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May 2, 2008

NCO Capital and New Condos Online in the news…..

Filed under: NCO Capital — JonnyT @ 8:50 am

NCO Capital is a division of New Condos Online. NCO Capital has been in the news lately. We’ve been very active at the largest real estate investing conferences for distresssed real esate. We manage thousands of new developments and condo projects. We were asked to attend because of our exposure and high monthly end-users who visit NewCondosOnline. We play a very active role in the capital markets. We represent the voice of the developers. We have a responsibility to provide solutions to projects in struggling markets. We’re connected with the largest funds in the country to buy back units. We also provide investors (cash only buyers) as sales vehicle into condo projects.

Please view the latest confernece in New York. I’m a keynote speaker on Wednesday May 28th.

The Ninth Annual US Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Forum. The Forum will be held May 27-28, 2008 at the Grand Hyatt, New York.

Here’s the latest conferences that New Condos Online is taken part in.

Current/Past speaking events for NCO Capital:

1. Participate speaker at the Distressed Residential Real Estate Conference at the Trump Hotel in Miami.

2. Participate speaker at The Ninth Annual US Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Forum at the Grand Hyatt in New York. What NCO Capital does is:NCO Capital, through our partnership with has developed a global list of relationships in all areas of real estate including real estate investments, capital sources, and banks, media firms, marketing companies, commercial real estate firms and power brokers/agents. Through our network of well-respected companies and individuals, NCO Capital has the power and dynamic strategies to provide our clients with the necessary resources.

NCO Capital Services:

1. Procuring construction financing

2. General debt and equity financing for new developments

3. Bulk purchasing opportunities with the Nation’s top firms (Carlyle, Related Group, Broe, Inc. & ect)

4. Online and email marketing.

February 12, 2008

Bulk Purchase of Condos

Filed under: NCO Capital — FISH @ 8:50 am has a division called NCO Capital for those of you that do not know. NCO Capital has grown in the last 2 years to be the leader in the industry in connecting buyers and sellers of bulk purchase opportunities in condos. NCO Capital also raises capital for developers. Right now our speciality is bulk closing on units. The groups that we represent typically look for a discount of at least 35% and they will come in and buy a large amount of condo units in the project or buy out the rest of the entire project. We are working on several Phoenix condo projects right now that are looking to sell the rest of their units to investors. We have completed several of these deals in the Las Vega Condo market and the Miami condo market. With the downturn in the market the last 2 years, a lot of developers want to move their condos quickly and NCO Capital helps them do this. We represent some of the larger funds in New York, Miami, and around the country.

Jon Thielen and Jeffrey Greco run NCO Captial. They are both featured speakers at the upcoming Distressed Real Estate Conference in Miami next month run by IMN. Jon and Jeff speak to over 100 developers each week in regards to bulk selling their condo units. They are working on projects from Las Vegas to Dubai, and all across the globe. If you are a developer and in need of financing for your condo project, or would like to explore the possibility of a bulk purchase of your project, please contact them at 619-787-2922.

December 29, 2007

Investment Group goes Apartments?

Filed under: NCO Capital — The Greek @ 8:50 am

NCO Capital has now partnered with Invesment Groups who are actively seeking Apartment Buildings worth over $30 Million. The weakening of the US Dollar has brought increased international investors into the real estate market in the USA.

NCO Capital is pleased to have a relationship from Korean investors looking to utilize and the resources available to us to represent international buyer’s in this Buyer’s Market.

Buy, Buy, Buy

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