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June 19, 2008

Would you like a room with your sushi?

Filed under: New York City Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Guess what?! Another condo/hotel is going up in New York City! That’s right…as if there has not been enough development in the city that never sleeps, another developer is coming in and is going to construct a new condo development that I’m sure, will have many people in awe. This will not be any other ordinary condo building but an extraordinary one as Nobu is putting their name behind this development. From what I have read, the building will be 62 stories tall and feature 77 condos and a 5-star hotel. Swig Equities seems to be the developer behind this massive construct and I am having mixed feelings about the project. There is no doubt that Nobu is one of the hottest restaurants in the country, but what is their experience in the hospitality and condo industry? Will the brand stay strong enough to parlay into a condo/hotel? Will they be able to effectively sell 77 units? Restaurants come and go – it’s nature. I’m just curious to know if Nobu is strong enough to perhaps withstand the average life of a restaurant and thus become a successful condo/hotel chain. Is Nobu looking to brand themselves into a hotel after their restaurant? I’m excited to follow the development of this New York City Condo.

May 3, 2008

Riverwalk Court – City Living without the hassle!

Filed under: New York City Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

New Condos Online is proud to now feature a Related Companies project in New York, New York! Many new Manhattan condos are rising in New York but Riverwalk Court will for sure stand out. Riverwalk Court is a joint effort between The Related Companies and The Hudson Company. Situated to be erected on Roosevelt Island in 2009, this development will featured condos for sale under $600K! That may sound crazy but in NYC, that’s a steal! Offering 1-3 bedrooms and with floorplans starting at 682 sq ft, owning a unit here will be a sound investment. This project will combine city living with the essense of tranquility thanks to the East River and NYC Skyline. One of the sweetest amenities to this development will be the rooftop cabanas which will encompass panoramic views of the skyline. Other amenties include a yoga studio/fitness center, children’s playroom, entertainment lounge, and a 24-hour concierge. So the question I will seem to ask buyers who can afford a home here, why would you not want to own here? I can see the demand only increasing over time as the project nears completion – which by the way, will be in 2009. Live the life you’ve always dreamed and buy a condo at Riverwalk Court!

April 14, 2008

Creative advertising will lead to more sales

Filed under: New York City Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

There is a omnipresent energy that one can feel when they walk throught the city of New York. I am here in The City this weekend and I must say that every time I come here, I love it that much more! What’s not to love about this place? (If you need an explanation, go research it on Yahoo cuz I’m not going into it). And the development here…wow! Everywhere I look, I can see a new condo building being erected. New York City condos are something that is on the mind not only of New Yorkers but also investors from around the world. You know the statement, when the US sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold? Well, our condo market is sneezing right now but in fact, it’s having the opposite effect. The US is getting a cold and we are getting sick. What is the remedy for this cold? The British, Irish, and most Europeans. Not to mention, the Asians, Latin Americans and our favorite neighbour, Canada! Builders who market themselves to other parts of the world are seeing a rise in sales. It’s a no-brainer…kind of like internet advertising. It’s a must these days. With the weak dollar, builder’s must think creatively and start seeing the market place in broader terms. Builders need to start advertising more effectively and must think ahead of everyone else.

April 9, 2008

Matzel Mumford Grand Opens Crescent Court New Condominium Community in Jersey City

Matzel and Mumford come together with Sherman Advertising in partnership with New Condos Online to exhibit and explore why Cresent Court will be the best place to be in CCity — Close to NYC, with dining, night life and entertainment just minutes away! Crescent Court’s location will provide easy access to Jersey City’s historic and vibrant downtown districts, as well as numerous public transportation options including PATH and Ferry Service to Manhattan. The New Jersey Turnpike is also close at hand, bringing the Garden State’s business and recreational pursuits within easy reach. This prime location is a great selling point for Crescent Court; the development offers the comforts of a great community with little traffic but a big city feel for its proximity to New York City condo developments and enetertainment.

