourcing manual labor or marking new condos to people livng in Asia, we are one big nation.

June 20, 2008

In the Midst of Difficulty Lies Opportunity

Albert Einstein was once said “in the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.” It does not take a theoretical physicist to decipher the recent Seattle housing market sales data to see that opportunity still exists in an otherwise bleak market outlook.

The median house price in the city of Seattle last month was $475,000, up significantly from the previous month’s $440,000, but still reflected a 2.7 percent decline from the previous May 2007. While the overall data for single family residences does reflect recent improvement it is still struggling out of its slump.

Proof that opportunity does exist in a time of difficulty, lies in the statistics of new condos in Seattle. King County condo sales were up considerably in May at 648 compared with 579 in April. More importantly, Seattle’s median condo price, $320,000, was an increase from the previous month’s $312,500. It also reflected a 4.1 percent increase over May 2007.

Moral of the story: Summaries of real estate data as a whole can be misleading. Individual markets each have distinct personalities, characteristics, and may perform very differently from each other in a distressed market. While one sector struggles, another may thrive and the overall analysis does not reflect these polar opposite performances. Or as Einstein may have put it “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.”

December 29, 2007

Why the hype?!?!

Filed under: Condo — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Hurricane season officially ended on 11/30. My house didn’t get pummeled – woohoo! I’ve read many blogs and articles and I’ve gotten a feeling that, like last year, there was way too much hype on all these hurricanes hitting land and producing Katrina-like effects this year. Yes, hurricanes are unsettling and believe me, if you own property on the gulf coast, then it’s even more unsettling. Hearing and reading the expectations of hurricanes back in June from the “experts” made me think that this could be the year that the wolf actually huffed and puffed too much. But the wolf didn’t huff and puff. So, I ask myself, why do these people – the experts – scare everyone into thinking that this season will produce devastating effects? I don’t know either. Because of the quiet seasons, I am hoping more developments go full steam ahead. Many condo projects are in the process of being developed and from the renderings I have seen, these will be beautiful!

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