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October 23, 2008

New Condo Developments in Mexico – Cabo San Lucas

Filed under: Mexico Condos — Frogman235 @ 11:01 am

Mexico Condos – Cabo San Lucas is a fatastic vacation destination and great buying opportunity for those seeking vacations condos, second homes, or new primary residences. Many Americas find cabo so appealing that they move there permanently. The community is very friendly, almost everyone speaks English and it has all the amenities and comforts of most American cities.

Cabo attracts condo buyers and investors from California, Texas, Arizona, New York, and many other US states. For as long as Cabo has been a popular destination, it is amazing to see how much development is still underway and planned for the next ten years. One would think that it would be built out by now – NOT by a long shop.

I was in Cabo earlier this week meeting with many condo developers and other companies with major new home commuinties such as Quivera. Many of these new condo and home developments include estate homes, condos, villes, and townhomes. All have price ranges all over the board. Quivera is currently the largest most high end resort development under way in Cabo San Lucas. Homes will range in price from $5 million to over $11 million. Mexico condos have been a great investment opportunity for Americas for many years. many people who spend extended time in cabo own fractional time shares of condos under full ownership.

If you enjoy Cabo and envision spending more time there, buying a condo or home may be the right investment for you!

September 5, 2008

NCO Going Global

Filed under: International Condos,Mexico Condos — FISH @ 5:35 pm is undergoing a very large global expansion during this quarter. As the real estate market in the US cools, there are multiple International condo markets picking up steam. We are seeing great projects going up in Dubai, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, the UK, and many other places. Our wesbite already receives a large amount of global traffic but with 4 new International partnerships and a brand new global home page map rolling out soon, NCO is on target to dominate the global condo world. Through our connection to America’s Media Group and ownership of the West Coast Office, will now have International global condo sales reps in over 15 countries by next month. When it comes to online global marketing it is essential to have employees on the ground in the countries we are targeting. Stay tuned for new International blogging about condos. We have 4 amazing new condo properties in Costa Rica coming on soon and we want to provide a wide array of investments for our global condo buyers. Exciting things are on the way.

March 11, 2008

Mexico Alive and New Condos Online come together to bring you — MARIVAL!

Filed under: International Condos,Mexico Condos,NCO — The Law @ 8:50 am

New Condos Online, in affiliation with Mexico Alive come together in featuring a hot new condo resort whose name is synonymous with the very successful and highly regarded Marival resort in Puerto Vallerta — Marival Condo Resort is a hot new destination in a very well known area that blends old Mexican flavor with modern living, including the amenities of a four star resort! Mexico Alive is running a special promotion for Marival and several other select condo sites that highlight the best of Mexican condo living — Mexico Alive sponsors a “Discovery Weekend” in which interested home buyers travel down to Mexico and learn about the different real estate opportunities and take in the local culture and nightlife. This event represents an awesome time to see how much Mexico has changed in recent years — Condo resorts are typically luxurious properties that include amenities from full-service spas to infinity pools to fine restaurants and concierge services. To the average nightly guest, they appear to be the usual upscale hotel. However, the key difference is each of the hotel suites is individually owned.

While the Discovery Weekend does offer condo resort style living, there are also other new for sale attached housing that is presented as well, including condos, beach loft style homes and further resort style living. These Discovery Weekends are typically filled with some travel along the local beach access roads and highways in Mexico, the trip ends up being more of a getaway than a presentation — A perfect time and opportunity for the investor and individual looking to kick back and have some fun. Look out for the next featured property that will be displayed soon — 3.14 condos!

March 10, 2008

New Condos and MexicoAlive feature Barlovento in Puerto Vallerta

Filed under: International Condos,Mexico Condos,NCO,international buyers — The Law @ 8:50 am

New Condos Online has the pleasure to represent this stunning new development in a series of projects commissioned by the creative minds at Mexico Alive to advertise and spread the word about how the investing climate has changed and is now much more safe for investors and new home-buyers when look south of the border.Professionals have investigated the most outstanding residential developments to bring you a selection of exclusive properties. In addition to amazing location, spectacular design and superb construction, the Mexico real estate residences developed by MexicoAlive will provide an array of services such as concierge assistance, housekeeping, and airport pickup. Amenities such as luxury spas, health clubs, pools and beach clubs, as well as on-site bars and restaurants, grace our most desired developments.

