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March 18, 2010

Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day form Hacienda Matapalo – Costa Rica Developments

Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day form Hacienda Matapalo You too can have the luck of the Irish Find this Happy Leprechaun on the page.

Simply Follow the Instructions, and you can get one of the following:

A $5,000 Hacienda Matapalo Travel Credit, A free bag of Costa Rican coffee Or, for the first time, we will plant a tree at Hacienda Matapalo in your name. Read more on Hacienda Matapalo being a green community.  Introducing the finest boating community in all of Costa Rica: Los Pelicanos Ocean Club Los Pelicanos Ocean Club puts you just 15 minutes from your own backyard dock to the best sport fishing spot on the Pacific Coast and the only Full Service Marina in all of Costa Rica! The newest property to receive the Pura Verde Costa Rica Properties brand also happens to be the finest boating community in the entire country. Imagine if all of the Florida Keys had only one ocean-access canal . . . How valuable would property there be? Now there is Los Pelicanos Ocean Club. Condos and Homes priced from $215,000* *Pre-Construction Pricing – Limited Availability – Entrance: Already Built – Model Home: Already Built – Clubhouse with Large Pool: Already Built – Canals: Already Created – Contract to Move In: Four Months – Build Now! – Developer Financing Available Click here to read more.

More than 400 truckloads (160,000 cubic feet) of roadrock and earth were delivered to the Hacienda Matapalo construction site and used to create the foundation of the entrance. Read more on page 4 of the February Issue of the Hacienda Matapalo Community Newsletter

CONDOMINIUMS At Hacienda Matapalo, variety is the slice of life! Lakeside Villa-Condominiums, Detached Villa-Condominiums available with both Ocean Views and Rain Forest Views.   Los Lagos Village These beautiful Lakeside Villa-Condominiums are located around a graceful lake with picturesque views of the Mountains and all with direct views of the lake. Los Lagos offers villa-condos most with only one unit per floor Starting from the mid $200,000′s. Tetira Detached Villa-Condominiums Located on one of the highest and most beautiful terraces in Phase I, this site has extremely dramatic Ocean Views. These well designed, 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Villa-Condos have large, open balconies. The Polynesian Village: Detached Villa-Condominiums . These unique, 2 and 3 bedroom Villa-Condos have no common walls with their neighbors and feature panoramic-view balconies.  Moorea: Ocean View Detached Condominiums These 2 and 3 bedroom Villa-Condominiums, beautifully positioned on some of the property’s most spectacular terraces, are planned with great emphasis on the lush, natural surroundings.

Manuel Antonio Village Tahiti and Tupai Condominiums The Tahiti and the Tupai are the most exclusive Condominiums yet to be released at Hacienda Matapalo. Located 600 to 700 feet above sea level. Click here to read more. The Tahiti offers absolutely stunning views of the Pacific Ocean with only two residences per floor and no common walls with neighboring units. This elevator equipped building boasts near 360° views from every floor. The Tuapi offers dramatic, unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean and so much more. The Coastline, rain-forest and sloping mountains can all be experienced from these residences. Floor to ceiling glass windows accentuate the connection with nature bringing the outside in.

Have you heard? Hacienda Matapalo Radio is On the Air! Join Howard Brody each week for the latest news and information from Hacienda Matapalo. This week’s guest is Chief Executive Officer, Pegasus Star Ltda David Matluck as they discuss David’s recent trip to Costa Rica! Listen Now!

Hacienda Matapalo, Costa Rica USA: (800) 281.4145 or (954) 548.3000 Costa Rica (506) 2.774.0240 Click to view this email in a browser

December 29, 2007

Panama – New Hot Spot

Filed under: International Real Estate — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

As a company focused on global real estate, we have been fortunate to always have our eye on what’s hot and what’s not. Many American condo buyers and investors are now sinking their money into Central America. People are buying land and condos in countries like Costa Rica, Belize, and Panama. We are actually heading down to Belize in May to visit the site a new development we started featuring called Belize Paradise. The investment opportunity is great in this part of the world. We will be featuring Trump Panama soon through our media partner Americas Media Group. Here is an informative video news clip about what’s happening in Panama real estate!

Run for the border!

Filed under: International Real Estate — Tags: , — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Make a run for the border can now be applicable for residents of the USA who want to live down in Central America. Some retirees are now looking to retire in warmer climates and where the US Dollar can extend further. Some Costa Rica condos are being bought up by US retirees seeking that year round tropical climate and where the cost of living is much more affordable. Mexico and Panama are two other popular destinations where condos are being built. If I were a retiree I would definately explore the possibility of living abroad. If not full time then for some parts of the year! Why not? When you’re retired you can explore new places, learn about new cultures and customs and really expand your horizon. Traveling is the best way to grow. You will not only learn more about yourself but also more about how people view the US and what other’s politics are really all about. I mean there is only so much you can really learn about on the news. So, to quote Ferris, “if you have the means, I highly recommend it.”

Shanghai Condos

Filed under: International Real Estate,Real Estate — admin @ 8:50 am

Last year I traveled to China and was amazed by the real estate development in Shanghai. Of course, 14 million people have to live somewhere. The average income in Shanghai is roughly $7500 per year and in all of China the average is $5600 but some of the prices for new condos were running $8,000 to $10,000 per square meter. Obviously the money for these luxury condos is not coming from your average Chinese worker. After doing a little exploration it is easy to see the enormous descrepancy between the wealthy that live in central areas of Shanghai and the poor that are forced to the more suburban areas. Much of the money flowing into the wealthy areas of Shanghai is from large corporations doing business in China. Those living in the outer areas of Shanghai have massive commutes that can consume a good portion of their day. Shanghai is a beautiful city but it was strange to see a beautiful new property mostly empty next to an older run down property overflowing with people.

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