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January 17, 2009

How to Buy a Condo

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The American dream. House with picket fense, front lawn,pretty wife, and a nice car. Sounds pretty good but in these tuff economic times,getting started can be difficult. Many people, who are considering entering theprestigious league of home owners, or the first step to conceptualizing theAmerican dream, are looking into purchasing a condominium.

Although condos are usually smaller in size compared tosingle family homes, the cost and amenities of a condominium can outweigh the living space dilemma. Supplying fitness facilities, social environments,and dinning varieties condominium living is very appealing.

Here is a link for some basic tips when purchasing acondominium. Click here for afew tips.

I would consider Coeurd Alene, Idaho or Dallas,Texas.

November 25, 2008

New Condo in Bellevue

Bellevue has a new condo project that is turning heads. The BravernSignature Residences located on 8th Avenue & 110th Street in the heart of downtown Bellevue Washington is only for people seeking luxury living accommodations.With fine dining, shopping, and health clubs within near reach- all your needsare taken care of.

If the fish market is more your style, Bravern Signature Residences is only a short trip on Interstate 90 to downtown Seattle. Renderings of the project can be found at

October 16, 2008

Urbanism and New Condos in Bellevue

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Downtown Bellevue has undergone a rapid transformation over the last half decade, maturing into an urban environment where residents can live, work and play.

It seems that what Kemper Freeman, Jr. started with Bellevue Square, the Hyatt,and the recently completed One Lincoln Tower has led to a major expansion of downtown living and shopping. The best If you were to drive into downtown from the 405, you may see 10 or more cranes hovering above the Bellevue Skyline. Many developers have recruited the best architects to come into Bellevue and create the ultimate urban experience.the new condo developments are being built, not in Seattle, but across Lake in Bellevue! Along with its natural beauty, proximity to Seattle, and CNN Money ranking Bellevue the #1 city to live and launch a new business, it’s not hard to see why.

Of all the new condo development under construction, The Bravern Residences might just be the best of all. The Bravern is building 455 condominium units above 305,000 square feet of shopping and dining space, and two office buildings occupied by Microsoft. Announced tenants are Red Door Spa, David Barton Gym, John Howie Steak and Wild Ginger. Sur La Table, a Seattle-based retailer of kitchen products, plans to open a new store next year at the Bravern in Bellevue.

Luxury clothing giant Neiman Marcus Group Inc. plans to open a store in Bellevue in March 2009. The department store will be the main retail attraction at The Bravern.

July 20, 2008

Icing on the cake for smart new condo buyers in Philadelphia

Symphony House developer Carl Dranoff was looking for a sure fire way to draw million dollar condo buyers to his development and opted for a method that we are seeing more and more of in today’s market. Dranoff decided to incentivize. Only this time, developer Carl Dranoff put a twist on the idea and opted to throw in some unconventional incentives to make the deal sweeter. Even though 85 percent of his 167 units are already sold, Dranoff has offered to include a Smart car (retail value: $16,590) and a $75,000 parking space in the high-rise’s garage to go with the next three units sold.

The Symphony House development soon to be featured on is not the only luxury condo development in Philadelphia to offer some very enticing incentives. Others include the Residences at Two Liberty also to be featured on in the near future and is offering its buyers three free years of valet parking,” when buying a condo according to Ruth Hirsh Lincoln, whose firm represents the developer.

These types of marketing incentives are icing on the cake to new condo buyers in the area considering purchasing a new condo as astute buyers are stepping out from the sidelines to buy in the Philadelphia condo market. Despite a credit crunch and a downturn in the housing market in some areas, the luxury condo market in other metropolitan areas are fairing well and Philadelphia is a perfect example. Although overbuilding and speculative investors have created problems in some condo markets such as Miami, Las Vegas, and Boston, Philadelphia remains healthy for the long term due to the absence of either element.