The view from across the harbor is absolutely stunning and jumping on the PATH to visit the big apple is a cost effective alternative to the already congested city. The Jersey City Waterfront District is where Jersey City meets the Hudson River… and where you can see extraordinary views of the New York City skyline that simply must be experienced first-hand. Just take a stroll on the Hudson River Walkway. Against the stunning backdrop of Manhattan’s tall buildings, this remarkable route hugs Jersey City’s eastern edge as it winds through parks, piers and open space along the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay waterfront.

Crescent Court is a development that draws many homeowners from different walks of life, from the first time home buyers or just someone trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday. The floorplans range from one bedroom studios all the way up to penthouse style suites with open rooms and expansive lofts.

Check out the other developments that Matzel and Mumford represent and built including Bayport on Lake’s Bay and many others!

February 14, 2008

Is modernization in new condo developments always the best idea?

Filed under: NCO,New York City Condos,San Francisco Condos — The Law @ 8:50 am

I was watching the construction the the new Trump towers in Chicago on the discovery channel in HD last night and I noticed that they are going to every extent to modernize and make that development the most appealing to new consumers and home buyers by importing new italian granite and multimillion facade work. The development is absolutely stunning but it lit a fire in my mind and took me in a direction that I normally wouldn’t go. While modernization and new technology is the standard at the moment, I reflected on how cool the combination of old architecture and new renovation made for a really unique and beautiful condo development. The San Francisco condo market is seeing exactly this happen. The residences at Jackson Square is a fine example of a unique San Franciscan landmark become a very desirable residence. With only 12 units available, it definitely falls into the category of a boutique development with a touch of classic flair. Your typical old landmark of this caliber would originally have many rooms — Jackson Square renovated these spaces to create open expanses and gave it character by adding light wood tones to compliment the antique brick.

Many new renovations are being done on historic landmarks in New York City and in Miami. The New York City condo market has seen a consistent increase in interest and occupancy even during this period of a downward trend. While the new and the fresh is what most new home-buyers are looking for, it would behoove a prospective homeowner to checkout these great renovated projects because they usually lie in very appealing parts of town and offer unique style of living!

December 29, 2007

Have An extra $32.5 Million?

Filed under: New Condos,New York City Condos — FISH @ 8:50 am

new york city condosnyc1

Penthouse Anyone? Everyone wants a life of luxurty in New York City, but only a select few can afford this new $32.5 million penthouse at The Tribeca Summit. This amazing New York City Condo boasts 12,000 sqaure feet of indoor space and 7000 square feet of outdoor living.

Find more affordable condos in New York Here

source: Washington Post

Platinum – New York City’s New Power Residence

Filed under: New York City Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

725 Eighth Ave will take on a whole new persona once Platinum is completely erected. Standing 43 stories with 220 residences, this vivacious condo development will be the ultimate place to reside. Do you have $7.5M lying around? If so, you need look no further than Platinum’s hottest floor plan. This development has all the amenities that you could ever want in a new condo project. This condo contains a fitness centers, yoga studios, spa treatment and if you’re in the mood but the weather doesn’t yield sunshine, then you can always use the golf simulator. You can check out more about Platinum with all the amenities and other condos here on

Hot new development in the City that never sleeps

Filed under: New York City Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Everyone loves New York City. In fact, this place is so amazing they named it twice – New York, New York. Frank wanted to be apart of it and what Frank says, pretty much goes. Now, you can be apart of it. Seriously – just go and visit Sheffield 57 and you’ll see why you’ve got to own a piece of the hottest real estate in the City. New York City condos are sprouting up all over the city but look no further than right here. Swig Equities has converted this 58 story tower into world class Manhattan condo. Dramatic views and the central location is nothing short of mind-blowing. Starting at just under $800K, this development will not dissapoint. You’ve got a pool, spa, and health club on the upper floors overlooking the City!!! How cool is that!!?? I’m not going to spoil the rest. You’ve got to come and check it out for yourself!

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