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July 10, 2008

Hindsight is always 20/20

Filed under: Condos,NCO — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Isn’t starting a blog off with a cliche such a cliche? Well – yes. But sometimes these cliche’s hold water! Another cliche – I should really stop! So, as you know, the market conditions for condos aren’t good, on a whole. Yes there are some pockets of good real estate investments in the US now but the majority of markets are declining and have been for some time. Very seldom do we hear about those firms aka vulture funds that are gobbling up (get it Smile) tons of declining real estate all of the country. I mean, fox news (I won’t capitalize them because I don’t particulary like anything on that channel), CNN, and other news channels can only give the a quick 2-minute doom and gloom report and we all know – well, people with some sort of intelligence – that the news doesn’t always give the most accurate and detailed stories. So why aren’t there more news stories about entreprenuers who are going to profit off this declining market? No one will watch them and if they do, they will become cynical. You see, the media plays such a huge role in our lives – ie, a lot of what we know is based around us sitting on our (explative) and watching a box. That’s how, I would say, 90% of our country gets their information. And the more stories a news channel runs about doom and gloom, the longer the viewer will watch. It’s basic psychology. I would love to see a study run where a news company ran nothing but positive news about something – real estate, cell phones, and etc and see how the public adapts to it. I wonder what would happen if CNN started talking about all the money people are making from buying foreclosures in this market? If they never ran another negative story about the real estate market, would people start to think the market is on a rebound? Would people start buying new condos and homes again? I wonder.

March 21, 2008

Shimmering Sands — Bringing new light to the Gulf Coast

Ono Professional Partners and New Condos Online come together to form a strategic partnership in offering a new Gulf Oppertunity Zone (GO ZONE) devlopment — The Shimmering Sands Sits in the stunning Gulf Coast area of Alabama. The GO ZONE was established to help rebuild the areas in which Hurricane Katrina harmed or effected. From

“The Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005 (H.R. 4440 passed by Congress on Dec. 16, 2005, and signed by President Bush on Dec. 21, 2005) establishes tax incentives and bond provisions to rebuild the local and regional economies devastated by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The act is commonly referred to as the “GO Zone Act.”

While the entire state of Louisiana is part of the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Area, the provisions of the GO Zone Act apply only to a limited number of Louisiana parishes, defined as the “Core Disaster Area” and referred to as the “GO Zone.” However, it is also important to note that the GO Zone reaches far beyond Plaquemines, Calcasieu, Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard and the other parishes most devastated by Katrina and Rita.”

This act will benefit the landowners, developers and also help the new homeowner by offering specific tax incentives to those designated areas, Shimmering Sands in one such area where the coast was not badly scarred and was redeveloped as part of an extensive rebuilding process in the gulf coast. The local area offers a beautiful landscape on the gulf in a warm and friendly community. Shimmering Sands was developed in a strategic location to maximize the local amenities brought on by the beautiful gulf coast and the many 4 star resorts near by — Resort style living in a friendly, relaxing community. New Alabama condos and new gulf shores condos are being developed to take advantage these special government incentives but none really compare to what Shimmering Sands has to offer — with its proximity to the Gulf Shores, Arnold Palmer Golf Course and the Wharf resident attraction, these much to do to shake the stress away.

With real estate prices steadily rising, Shimmering Sands offers incredible values for homeowners who want an exciting coastal way of life.

March 20, 2008

Bayport on Lake’s Bay Grand Opening!

New Condos Online, in affiliation with Matzel and Mumford and Sherman advertising bring you the elegant residences titled Bayport On Lake’s Bay, consisting of 131 new luxury townhomes. Each three-story house will contain two bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a single-car garage. Taking advantage of the stunning waterfront views and situated just feet from the shore, the development has the master bedroom of each unit facing toward the bay. In addition to providing much-needed area housing, this project started out as a reclamation of the beautiful seaside where volunteers and the town of Atlantic City got together to clean up the site — it resulted in a fresh terraformation and set the stage for a clean working palette where Bayport On Lake’s Bay now sites.

Bayport on Lake’s Bay sits near the entrance to Atlantic City’s condos and offers a great blend of bayside living while having the convenience of a resort amenities at the press of a button, or a walk down the street. Atlantic City boasts a bustling and exciting nightlife, Being this close to Atlantic City offers an exciting lifestyle, with the beaches and boardwalks nearby the intertwining nightlife and relaxation benefits are a just one factor to this appealing development.