April 28, 2008

The best time to buy a new condo

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Right now is one of the best times in recent history to buy a new condo. With interest rates near all time lows and developers offering amazing incentives and discoutns to move units, home buyers have a lot of condo units to choose from across the country right now. There are also some great deals to be had right now if you would like to enter the world of condo investing. We have a great new condo investment club here at NCO called NCO H Club. Our team has put together a great program that allows all kinds of investors from small to large to take advantage of this great opportunity in the market right now. Check out more about NCO H Club right here

We are bringing on new offerings every week along with a brand new project in Florida that we have an incredible deal on for 82 units. Consider signing up for free for NCO H Club and learning about our product offerings and how we have helped other investors enter this market.

April 9, 2008

Matzel Mumford Grand Opens Crescent Court New Condominium Community in Jersey City

Matzel and Mumford come together with Sherman Advertising in partnership with New Condos Online to exhibit and explore why Cresent Court will be the best place to be in CCity — Close to NYC, with dining, night life and entertainment just minutes away! Crescent Court’s location will provide easy access to Jersey City’s historic and vibrant downtown districts, as well as numerous public transportation options including PATH and Ferry Service to Manhattan. The New Jersey Turnpike is also close at hand, bringing the Garden State’s business and recreational pursuits within easy reach. This prime location is a great selling point for Crescent Court; the development offers the comforts of a great community with little traffic but a big city feel for its proximity to New York City condo developments and enetertainment.

The view from across the harbor is absolutely stunning and jumping on the PATH to visit the big apple is a cost effective alternative to the already congested city. The Jersey City Waterfront District is where Jersey City meets the Hudson River… and where you can see extraordinary views of the New York City skyline that simply must be experienced first-hand. Just take a stroll on the Hudson River Walkway. Against the stunning backdrop of Manhattan’s tall buildings, this remarkable route hugs Jersey City’s eastern edge as it winds through parks, piers and open space along the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay waterfront.

Crescent Court is a development that draws many homeowners from different walks of life, from the first time home buyers or just someone trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday. The floorplans range from one bedroom studios all the way up to penthouse style suites with open rooms and expansive lofts.

Check out the other developments that Matzel and Mumford represent and built including Bayport on Lake’s Bay and many others!

January 4, 2008

New Condos Online would like to welcome One Hudson Park to our Premier listing!

I would like to welcome One Hudson Parkin Edgewater to New Condos Online; they are an exciting new development that is actually over 75% sold out before they even started advertising with us. They are offering a modern style living in an very open and welcoming home layout that are completely personalizable with a variety of options that make your condo buying experience unique and memorable.

Centrally located along Bergen County, New Jersey’s “Gold Coast” on the Hudson River, the Borough of Edgewater is a lively and diverse community. Edgewater’s unique size and One Hudson Park’s awesome location, permit the viewer to walk to many conveniences and transportation options.

The Tarragon Corporation has a diverse group of developments that range from luxurious and posh to urban and modern; if you require the finer things in life and expect no less than the best — One Hudson Park is your destination for a life that is meant to be lived — so check it out today!

December 29, 2007

The Start of The NCO Blog

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I would like to personally welcome all of our users to the NCO Blog. We have been building the most comprehensive real estate blog on the Internet today for the last 3 months. Every new project posted to the site will receive its own section of the blog. Local agents in over 30 markets will also be posting to our blog valuable information everyday. We will have poll questions each week finding out answers to important questions regarding the state of the real estate market and different developments.

We will strive to get our users the latest information on every real estate market as well as offer unique condo investing programs. We also have the ability to discuss financing options for developers and purchase up to 50% of a condo project.

If you are an agent, please feel free to sign up at no charge for our blog and contact us regarding becoming our lead blog partner for your market. In exchange, you will receive free banners and advertising on is in its third yeard of operation and based in San Diego. We are currently the largest and most visited new condo advertising site in the country with over 1200 new developments in the United States. We are the preferred online vendor for many of the nation’s leading sales and marketing firms such as The Ryness Company, The Marketing Directors, and The Condo Store.

We look forward to engaging our users on our blog and creating a new online community for agents, developers, and consumers.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing- It Works But Be Aware of Click Fraud!

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Pay-per-click marketing is why Google, Yahoo, and MSN have become so powerful. When it first hit the scene a few years back, many users did not click on these ads and found organic results more reputable. Organic results are still very important, but Google and Yahoo have since reported drastic increases in clicks on their pay-per-click ads.

