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January 14, 2009

Where to Buy New Condos

If you’re looking for the first Market to rebound, a place where motivated sellers will give you a steep discount on a luxury new condo, look no further than these major cities: Los Angeles, Las Vegas,and San Diego.

As this article from Forbes details, while prices are still in a slight decline, sales are actually up. Motivated sellers are causing a bidding war as they try to unload their inventory in some cases over 50% off the original listing price. Whether or not you plan to buy a new condo as a primary, secondary, or investment property, the goal should always be to buy low and sell high. Demand is rising and with it prices will rebound shortly. Don’t be left on the sidelines waiting for your new condo to fall in your lap. Get out there and find the best deals. It’s a buyers’ market and it’s time to take advantage of it..

November 26, 2008

Increased Interest by Potential Home Buyers

I just came across this article by MarketWatch, regarding an increase in search traffic by potential buyers for real estate online. It’s great to see that there are potential buyers out there, keeping an eye on the market and looking for great condo deals.

Based on consumer search trends, real estate search is picking up inthe markets hit hardest by the recent economic conditions, indicating renewed consumer interest in these areas. Local markets with the greatest year-over-year increases in October searches included Las Vegas, Nevada (40.7%) and Miami, Florida(35.4%).

Approximately five percent of consumers said they plan to buy a home in the next 12 months, about three times the percentage that actually bought this year.

In today’s market, consumers need information and competitive analysis as they contemplate making a significant investment in real estate. remains the number one most visited site for new Condos and the company continues to offer the most comprehensive portal for new condos on the web.

While today’s challenging housing market has affected many, search activity on remains strong indicating that the desire for homeownership is alive and strong.

October 24, 2008

The New Las Vegas Condo Scene

Las Vegas has quickly become a city that is more than just neon lights and casinos. A major construction boom of new condos in Las Vegas has led to a profound change in the cities landscape. Even from just a few years ago! There is an abundance of Jobs, fueled by the casino industry, and Condominiums in downtown Vegas. Compared to it’s neighbors in Southern California, Las Vegas Condos are a relative bargain. The confluence of Job Growth and low cost of living has led to the Las Vegas region being one of the countrys fastest growing metropolitan areas.

Las Vegas is changing from a casino town to a major metropolis. With all the new condos downtown, and tremendous job growth, we are truly seeing a Live, Work, Play community. But I guess in Vegas, play takes on a whole new meaning!

For ultra luxurious living in Las Vegas, check out One Queensridge Place. A Resort lifestyle located just off the Las Vegas strip between the red rock mountains and the City.


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