Matzel and Mumford are also offering another project in New York City dubbed “Crescent Court“. My next NCO blog will feature and indepth look into the details and design of this building. Tune in next time!

March 11, 2008

Mexico Alive and New Condos Online come together to bring you — MARIVAL!

Filed under: International Condos,Mexico Condos,NCO — The Law @ 8:50 am

New Condos Online, in affiliation with Mexico Alive come together in featuring a hot new condo resort whose name is synonymous with the very successful and highly regarded Marival resort in Puerto Vallerta — Marival Condo Resort is a hot new destination in a very well known area that blends old Mexican flavor with modern living, including the amenities of a four star resort! Mexico Alive is running a special promotion for Marival and several other select condo sites that highlight the best of Mexican condo living — Mexico Alive sponsors a “Discovery Weekend” in which interested home buyers travel down to Mexico and learn about the different real estate opportunities and take in the local culture and nightlife. This event represents an awesome time to see how much Mexico has changed in recent years — Condo resorts are typically luxurious properties that include amenities from full-service spas to infinity pools to fine restaurants and concierge services. To the average nightly guest, they appear to be the usual upscale hotel. However, the key difference is each of the hotel suites is individually owned.

While the Discovery Weekend does offer condo resort style living, there are also other new for sale attached housing that is presented as well, including condos, beach loft style homes and further resort style living. These Discovery Weekends are typically filled with some travel along the local beach access roads and highways in Mexico, the trip ends up being more of a getaway than a presentation — A perfect time and opportunity for the investor and individual looking to kick back and have some fun. Look out for the next featured property that will be displayed soon — 3.14 condos!

March 10, 2008

New Condos and MexicoAlive feature Barlovento in Puerto Vallerta

Filed under: International Condos,Mexico Condos,NCO,international buyers — The Law @ 8:50 am

New Condos Online has the pleasure to represent this stunning new development in a series of projects commissioned by the creative minds at Mexico Alive to advertise and spread the word about how the investing climate has changed and is now much more safe for investors and new home-buyers when look south of the border.Professionals have investigated the most outstanding residential developments to bring you a selection of exclusive properties. In addition to amazing location, spectacular design and superb construction, the Mexico real estate residences developed by MexicoAlive will provide an array of services such as concierge assistance, housekeeping, and airport pickup. Amenities such as luxury spas, health clubs, pools and beach clubs, as well as on-site bars and restaurants, grace our most desired developments.

Barlovento condos are a recent development taken on by MexicoAlive in Puerto Vallerta and offers some fantastic perks to the beautiful beachfront living. This luxurious project situated on a beachfront property features 42 select Puerto Vallarta condos, with prime quality detailing and finishings. The second to sixth floor units have wide ocean views and spacious terraces. Designed to please the most demanding client, modern architecture prevails in every detail, the common areas have magnificent vistas and it offers direct access, via the exclusive pool area, to white sand beaches. This is a private, exclusive and select residential project, thought-out for those who prefer to forget the crowds and have their own special paradise.

Mexico Alive offers frequent “Discovery Weekends” which entail direct travel to such projects as Barlovento and Marival experiencing the lifestyle first hand while touring 6 different properties in Mexico. This is an excellent opportunity to see Mexico first hand they way it should be — with MexicoAlive. The next Discovery Weekend is on April 17th 18th and 19th so reserve your spot today to be a part of this great chance!

March 4, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds — Sandpearl Residences on Clearwater Beach

Filed under: Florida condo markets,NCO — The Law @ 8:50 am

The Florida condo market has seen its fair share of ups and downs in recent months and New Condos Online has been apart of the ups and downs — in this tumultuous time many great developments and projects are falling by the way side, while others are flourishing. What does it take for a development to set it self apart from the rest? Many developers have failed and blame the existing market conditions, while the outlook is grim, many projects are seeing fantastic success. It take a great location: the most successful developments are often the same ones that use exciting architecture, scenic locations, proximity to popular tourist destinations or metropolitans, on the beach or tucked away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Another example of a successful development requires a look into their marketing campaign and strategy. Radio, print and magazine insertions have been the backbone of advertising in the past and continues to be a driving force in showcasing new and exciting properties. Developers and marketing agents are gradually seeing the importance in online marketing and also understanding how email blasts and Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to maximize exposure to a broad range of potential clientele. Credibility is another driving factor in this strategy, and many new upstart properties are finding trouble in maintaining consistent growth and a positive reputation.

