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April 9, 2008

Matzel Mumford Grand Opens Crescent Court New Condominium Community in Jersey City

Matzel and Mumford come together with Sherman Advertising in partnership with New Condos Online to exhibit and explore why Cresent Court will be the best place to be in CCity — Close to NYC, with dining, night life and entertainment just minutes away! Crescent Court’s location will provide easy access to Jersey City’s historic and vibrant downtown districts, as well as numerous public transportation options including PATH and Ferry Service to Manhattan. The New Jersey Turnpike is also close at hand, bringing the Garden State’s business and recreational pursuits within easy reach. This prime location is a great selling point for Crescent Court; the development offers the comforts of a great community with little traffic but a big city feel for its proximity to New York City condo developments and enetertainment.

The view from across the harbor is absolutely stunning and jumping on the PATH to visit the big apple is a cost effective alternative to the already congested city. The Jersey City Waterfront District is where Jersey City meets the Hudson River… and where you can see extraordinary views of the New York City skyline that simply must be experienced first-hand. Just take a stroll on the Hudson River Walkway. Against the stunning backdrop of Manhattan’s tall buildings, this remarkable route hugs Jersey City’s eastern edge as it winds through parks, piers and open space along the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay waterfront.

Crescent Court is a development that draws many homeowners from different walks of life, from the first time home buyers or just someone trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday. The floorplans range from one bedroom studios all the way up to penthouse style suites with open rooms and expansive lofts.

Check out the other developments that Matzel and Mumford represent and built including Bayport on Lake’s Bay and many others!

March 20, 2008

Bayport on Lake’s Bay Grand Opening!

New Condos Online, in affiliation with Matzel and Mumford and Sherman advertising bring you the elegant residences titled Bayport On Lake’s Bay, consisting of 131 new luxury townhomes. Each three-story house will contain two bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a single-car garage. Taking advantage of the stunning waterfront views and situated just feet from the shore, the development has the master bedroom of each unit facing toward the bay. In addition to providing much-needed area housing, this project started out as a reclamation of the beautiful seaside where volunteers and the town of Atlantic City got together to clean up the site — it resulted in a fresh terraformation and set the stage for a clean working palette where Bayport On Lake’s Bay now sites.

Bayport on Lake’s Bay sits near the entrance to Atlantic City’s condos and offers a great blend of bayside living while having the convenience of a resort amenities at the press of a button, or a walk down the street. Atlantic City boasts a bustling and exciting nightlife, Being this close to Atlantic City offers an exciting lifestyle, with the beaches and boardwalks nearby the intertwining nightlife and relaxation benefits are a just one factor to this appealing development.

Matzel and Mumford are also offering another project in New York City dubbed “Crescent Court“. My next NCO blog will feature and indepth look into the details and design of this building. Tune in next time!

January 4, 2008

New Condos Online would like to welcome One Hudson Park to our Premier listing!

I would like to welcome One Hudson Parkin Edgewater to New Condos Online; they are an exciting new development that is actually over 75% sold out before they even started advertising with us. They are offering a modern style living in an very open and welcoming home layout that are completely personalizable with a variety of options that make your condo buying experience unique and memorable.

Centrally located along Bergen County, New Jersey’s “Gold Coast” on the Hudson River, the Borough of Edgewater is a lively and diverse community. Edgewater’s unique size and One Hudson Park’s awesome location, permit the viewer to walk to many conveniences and transportation options.

The Tarragon Corporation has a diverse group of developments that range from luxurious and posh to urban and modern; if you require the finer things in life and expect no less than the best — One Hudson Park is your destination for a life that is meant to be lived — so check it out today!

December 29, 2007

Centex Homes – simply stunning

Filed under: Jersey City Condos,New Jersey Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

I like Centex Homes – especially the New Jersey division. Homebuyers looking to purchase a new townhome and/or new condo in New Jersey should consider Centex Homes. Centex Homes new condo and new townhome developments are beautiful and the amenities are stunning. City Homes at Westside Station, City Homes at Essex Park, and The Village at Chapel Hill each offer unique floor plans and are located in great areas. All are affordably priced and if you’re in the area near one of these three developments, you should definately stop in the sales office and peruse the condo development! Who knows, you may even purchase your new home!

Salt Water Taffy’s

Filed under: New Jersey Condos — The Greek @ 8:50 am

Nothing says New Jersey Sea Shore like a salt water taffy and some water ice. Summers at the Jersey shore are a lot of fun with good freinds, food and drink. It gets a little bit annoying staying with relatives you don’t care too much about, but tell them you love them just so you can use their New Jersey Condo for the summer fun. The Jersey Shore has a lot of offer with close proximity to New York and Philadelphia. is a fantastic resource for New Jersey Condos. How awesome would it be to have your own place by the beach rather than crash with those you could truly care less about. Even though the Green House is closed, there are sill some great spots for a fun night out to show off your tan.

See you down the shore!

The need for more condos

Filed under: New Jersey Condos — Schnitz44 @ 8:50 am

Before I moved to San Diego, I was living in Los Angeles and my friends were all in “the industry” somehow – either a writer, director, actor, musician, or an Ari Gold wannabe. I was at my friend’s apartment one day watching college football when he tossed me a script written by a mutual childhood friend. I looked at it and it was a spec for “The West Wing.” I opened it up and read it feverishly. As I expected it was nothing short of fantastic. There was one topic in the script that has stayed with me for a while. The scenario was that New Jersey ran out of developable land. It was a fleeting sub-topic of the script but nonetheless, it got me to thinking. What if New Jersey or another state, like Rhode Island, ran out of developable land? Would the State use eminent domain to reclaim single family home and build condos or townhomes? Would politicians be easily swayed by developers with big pockets to tear down low-income areas and rebuild them? New Jersey condos, like those in NYC will soon be in as much demand due to that old model we all learned in ECON 101, Supply and Demand. Watch out for areas like Jersey City, to continue to go vertical as the demand will surely be there.

Don’t Stop Believing

Filed under: New Jersey Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Did anyone like the end of The Sopranos? No seriously, I haven’t met anyone who thought the ending was somewhat intrigueing – a cliff-hanger if you will. Plus, I forsee in the next several weeks that when Journey’s signature song, Don’t Stop Believing, comes on in a bar full of drunk comrades, the first thing out of their mouths will be something along the lines of “Dude, did you see the end of The Sopranons???!!! It was awful!” David Chase contends that he wrote the ending so that the audience can come up with their own conclusions. Like art. And, I may in the minority here, but I like that. It makes for good conversation with fellow mafia show lovers. I like how Chase leaves the interpretation up to each audience member. That’s my 2 cents.

You may wonder how I am going to tie this blog to New Jersey condos

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