With 80% of home buyers starting their search on the Internet today, the first place they go is the search engines. It is essential that agents and developers run their own Pay-per-click campaigns or be a part of a site that has thier own campaigns in order to drive interested home buyers to their respective websites.

Here at we optimize over 300 terms for every city we are in and over 60,000 nationally. Some cities we also use geo-targeting to drive the most targeted traffic. We pay for and optimize more terms than any site in the industry today. Whenever we add a new property to the site, we make sure we are optimized for the most popular terms so our clients get the highest amount of quality traffic.

Unfortunately Pay-per-click marketing has its drawbacks. I would like to discuss 2 of these drawbacks today:

1) COST- It is extremely expensive. We have terms that range from 10 cents per click all the way up to $7.50 per click. As more agents, brokers, and websites get into the game, prices rise as everyone tries to be towards the top of the page. As the real estate market begins to recover and move back up in 2007, it does not seem to be getting cheaper anytime soon.

2) CLICK FRAUD- Be very aware of this. It happens all the time to thousands of websites and it wastes thousands of dollars. Google and Yahoo have both had to settle claims because of this problem. We unfortunately recently had to deal with this problem as individuals felt it was ok to click on our most expensive ads mulitple times and run up our bill. Google and Yahoo have excellent fraud protection systems in place to prevent this from happening so luckily for us this was caught quickly but some sites have not been so lucky. I do not know why anyone would choose to sit by a computer and click on an ad all day, but that’s because I have better things to do.

Click Fraud

So in conclusion, run PPC ads but always monitor them to make sure your campaign is being run properly.

San Francisco Condos- Intracorp Strikes Again with Arterra

Filed under: FISH,Hot Developments,New Condos,San Francisco Condos — FISH @ 8:50 am

Last weekend I took a free bus tour (& free parking!) of 6 downtown LA LOFT buidings & Los Angeles Condo Conversions sponsored by It was a fabulous tour & extremely informative, well-run & even included pastries & coffee! The tour lasted 9 – 1 on Saturday morning. You can sign up on their website. Remember not to “register” at the buidings because you will be denied free use of your Realtor. I will be going again in September if anyone wants to join me ( or 323.769.3371) to see 6 different buidings. They started our tour at the new RALPHS – a huge beautiful supermarket new to downtown. It is actually the nicest supermarket I have EVER been in – wine-tasting, dry cleaner, full deli & salad bar, carving stations, coffee, pastries, sushi – clean & well laid out. Last month this supermarket was all over the news. They did $750,000 in business the 1st week (expecting to do $250,000). See quote below:

“More than a 1000 residents, workers and community leaders flooded the opening of the Ralphs Fresh Fare at Ninth and Flower streets on Friday, July 20, celebrating the return of the grocery store to Downtown after nearly six decades. The much-anticipated ribbon cutting at the 50,000-square-foot market is considered a major turning point in Downtown’s revitalization. With more than 10,000 people calling the immediate area home, demand for a full-service supermarket has been strong since the deal was inked more than four years ago.” DOWNTOWN NEWS

Give me a call if you have questions about the LA Market. I can help you find a great new home!!


Intracorp strikes again with Arterrain San Francisco.

The project is 269 units starting in the low $500,000′s and located in Mission Bay in San Francisco. This unique and amazing project is scheduled for completion in March 2008. Arterra features amenities to help make your day-to-day life richer and more convenient. The sophisticated lobby welcomes you and your guests in grand style, juxtaposing the warmth of recycled and sustainable materials with the elegance of expansive glass walls overlooking a serene park.

There is also a breath taking rooftop sundeck with views to the south, west, and north to downtown. Please call for more information or visit the project

arSales center: 415-974-5200

Type: Condo
Stories: 16
Units: 269
Bath: 1 to 2
Bedrooms: 1 to 3
Unit Size: 727 – 1,230 sq.ft.
Price: From the Low $500,000
Phase: New Construction
Completion Date: March 2008 Address: 300 Berry Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

View More San Francisco Condos by Clicking Here

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