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August 8, 2009

Use Social Media to Sell More Homes

Real estate agents and home builders across the country are seeking ways to improve marketing and tap reach their target audience.  The recent economic shifts and advancements in technology have spawned a new age of consumer behavior.  Condo buyers and agents are openly communicating on the social web…are you part of the conversation?  Social media marketing is about discovering where conversations are happening online and getting involved in those conversations.  Once involved in those conversations, you build a trust and following that you can eventually market to. 

Condo builders seeking to engage in social media marketing should first understand the basics and then make the committment to get involved!  You will not achieve your goals by dabbling.  Builders must involve the whole team from marketers to sales representatives.  Whether this is performed in-house or is outsourced, the company brand must play a large role in the messaging and communication.  Learn more about social media at Internet Marketing

February 1, 2008

Please Welcome Sky Las Vegas as a featured listing!

Filed under: Internet marketing,Las Vegas Condos,NewCondosOnline Blog — The Law @ 8:50 am

I am pleased to announce that New Condos Online has resigned Sky Las Vegas as a featured listing. Sky Las Vegas has been on our site for some time but with all the new incentives we have upgraded our site with, we felt as if the Sky Las Vegas condo development could be better represented by upgrading their listing with us and including them in our monthly e-blasting service to over 300,000 opt-in subscribers. New Condos Online has also taking their listing and is featuring it on our “Hot Condos” toolbar which effectively represents the newest and hottest condos currently being advertised online. The Sky Las Vegas Condo development has been apart of the New Condos Online family for more than a year and have reaped the benefits of being an integral part of the largest and most visited condo website on the internet. We have developed a strategic partnership with the Sky Las Vegas condo developers by taking their listing and adding almost every marketing tool to get their name all over the Internet and with only 40 units left until it is sold out, we will be sad to see them go but pleased to know that we played a part in their success!

Sky Las Vegas is unique for a few reasons, specifically they are one of the first high rises to be developed directly on Las Vegas Boulevard. While most of the developments in Las Vegas being constructed currently are considered condo hotels or timeshares, Sky Las Vegas boasts a rich and unique feature in that they are an exclusive luxury condominium. The Tower’s suites, penthouses and SkySuites are being designed as the most luxurious condominiums at Sky Las Vegas and are likened to that of the most high end suites that you would find on the strip!

Check them out — they are family and they only have 40 units left!

December 29, 2007

Historic Growth of the Internet in Real Estate

Filed under: A word from the President,Internet marketing,Real Estate — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

Over the past 10 years or so the number of real estate related websites has grown by about 75% to 80% each year. This of course includes anything and everything real estate. Obviously the major players such as Google and Yahoo have become involve, but it’s the vertical search engines and destination sites that really supply the specific information that buyers are looking for. Sites like are a combination of search portal and destination site where you want the user to stay for a while and gather information but then be on their way to the true destination site. We have then seen these vertical search engines branch into even more industry specific niches such as resort communities, condos, time shares, etc.

In the past, home buyers relied mostly on agents who held the key to all the information. As the Internet has progressed from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 the level of communication and information gathering has gone through the roof. Now buyers spend months gathering information before ever contacting an agent.

Will agents ever become obsolete? That is doubtful.

Buying a home or condo is a very emotional experience and large commitment and people want to hold someone’s hand through the process. Of course, the agents are necessary for all the detail work and negotiations, but they provide the necessary emotional support as well. Agents these days probably spend less time in the car because the buyers come to them already knowing what they want. Some agents were initially a bit intimidated by the introduction of technology to the world of real estate but it has really only proven to enhance the overall information sharing process. Agents can gain more exposure, more clients, and more commissions…builders can market their projects more efficiently, etc.

Where will technology and the Internet take us from here?

We will start to see real estate websites integrate better and better technology to support the flow of information from the buyers to the sellers. The most important aspect of this technology integration will be increasing the accuracy of tracking “clicks” through to sales transactions. Most industry professionals see the value in the Internet for marking homes and condos, but many still don’t know why they see the value. The bottom line for real estate will always be getting people in the sales office.

Do real estate websites get people in the sales office?

Of course! Do the sales agents accurately track where these people come from and really know what resources actually brought them to the sales office…not usually. Too much human error is involved in tracking marketing dollars these days. The more automated the system can be, the more accurately we will be able to track the value of online based advertising. Until the transactions are actually occurring online (which may never happen) industry professionals in the online space need to continually pursue the use of better technology so that they get credit for the leads they send.

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