JMC Community is currently offering some very unique properties on the west coast of Florida in Clearwater Beach. The Sandpearl Residences is a condominium project that sits on 700 ft of the stunning three mile stretch of Clearwater Beach, rated as Best City Beach on the Gulf of Mexico as well as Gulf Coast’s Best Beach by the Travel Channel for its stunning white sands, surf and beautiful sunsets.

The Sandpearl Residences offer a unique twist of living that is influenced by its proximity to the Sandpearl Resort which sits right next door. This proximity allows such benefits as a preferred housekeeping service that can make your bed and tidy up while you’re out, or select from the full menu of signature resort dining options to be delivered by room service — You may even contact your resort concierge to arrange a custom dining session with one of Sand Pearl Resorts premier chef’s in the privacy of your own home. With a 30 + year history of success, JMC Communities has again crafted a home that generates pride with it’s residents, as well as within the community in which it builds.

February 27, 2008

Metro Manor Townhomes — Some days are just a lot more meaningful than others

Filed under: NCO,arizona,charity — The Law @ 8:50 am

Some days are just a lot more meaningful than others, I mean this in a truly eye opening and humbling way. I was having a very routine and calm Thursday, doing some scheduled call backs and updating the exciting new Mexico Alive condo project that I have been working on for some time now. I decided to take a break to start calling some of the dozens of media kit requests we get over here on a regular basis and started fielding some of the requests.

I found myself scrolling thorough some of the more exciting developments and came across the condo project Metro Manor Townhomes and in that media kit request were just a few words that caught my attention — METRO MANOR TOWNHOMES in bold and capitalized lettering. I know that the Arizona Condo Market is hot, so I called up Mr. Richard K. Olsen and that’s where my day definitely changed from the routine and expected to something very humbling and eye opening.

A member of the Arizona Association of Realtors, Richard K. Olsen has been serving the real estate needs of Arizona’s retirees, attorneys, bankers, developers and investors since 1975. Mr. Olsen utilizes the Arizona Regional Multiple Service to locate residential and commercial properties for purchase. Additionally, he offers clients several highly specialized real estate services.

His skill in crisis management of income properties has made Olsen the choice of Arizona attorneys to serve as a court-appointed receiver in foreclosures. Olsen has been a receiver for condos, cinder mines, RV parks, mobile home parks, apartments, shopping centers, motels, and other businesses.

In addition to all these things, Richard is the creator and creative mind behind a very important website: This website is committed to getting the word out about the serious grip that this “birth defect”, being still born has on families all over the world and in the medical society. Richard and I had a very serious conversation about his passion for spreading the word and informing everyone about the dangers and simple precautions for preventing still born births. A passage from Richard’s website

“Welcome to the official web site of The National Stillbirth Society, an activist organization comprised of parents and other family members and friends who, having lost one or more babies to this vilest of all “birth defects”, are fighting back.

Last year over 28,000 babies in the United States were delivered dead. For the most part they were of viable gestational age. About two-thirds evidenced no observable physical cause to explain why they died. And yet, babies, like adults, die for a reason. Medical science just has to search harder to find that reason so many otherwise healthy babies are dying before birth.”

After browsing his site in depth with him, and getting a complete walk-through we came to an impass: He said to me, “James, it looks like what you do at New Condos Online works, and is proven. But what I want you to see if where my passion lies and where all my money goes.” I think he told me this for a few reasons, The first and most important being that he showed me something about himself and his passion to qualify the caliber and level of service of what we do at New Condos Online, it seemed like he wanted me to get to know him better and it made me care very much for his success and his campaign. I believe in what I do here for new condos online and I had no problem confiding in Richard in telling him that we will advertise for his development and drive new home buyers to his developments website. While work is a huge passion of mine and is something I believe in very strongly, Richard managed to challenge my passion by introducing something new to me, a new passion for me. is a charity that New Condos Online will be featuring on the charities page in the near future and he and his website will be in our hearts for a long time to come.