Barlovento condos are a recent development taken on by MexicoAlive in Puerto Vallerta and offers some fantastic perks to the beautiful beachfront living. This luxurious project situated on a beachfront property features 42 select Puerto Vallarta condos, with prime quality detailing and finishings. The second to sixth floor units have wide ocean views and spacious terraces. Designed to please the most demanding client, modern architecture prevails in every detail, the common areas have magnificent vistas and it offers direct access, via the exclusive pool area, to white sand beaches. This is a private, exclusive and select residential project, thought-out for those who prefer to forget the crowds and have their own special paradise.

Mexico Alive offers frequent “Discovery Weekends” which entail direct travel to such projects as Barlovento and Marival experiencing the lifestyle first hand while touring 6 different properties in Mexico. This is an excellent opportunity to see Mexico first hand they way it should be — with MexicoAlive. The next Discovery Weekend is on April 17th 18th and 19th so reserve your spot today to be a part of this great chance!

February 18, 2008

The Mexico Condo market — Mexico ALIVE!

Filed under: International Developments,Mexico Condos,NCO — The Law @ 8:50 am

We are working on something very special over here at New Condos Online; The Mexico condo market has seen an increase in activity in the past few years while the national condo market in the U.S has seen its fair share of volatility. New Condos Online has been in extensive talks with the marketing Reps at Mexico Alive and have come to a great agreement to feature 6 of their developments in our International Hot Property toolbar on the left side of our homepage. This will be a great opportunity to represent some great developments in Mexico and drive new homebuyers to their developments website, and because the Mexico Alive project is representing 6 major developments, there will be a variety of properties suited for a refined taste.

Professionals have investigated the most outstanding residential developments to bring you a selection of exclusive properties. In addition to amazing location, spectacular design and superb construction, the Mexico real estate residences developed by Mexico Alive will provide an array of services such as concierge assistance, housekeeping, and airport pickup. Exciting amenities such as luxury spas, health clubs, pools and beach clubs, as well as on-site bars and restaurants, grace our most desired developments.

New Condos Online is currently seeing great results in the focused campaigns that have been running for the last few months and has had reports of many inquiries and conversions from leads into sales. The Trump Baja is but one example of a very broad campaign whose strategy includes the implementation of our e-blasting service, inclusion into the “International Hot Condos” property section and placement of eye catching skyscraper advertisements placed in key locations through out the most popular areas of our website. The Mexico Condo Market is starting to open up and we are looking forward to a very successful campaign with Mexico Alive and continued success with Trump Baja.

January 31, 2008

Mexico Condos and Time Shares

Filed under: Mexico Condos — FISH @ 8:50 am

I was just down in Cancun for a wedding and it is amazing how many new condo developments are going up in Mexico. Mexico Condos are really taking over the skyline in many of the large cities down there. On this visit to Cancun, I went into downtown and there are cranes everywhere. I must have seen billbaords and ads for about 30 brand new condo towers all over the place. The prices are pretty affordable however it is a lot tougher to get a loan down there. Generally you have to come up with more money down than in the states. We actually represent a great new project in that area called Capricho. This is a very modern luxury project with 220 units. You can see all the properties that NCO represents in Mexico on our Mexico Condos page.

When you are looking to purchase a condo in Mexico, you can expect to also be courted to purchase a timeshare. Or if you are staying at a resort, you can also expect to be hounded to be a timeshare. I would caution people about this process. I was staying at a resort and the hotel concierge will offer you free gifts etc to come listen to a brief presentation. I of course did not go to this, but some of my friends did and they were kept there for 2 hours listening to all the presentations about the different timeshares they could buy. For some people this makes sense and you get to use it a few weeks a year or trade with other timeshare owners, but I would never personally buy a timeshare.

If I was going to make an investment in Mexico, it would be in purchasing a condo in Mexico. At least this way, I would be able to build some equity in the condo and also rent it out on my own or by using a rental management company if needed. I actually considered buying a place at Trump Baja who is also a client of This amazing project in Baja is only 30 minutes from my home in San Diego and the units are incredible. You can check out Trump Baja here.

