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June 9, 2008

Touching on the aesthetically painful — New designs should spawn positive growth in this market

Growing up in the 80′s brings back some really great memories of Knight Rider blasting through old neighborhoods and careening around corners in bland suburbias, firing rockets and turbo boosting over old houses. Seeing Michael Knight, the pilot of the knight rider blow up an old apartment complex brought a smile to my face and got me pondering on how this market needs a laser guided missile to really knock us out of the slump.

While the economy plays a large part in who gets to spend money — the fact is that money will still be spent, and that money is going to go to the cool projects and developments. New Condos Online strives to bring the consumer a range of developments that include being LEEDS certified in effort to “stay green” while other new developments boast voice activated home controls, opening doors, activation electronics and locking the doors. A great new feature to living is the addition of 24 concierge and personal valets and community assistants.You’d think that Los Angeles condos or San Francisco condos would be where you’d find these cool new developments, and while the newest and hottest developments usually pop up in larger metropolitan areas, condos in Biloxi and condos in Belize are offering these cool new amenities. Developers are really starting to step it up and they are staying affordable.

Its not only the features that the developments represent, but what the actual units have to offer that are bringing the hip and trendy to these new developments. I’ve heard of some projects offering brand new 335i BMW’s for signing on the dotted line, an added bonus is that you get typical sweeping city views with convenient mixed use living. New Condos Online offers a wide range of developments, from the modest and frugal to the regal and hip; sign on today to find out more!

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