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April 2, 2008

Mexico Alive Discovery Weekend — April 17th, 18th and 19th. Come see why Mexico is Alive

Learn how to invest safely and profitably in Mexico. Get a firsthand look at five of the most exciting new properties Puerto Vallarta has to offer. And take three days to experience this stunning port city for yourself while studying up on the hazards and rewards of calling it home.

Join us in Mexico for Discovery Weekend
Puerto Vallarta
17,18 and 19 of April!

Investing abroad is never a simple process, often devolving into an endless tangle of lawyers, financial consultants, and real estate agents. It can feel like you spend more time pushing papers than you do enjoying your investment How much simpler would it make it if there were a way to find out everything you need to know before the process starts?

What if all the resources you need were brought together in a single room?

Now what if that room led out to a bar on the beach, gourmet food, a cruise on the bay?

What if doing your homework felt like a vacation?

Stop asking what if. Come down and find out for yourself.

Food, lodging, education & entertainment are provided, all compliments of Mexico Alive. This $2,000 package is free, except for a $185 seminar registration fee. Nothing this good lasts long. Take advantage of your opportunities today.

Beautiful beaches. Twin mountain ranges plummeting into the Pacific, full of hiking and horse trails. Year-round average temperature of 84 degrees. And a brand-new luxury home equipped with all the services of a premier resort– cleaning staff, restaurants, gym, private beach access, business center, pool, spa, and more.

Sounds like the dream life only the extremely wealthy get to experience, doesn’t it? Of course it does. But thanks to recent economic developments south of the border, you too can get a taste of the good life:

The amending of the Agrarian Reform Law in the mid-nineties has opened up Mexico’s real estate market to foreign investment like never before, creating thousands of miles of cheap beachfront property. For the past decade this property has steadily been climbing in price. Fortunately, a handful of developers who bought in during the rush held off on cashing in immediately, preferring to draw up a sustainable strategy for long-term investment.

These developers chose to focus on quality of design giving the greatest attention to detail, and selecting only the finest amenities in order to provide a unique, refined atmosphere to every one of their properties. And because they bought in early, our developers are able to offer low, competitive pricing on the choicest of real estate.

And now thanks to the dawn of the innovative condo resort system, time-sharing has become a thing of the past– you’re able to own your condo outright for use anytime you want as a second home, vacation getaway or just plain smart investment- one that maintains and helps pay for itself.

Find out more during the upcoming Discovery Weekend, sponsored by MexicoAlive. For three days, you’ll get the royal treatment as we put you up in a luxury oceanside suite in tropical Puerto Vallarta, where you will feast on gourmet cuisine and get a taste of the Latin nightlife you won’t soon forget. And after you recover from the fiesta, you’ll get an insider’s education on investing safely and lucratively in Mexico. Hear the advice of experts in all the fields you need to familiarize yourself with in order to successfully invest abroad:

  • Real Estate, Finance, taxation, law and title insurance

Click here to register to learn more about investing in Mexico!

Rarely do you find such a diverse group of professionals in one location. Just one three-day “edu-vacation” could save you months of footwork and hassle, while providing you with a heads-up on regional market trends and the best advice available on the rewards and potential hazards of foreign investment. It’s also your chance to become familiar with some of the most exclusive properties in Mexico, all while soaking up the good life through every pore.

These are not timeshares. You and you alone hold the deed to the property. Certain costs and revenues are shared with other owners and resort management, but the condo is yours and yours alone.

Never lift a finger. Whether enjoying the pampering of a resort within the comfort of your own home, or managing the property from abroad, all the typical work involved in owning a property has been removed. These condo resorts come fully staffed and maintained year-round by a top-notch team of hospitality professionals, so, unlike other beachfront properties, you never have to lift a finger as weather and time take their toll. Want to make a buck while you’re back at home? Let the in-house property managers take care of all the tiresome hassles of renting your unit.

Pre-construction pricing still available. Get in early to save big– pre-construction pricing is available for a limited time on some of the most exclusive properties on the Pacific coast. For the lowest prices and the largest selection of units, the optimum time to purchase a condo resort unit is in early pre-construction stages. Developers have planned price increases throughout the selling process. As the saying goes, the early investor bird gets the first-tier pricing worm. Shrewd pre-construction investors have been known to turn over their properties for a 25% profit before paying even 10% on their mortgages.

All hotel and meal costs of Discovery Weekend are covered. Local transportation is also provided– all compliments of MexicoAlive. The members of the Mexico Alive team are so confident they can help you find what it is you’ve been looking for, they are picking up the bill on the entire weekend. It’s a $2000 package for a $185 seminar fee and a plane ticket. Make the smartest decision of the rest of your life.

Upon arrival in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll be chauffeured to a cocktail reception at the luxurious Marival Luxury Condo Resort and Residences. Here you’ll have the chance to mingle with the other guests, all either curious souls like you or those who’ve already discovered the joys of owning an escape plan. From there you’ll embark on a grand tour of the downtown, where the city’s charms will first begin to seduce you. Afterwards, it’s back to the Marival for a cocktail party on the hotel’s very own private beach. In the morning, a gourmet breakfast buffet will be provided, alongside an educational overview of current real estate conditions, US business culture, and recent development activities. Once the graphs and charts are put away, you embark on a tour of the current developments-in-progress. Return to the hotel for lunch and a little downtime; in the afternoon your catamaran cruise departs the Marina Vallarta for a stunning vista view of the city and its twin mountain ranges at sunset on the Bay of Banderas.

Back at the hotel for dinner, an array of gourmet cuisine will be yours for the choosing, from local specialties including grilled marlin, ceviches, and huachinango sarandeado, to assorted traditional fare for the less gastronomically bold. Also awaiting you will be a troupe of local dancers, musicians, and performers; ready to dazzle you with their showmanship in a Broadway-style revue. And should you still have any socks left on, the fiesta afterwards will be sure to knock them off for you.

After breakfast and a (strong) cup of coffee, it’s back to the conference room, where experts will take you through every aspect of the otherwise arduous process of investing on foreign soil. This is the time to pay attention and ask a lot of questions; not often will you find all the resources you need in one room. Afterwards, a discussion will be held with a rental agent on the science of property management, or the best way to make a buck on your second home when you’re not in it.

At lunchtime, it’s back to the beach for a catered buffet and a live mariachi performance. This is a good time to mingle and share impressions with the other guests. Questions often overheard by the waitstaff at these lunches – Is this too good to be true? Could I really be this lucky? What’s the catch? But the facts, impressions, and memories of this place will already be your hands. Take some time to think. See you at dinner.

Under the stars at Casa Bella, farewell drinks and goodbye toasts as you prepare to depart from paradise. The President of Mexico Alive will give a speech, reminding you of things you already know, but confirming that your experience here really took place. Assuring you one final time that, if you so desire, you really don’t have to leave. There is a place for you here.

Mexico Alive is an innovative team of highly motivated real estate and development professionals, is the proud host of several successful developments in Mexico. Familiar with all things Mexico, the dedicated MexicoAlive team investigates every aspect of a real estate project before considering it acceptable to present to clients. Knowledgeable professionals apply their business acumen to a careful inspection of the finances, background, and developer’s reputation. Architects’ plans are thoroughly examined and a complete assessment made of the amenities and services that will be available.

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