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July 18, 2008

IndyMac falls — but shows that the U.S will grow

This week was pretty hard on a vast number of everyday people who relied on IndyMac bank to hold and manage their funds. It seems that one of the leading California banks whose strong suit lay in mortgages and loans has been appropriated by the government in an action to save investors and account for some major miscalculations. The bottom line for most customers of Indy Mac Bank is that your funds are protected and insured by the FDIC for up to $100,000. Anything past that you’re on your own, meaning that many people sitting on large nest eggs are out of luck in seeing any more of their money past that $100k mark. The AP (Associated Press) showed customers of Indy Mac waiting in lines numbering in the thousands, waiting for a bank that wasn’t going to open. An interesting thing happened in the following days on the stock market… The price of oil “corrected” by over 16 dollars and is still dropping. As I see it, more banks will fail, and the weak will get weeded out from the strong to help our economy become a more fortified machine. It’s going to take some major “corrections” to see a massive rebound, but the chain of events is definitely set in motion and we should see a strong recovery from the maladies in the last 5 or so years.

In recent times, New Condos Online has forged some very unique and strong advertising partnerships that have overcome many of the hurdles that the U.S based recession is going through. Partnerships for advertising new condos developments with DayStar properties in Costa Rica, who have an awesome series of developments and a one of our international features. They boast over 6 properties in beautiful Jaco Beach Costa Rica and will be adding new developments over the next 6 months.

Another very cool project is Milagro Del Mar down in Nicaragua. This fantastic project is a part of a new development phase in Latin America. While The U.S dealing with this depression, international development is growing by leaps and bounds on a quarterly basis.

March 20, 2008

Bayport on Lake’s Bay Grand Opening!

New Condos Online, in affiliation with Matzel and Mumford and Sherman advertising bring you the elegant residences titled Bayport On Lake’s Bay, consisting of 131 new luxury townhomes. Each three-story house will contain two bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a single-car garage. Taking advantage of the stunning waterfront views and situated just feet from the shore, the development has the master bedroom of each unit facing toward the bay. In addition to providing much-needed area housing, this project started out as a reclamation of the beautiful seaside where volunteers and the town of Atlantic City got together to clean up the site — it resulted in a fresh terraformation and set the stage for a clean working palette where Bayport On Lake’s Bay now sites.

Bayport on Lake’s Bay sits near the entrance to Atlantic City’s condos and offers a great blend of bayside living while having the convenience of a resort amenities at the press of a button, or a walk down the street. Atlantic City boasts a bustling and exciting nightlife, Being this close to Atlantic City offers an exciting lifestyle, with the beaches and boardwalks nearby the intertwining nightlife and relaxation benefits are a just one factor to this appealing development.

Matzel and Mumford are also offering another project in New York City dubbed “Crescent Court“. My next NCO blog will feature and indepth look into the details and design of this building. Tune in next time!

February 1, 2008

Please Welcome Sky Las Vegas as a featured listing!

Filed under: Internet marketing,Las Vegas Condos,NewCondosOnline Blog — The Law @ 8:50 am

I am pleased to announce that New Condos Online has resigned Sky Las Vegas as a featured listing. Sky Las Vegas has been on our site for some time but with all the new incentives we have upgraded our site with, we felt as if the Sky Las Vegas condo development could be better represented by upgrading their listing with us and including them in our monthly e-blasting service to over 300,000 opt-in subscribers. New Condos Online has also taking their listing and is featuring it on our “Hot Condos” toolbar which effectively represents the newest and hottest condos currently being advertised online. The Sky Las Vegas Condo development has been apart of the New Condos Online family for more than a year and have reaped the benefits of being an integral part of the largest and most visited condo website on the internet. We have developed a strategic partnership with the Sky Las Vegas condo developers by taking their listing and adding almost every marketing tool to get their name all over the Internet and with only 40 units left until it is sold out, we will be sad to see them go but pleased to know that we played a part in their success!

Sky Las Vegas is unique for a few reasons, specifically they are one of the first high rises to be developed directly on Las Vegas Boulevard. While most of the developments in Las Vegas being constructed currently are considered condo hotels or timeshares, Sky Las Vegas boasts a rich and unique feature in that they are an exclusive luxury condominium. The Tower’s suites, penthouses and SkySuites are being designed as the most luxurious condominiums at Sky Las Vegas and are likened to that of the most high end suites that you would find on the strip!

