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December 29, 2007

Myrtle Beach – a hot spot for high-rise condos and conversions

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Wow – who would have thought that the Myrtle Beach condo market would have so many beautiful high-rise condos and condo conversions?!?! I’m quite amazed and impressed at the different developments sprouting up in Myrtle Beach and am always excited to learn more and see what else is out there!

The Hoffman Group is one of the largest sales and marketing firms in the Myrtle Beach area and their projects continue to get an extreme amount of love – boasting hundreds of click throughs each month to their websites.Ocean Reef Resort

Some developments of The Hoffman Group include: Ocean Reef Resort, Caribbean Oceanfront Condominium Tower, and SandCastle South Beach.

Strand Capital is also another major player in the Myrtle Beach condo market with many developments including Coral Beach and The Tides at Sea Mist.

Myrtle Beach Growth on the Fast Track

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Is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina becoming the new

Florida? From 2005 to 2006

Myrtle Beach was ranked the fourth fastest growing area in the country according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This growth continued over 2006. More retirees and baby boomers, are moving to the Myrtle Beach area now rather than

Florida because it offers a similar climate and quality of life but without the threat of hurricanes. The area has undergone massive growth in population which has been pressuring it for the infrastructure to support that growth. More retirees have created more job growth in the service industries. The area’s amenities have also made it more appealing to young families as well.

As most of know,

Myrtle Beach has experienced the home building boom as well. New

Myrtle Beach condos
are popping up all over the place to provide supply for the great demand. So far it seems that

Myrtle Beach has not been effected by over building as rapid price inflation. Much of the demand for new condos in Florida has now shifted north to

Myrtle Beach because of the steep prices and hurricane threats. has been keeping a close eye on the market and learning more every day from our partners such as The Hoffman Group and New Resorts, the two leading sales and marketing groups in the area. These groups specialize in providing sales and marketing for new and pre-construction condos, luxury condo towers, and resort-style communities. handles the online marketing portion for these groups who represent major home builders in the area such as Strand Capital.

Strand Capital is building two of the newest waterfront condo projects such as The Tides at Sea Mist and


. Other major projects in the area pushing thousands of new units on the market are developments such as






The prices are so appealing for these new luxury communities that people can’t seem to stay away. Many of these new condos start in the mid $100’s and offer the same quality of home and amenities as homes in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale that would cost close to $1 M or more.

See more of the condos in

Myrtle Beach by clicking HERE.

Grand Strand Real Estate

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There is currently a surplus of condos along the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, S.C. There are nearly 9,000 condos for sale. Obviously, there has been a slow down in sales recently that has led to this overflow. The good news may be for investors. With so many condos for sale builders and developers are beginning to offer amazing incentives. Here at we have many great projects listed along the Grand Strand. These include Seaside, Towers on the Grove, and North Myrtle Beach Towers. These great properties are all near Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach and offer great amenties. They are perfect for investors, vacationers, or those looking for a second home near the beach. Check them out!

Shepherd’s Cove – Luxurious and Affordable – a Win/Win Combo!

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Myrtle Beach will soon be graced by another new condo development called Sheperd’s Cove. This luxurious condominium will have 108 units and rise 4 stories. Located in the heart of Little River, South Carolina, you’ll be close to many different attractions such as golf courses, fine dining, shopping and for a night out, check out the gambling boats.

Enjoy the finer characteristics that this development will encapsulate from stainless steel appliances to crown molding. I’m betting these condos will sell like hotcakes – go and see for yourself here on NCO.

Luxury is redefined in Myrtle Beach

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Westgate Resorts is developing a beautiful new condo project on the Atlantic Ocean in Myrtle Beach! Westgate Myrtle Beach Resort & Spa is a Myrtle Beach condo development that is redefining luxury! The developers have gone the extra yard as this place is equipped with VIP Services, 4 pools, game room, two pool bars, secure indoor parking and much more including the incredible location. Standing 17 stories with 75 units starting in the $300s, owning a condo here, is a no brainer. If you have a family, this place would be a perfect investment for a vacation spot!

Amazing Investment Opportunties in Myrtle Beach Condos

Filed under: Myrtle Beach Condos — FISH @ 8:50 am

As the overall real estate market has softened the last 2 years, the amount of investment opportunities in good condo projects have stalled. We at NCO have done some digging to find the best condo markets that still have some great opportunities for investors. We have concluded that Myrtle Beach is once of those markets. There are about 15-20 amazing new condo projects going up in Myrtle Beach right now. has also just landed a deal with and starting in July, all developments that we advertise in Myrtle Beach will also be featured on at no additional charge to our clients to increase local exposure and bring in more buyers for our condo clients.

One of the top domestic tourist destinations in the continental United States. With nearly 14 million visitors a year, it is no surprise that Myrtle Beach, with over 60 miles of warm, sandy beaches, is such a popular vacation choice for millions of Americans. If limitless vacation options are what you are looking for, then Myrtle Beach has them.-”” It is a great vacation spot for families all across the country but especially families in the Northeast who go there to escape for a weekend, the week, or a summer.

We work with two major sales and marketing firms in the Myrtle Beach condo market that both have some amazing options for condo buyers and investors. The Hoffman Group has projects such as Seaside and SandCastle South Beach. New Resorts is the other major firm we work with there and they have projects such as The Oasis Tower and The Anderson Ocean Club.

There are great condo hotel properties and regular condo properties in Myrtle Beach that have some amazing incentives right now for those condo buyers and investors out there. Check out our Myrtle Beach page for more information here

Are short term rentals worth the headache?

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Beach week and spring break are two very lucrative times of the year for certain economies. When I finished high school Rehobeth Beach was my home for 7 days after my graduation. In college, I went to Mexico for Spring break. This is an ongoing event for kids right out of high school as well as kids still in college. A lot of investors have made short-term rentals out of their condos. Myrtle Beach, for example, is home to many condo developments and many owners are renting out their units at very high prices to cash in on kids desire’s to “let loose.” Owners usually have these units furnished and in certain times out of the year, make big money. But is the headache and hassle really worth it? I asked a friend of mine who owns a Myrtle Beach condo and rents it out part time what his experience has been with renting to college kids and kids on the verge of entering the collegiate world. He told me that there are responsible ones and those who have no respect. Sometimes, he has virtually no problems when other times, the security deposity doesn’t cover the damages incurred in the unit for that specific week. There are similar situations all over. However, my friend said that he continues to rent out his unit as he makes a ton of money. By renting out his condo just 4 months out of the year with short term rentals, he can cover his entire mortgage for the year. Many new condos are going up in the beach cities such as Myrtle Beach. If you’re an investor looking to hold on to a unit for a while, perhaps you should check out the short-term rental option.

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