February 19, 2008

The Spire in Chicago — Its development means more than condos and architecture

Filed under: Chicago Condos,NCO — The Law @ 8:50 am

THe Spire in Chicago is a stunning new project happening in the heart the city and promises to break world records of height and amenities — it certainly defies traditional thinking and design when you first lay your eyes on it. It is said that it’s creator and chief architect Santiago Calatrava was inspired by natures design and the fundamental elements when he sat at his drafting table and sketched out his first rendering of the Spire. The project is creating a buzz heard around the world and The Spire aims to capture prospective homebuyers from far off lands, and here in the U.S — some of the targeted demographics residing in: Greater Asia, Japan, India, Canada, South America and European hubs. Calatrava states that it will be the tenants who will bring the concrete and glass its life and flare. Quite a poetic approach to marketing such an beautiful monolith, but its a great way to get people interested worldwide.

The simple fact that this project is being developed illustrates that the market in the U.S has hope of recovering in a somewhat quick order, even in the face of obvious recession. The Chicago condo market is seeing a great consistency and has grown in the midst of this nationwide fervor. Developments like 400 North LaSalle condos and Avenue East condos are seeing consistant traffic and are yeilding great results over all. This market will remain soft, but won’t break and everyone is banking on it, its a great thing to see that people are risking billions of dollars in every city across the nation to stimulate the economy with new developments in beautiful areas. Times are rough, but not without the ray of hope and proof that its not over yet.

February 18, 2008

The Mexico Condo market — Mexico ALIVE!

Filed under: International Developments,Mexico Condos,NCO — The Law @ 8:50 am

We are working on something very special over here at New Condos Online; The Mexico condo market has seen an increase in activity in the past few years while the national condo market in the U.S has seen its fair share of volatility. New Condos Online has been in extensive talks with the marketing Reps at Mexico Alive and have come to a great agreement to feature 6 of their developments in our International Hot Property toolbar on the left side of our homepage. This will be a great opportunity to represent some great developments in Mexico and drive new homebuyers to their developments website, and because the Mexico Alive project is representing 6 major developments, there will be a variety of properties suited for a refined taste.

Professionals have investigated the most outstanding residential developments to bring you a selection of exclusive properties. In addition to amazing location, spectacular design and superb construction, the Mexico real estate residences developed by Mexico Alive will provide an array of services such as concierge assistance, housekeeping, and airport pickup. Exciting amenities such as luxury spas, health clubs, pools and beach clubs, as well as on-site bars and restaurants, grace our most desired developments.

New Condos Online is currently seeing great results in the focused campaigns that have been running for the last few months and has had reports of many inquiries and conversions from leads into sales. The Trump Baja is but one example of a very broad campaign whose strategy includes the implementation of our e-blasting service, inclusion into the “International Hot Condos” property section and placement of eye catching skyscraper advertisements placed in key locations through out the most popular areas of our website. The Mexico Condo Market is starting to open up and we are looking forward to a very successful campaign with Mexico Alive and continued success with Trump Baja.

February 14, 2008

Is modernization in new condo developments always the best idea?

Filed under: NCO,New York City Condos,San Francisco Condos — The Law @ 8:50 am

I was watching the construction the the new Trump towers in Chicago on the discovery channel in HD last night and I noticed that they are going to every extent to modernize and make that development the most appealing to new consumers and home buyers by importing new italian granite and multimillion facade work. The development is absolutely stunning but it lit a fire in my mind and took me in a direction that I normally wouldn’t go. While modernization and new technology is the standard at the moment, I reflected on how cool the combination of old architecture and new renovation made for a really unique and beautiful condo development. The San Francisco condo market is seeing exactly this happen. The residences at Jackson Square is a fine example of a unique San Franciscan landmark become a very desirable residence. With only 12 units available, it definitely falls into the category of a boutique development with a touch of classic flair. Your typical old landmark of this caliber would originally have many rooms — Jackson Square renovated these spaces to create open expanses and gave it character by adding light wood tones to compliment the antique brick.

Many new renovations are being done on historic landmarks in New York City and in Miami. The New York City condo market has seen a consistent increase in interest and occupancy even during this period of a downward trend. While the new and the fresh is what most new home-buyers are looking for, it would behoove a prospective homeowner to checkout these great renovated projects because they usually lie in very appealing parts of town and offer unique style of living!

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