Check them out — they are family and they only have 40 units left!

January 21, 2008

New Condos Online would like to welcome The 903 as a featured listing!

Filed under: NewCondosOnline Blog,Real Estate News — The Law @ 8:50 am

We at New Condos Online would like to announce that we have formed a strategic marketing partnership with The Athena Group in featuring “The 903″ with our services. Located in Providence, RI The 903 is located in this beautiful city that has drawn a thriving artist community with premier shopping and entertainment. The development offers the home owner a place to unwind during and find peace in an otherwise hectic world. Located centrally and close to many major freeways, you are minutes away from everything.

This development is particularly exciting because of the careful attention to detail paid in the layout and the planning of the communal amenities. The pool plays a pivotal centerpiece to the layout of the project and offers a full 24 hour gym and a clubhouse with billiards and a comfy seating area with flat screens, a great place to go hang out for BB-Q’s or getting together with your friends or neighbors. Another fun feature about this development is the addition of the theatre that boasts stadium style seating for you and up to 14 friends. “The 903” is a great place to come and unwind from the daily stresses of life and work, that’s the reason “The 903″ centers your life away from work as your time, and you place to live.

December 29, 2007

Welcome to the NewCondosOnline Blog

Filed under: NewCondosOnline Blog — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am would like to welcome all users, agents, developers, home builders, marketing teams, and home buyers to our new blog! This condo blog has been designed to provide our users with a forum for sharing real estate information, learning about new condominium developments, and posting articles relavent to home buyers, investors, developers, and agents worldwide. Enjoy Blogging!

I’m Looking for a Condo in San Diego

Filed under: NewCondosOnline Blog — admin @ 8:50 am

My fiance and I are relocating to San Diego in September. I’m hoping that we can use this forum to share our experiences with locating and purchasing a new condo in San Diego. We’ve just begun our search using . Right now we are just checking out new projects online and getting a feel for the best part of town for us to live in. We don’t have a real estate agent yet but we’re looking for a good one who knows the ins and outs of the San Deigo market. I’ll check back in soon with an update on our condo search.

Smog in Los Angeles, Water tables in Atlanta, Hurricanes on the Gulf Coast

A staggering number of climatic events are threatening some major cities in the United States in the past 10 years. Atlanta is seeing a depletion of their natural water source and that grim reality is leading to panic around the world as we are beginning to face the facts that our natural resources are not unlimited. We are also seeing an increase in greenhouse gases and harmful carbon dioxide emission especially in large cities including Los Angeles and Washington D.C. It seems like we are digging our own grave by doing this to our atmosphere and earth; what is of more concern is that the earth will see an increase in hurricanes, floods, snowfall, heatwaves and ice storms.

As gripping and urgent as this situation is, there is hope. Hope because we as a people are taking the proper steps by reducing emissions, greenhouse gases, water consumption, energy consumption and implementing more strict guidelines for the future. This is GREAT news for the potential and current home-buyer because as more strict standards go into place, we see an increase in the quality of a budding condo or town home development using state of the art technology in making you living as clean and energy efficient as possible.

We are on our way to reducing the negative effects that have been causing so much harm to our environment. The end result points towards a new frontier of modern living that promises to make the world a better place.

A quick hello and intoduction from a new team member at NewCondosOnline!

Greetings from the sunny city of San Diego! My name is James Law and I am new to the team at and I am very excited to get started with the firm but more importantly I am eager to develop exposure to our new listings and clients! I am from the Aspen valley in Colorado and have been skiing and mountain biking since I was a little lad. My family spent time traveling and dividing our seasons between Aspen in the winter and San Diego in the summer and travelling in between.

I consider myself lucky becuase I was able to see what different areas in the U.S had to offer as far as residential development and growth. I feel like is a great fit for me becuase they are maximizing exposure for exciting new developments in the U.S and abroad and being apart of such a remarkable process gets me motivated to meet new clients and offer a great service in an expanding marketplace.

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