Overall on my trip, Cancun was different than I remember. I was there about 10 years ago and I know that about 3 or 4 years ago they had a major hurricane. They have re-built a lot and there are 5 times as many resorts as I remember. The downtown strip is actually very beautiful and the water is crystal clear and amazing. I will definatley check out some of the amazing new condos in Cancun and see if any would make a good investment.

My one word to the wise is be careful at the bars in Mexico. On multiple occasions when ordering a drink, they definatley do not give you what your ordered. I know my vodkas pretty well and theat Grey Goose Martini tasted more like watered down white tequila. I am sure at some of the major resorts this does not happen but it did happen quite a lot at some of the palces we visited.

December 29, 2007

Mexico Condos – New Resort Development Conference

Filed under: Mexico Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

The annual Mexico Resort Development Conference which started in 2005 will be held again in Carlsbad, Ca next week on December 4th and 5th. After the 2005 success, this conference was recognized as the most productive event to promote deal making and information sharing for all resort and condo development in Mexico.

The conference addresses relevant issues such as land acquisition, international marketing and Mexican investment structures. Topics are discussed by seasoned experts who have seasoned backgrounds in Mexican real estate development and politics.
This event is not designed to simply provide the general real estate public about the progress of Mexican development and resort condos. The focus is solely geared towards fostering interaction between serious investors and developers currently working in Mexico or considering entering the market.

The types of attendees include investors, banking institutions, developers, land planners, designers, architects, real estate executives, etc. Many of our US baby-boomer generation is spending their retirement dollars on condos, condo hotels, and resort property in Mexico. Mexico condos are an affordable destination investment alternative to many major US markets where values have dropped.

New Condos Online and the new NCO/AMG team will be attending the conference to meet with current clients as well as new prospects to discuss media buying, online marketing, and finance for 2008 developments.

Down in Mexico

Filed under: Mexico Condos — The Greek @ 8:50 am

Capitalizing on the opportunities in the International Real Estate market is made simple with Mexico condos are a wonderful opportunity to diversify a real estate portfolio in a place close to the United States. Mexico is no longer just a place for Holiday vacations or crazy Spring Breaks from college. Mexico is a place to live, work and Play. Let be your resource for condos in Mexico.

Viva Mexico Condos!

Filed under: Mexico Condos — Schnitz44 @ 8:50 am

The U.S. housing market may be soft right now, but across the border, Mexico’s real estate shows no signs of slowing down. Tourism, a major income generator, has increased interest of foreigners to investing in Mexico real estate. Vacation homes are especially popular with American buyers, which comprise the bulk of the market. Recent reports indicate that in the last three years there has been a 60% increase in vacation home investments. Many retirees are opting to buy property in Mexico, lured by cheaper house prices and lower cost of living. Take a look at a few of the premier (and my personal favorite) Mexico Condos on, including Estrella Del Mar in Mazatlan, The Falls at Puerto Nuevo in Northern Baja, and San Miguel Oasis

in Cozumel Island. projects currently being showcased on

Trump Soars over Baja, Mexico

Filed under: Mexico Condos — FISH @ 8:50 am

trumpNCO is proud to introduce Trump Ocean Resort in North Baja, Mexico. This property is the gem of Mexico.

A balance of world class architecture and Mexican warmth will be reflected in Trump Ocean Resort’s


TOWER. Fully furnished ocean side suites comprised of studio, one, and two bedrooms will evoke understated luxury and promote relaxed living. Located within the building, on the ground floor, the full service spa will be the inspiration for the tower design, and the perfect place to return after your day of adventure. Lavish spa treatments will invigorate your body and soul. Your senses will be brought to life.

Trump Baja Features & Amenities:

World-class Spa, infinity edge resort pool, lap and family pools, pool house & bar, concierge services, lobby bar & lounge, tennis courts and walking Trails

The Hottest Real Estate Opportunity in


The Lobby Tower Release last December broke all real estate records in Mexico by selling over $122 MILLION DOLLARS in one day and the fast approaching


TOWER release is currently the hottest real estate offering available. The reservation line is forming quickly for the


Tower and to put yourself in the best position possible, contact us right away for detailed information.

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