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October 21, 2008

New Condos in Panama City


The condo market is very strong in Panama City right now, and it is a great time to buy a new condo. Unlike the United States, Mortgage Backed Securities are not offered in Panama which will help prevent a bubble and price increase like we experienced in the US. Panama City is also attractive to international buyers and especially to European investors, where the Euro is strong, because it is much more affordable than a London or New York. Panama will continue to remain a strong long term investment as prices remain stable.

Visit the Trump Ocean Club, The Orchid Residences, and the Plaza Costa del Este on, as the premier luxury residences in Panama City.


May 1, 2008

Trump Ocean Club Sets New Standards in Panama

Filed under: Panama Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

Panama is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world; and Trump Ocean Club – one of the first luxury projects to enter the market, is “sailing” to the finish line. Utilizing strategic marketing and offering a quality product, this gorgeous landmark is half-way built and almost fully sold-out. Not all Panama City buildings, though, have the guarantee of Trump distinction and quality, which has resulted in an influx of marketing “tricks” to boost slow (or non-existent) sales.

One element of Trump Ocean Club’s success has been the team’s avoidance of short cuts or ploys, and a constant focus on creating (and delivering) the best, most exclusive and unique project in Panama. TOCs competitors have used all kinds of silly methods to save their projects, such as paying a celebrity to say they are “owners”, throwing million dollar parties, giving away cars, etc. The buyers have been smarter than that – they simply want the best product on the market, and they found it at Trump Ocean Club. In reference to the recent celebrity tales heard around town, celebrities that buy in a Trump building know they will never broadcast their information. TOC respect’s their client’s privacy immensely, that’s what make it so exclusive. The proof as they say is in the pudding – Trump Ocean Club has made constant sales each and every month, often tripling the numbers of even their closest competitors.

Trump Ocean Club simply requires no tricks, they are continually ahead of the curve, and have steadily reached their sales goals for two years straight, even with the addition of the new Bay lofts. While Trump’s competitors are targeting a stagnant U.S. economy, Trump Ocean Club reached out to this market early-on and established themselves as the pace leader. As the building literally changed the face of Panama real estate, the team began looking to the future and reaching into new markets. In recent months, TOC has seen buyers from Russia, Spain, the UK, Germany, and Amsterdam, amongst others. As one of the only Panama City properties well-into construction, TOC is even seeing sales from the U.S. again, as buyers feel assured in knowing this building not only meets the regulations of Panama, but the strict standards of international quality from the Trump Organization as well.

Jack Studnicky’, Vice President of sales for Trump Ocean Club calls the phenomenon, “The Trump Mystique. This project has been able to sell itself by simply offering the most reliable, secure and solid property in Panama”. Trump Ocean Club is creating a community within itself, a “live, work, shop, play” philosophy that simply has no market competition. The Trump Ocean Club master plan includes condominiums and condo-hotel units, a magnificent wellness spa, an oversized infinity pool & deck, Yacht Club & Pier, a private beach club, an electrifying on-site 45,000 square foot Trump International Casino, upscale shops with international brand recognition, exclusive office lofts, an elite hotel sky lobby, a state-of-the-art business center, concierge service, valet parking, and bellmen. Above all, TOC buyers both old and new have the peace of mind to literally watch this landmark go up – either in person or on the live web cam. The lesson learned from this history-in-the-making project is that exceptional quality and a unique product need no “trickery”; consumers are smarter than that. Visit TRUMPOCEANCLUB.COM for more information or call 1-877-89 TRUMP

PRESS CONTACT: or 305-572-9883 x317.

March 27, 2008

Investment Alternatives – Latin America

Filed under: Panama Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

As the current state of the US markets continue to remain troubled, US and foreign investors and condo buyers are looking for sound opportunities, good asset protection, and positive ROI. Panama condos, high-rise luxury developments, and resort condo communities have been providing these great investment vehicles now for a few years.

The Panama market is strong and values continue to increase as does new construction. Panama resembles Miami of the late 90′s and early 2000′s. Does this mean a “bubble” will be created by over supply and unrealistic price increases? Probably not any time soon. Latin American markets are a bit more complicated to invest in and with more money required to put down by buyers, investors must think more long term. These regulations will keep th “flippers” out but still give savvy buyers and condo investors an opportunity for good returns over time.

New Panama condos for sale are still priced very well and give the buyer a good profit margin over time. Not to mention, Panama is increasingly becoming a better place to live as the government improves infrastructure, hosptials, schools, and overall safety.

March 14, 2008

Rapid Growth in Central America

Filed under: Panama Condos,Real Estate — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

Exciting things are happening in Costa Rica and other Central American markets where real estate and condos are experiencing double digit appreciation much like we saw in California and Florida before the housing bust. This growth persists in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize. This reality coupled with low prices for homes and condos make these markets key targets for foreign investors, home buyers, US buyers and investors, and investment clubs.

According to many local experts we are just at the cusp of the growth. Better infrastructure, schools, hospitals, government stability, and safety are all providing a sound foundation for fast and healthy growth. The question is whether these markets will resemble the current US markets in 5 years with overvalued properties and an abundance of supply sitting on the market. I think this will all depend on how investors tackle this opportunity.

Prices are so low relative to US prices that even with rapid appreciation it would take a while for Costa Rica condos and Panama condos to be drastically overvalued. It is more difficult to buy property in Central America as an investor because most countries call for 30% down payments or more. This requirement will bring more qualified investors who seek long term holds and keep out the people who do not really have the liquid capital for proper investing.

That said, Panama condos and homes will continue to be purchased be “real” buyers, not flippers, and values will grow appropriately. Fast growth does not always mean a bubble will be created, but it can. As long as lending practices in Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize stay more traditional, things should remain healthy.

Some of the most exciting projects are new Panama city condos and high-rises. Some great new projects we represent on New Condos Online are The Orchid Residences, The Plaza Costa del Este, and of course Trump Ocean Club.

February 7, 2008

Panama’s Economic Growth

Filed under: Panama Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

Condo and commercial development is booming in Panama in efforts to meet the high demands for Panama condos and homes, hotels and tourist accommodations, infrastructure. Many people who come to visit Panama also invest in Panama real estate and condos, become involved in construction and building, and take advantage of the great tax advantages and cheap labor available.
The Panamanian Institute of Architecture and Urbanism shows that new construction of high-rise condos, luxury resorts, new commercial development and office space is the fuel that keeps the Panamanian economy alive and well. Legislation has even been passed to further stimulate new construction which offers special tax incentives to builders. Developers of new Panama condos can receive great incentives and benefits based on these new legislations. For example, builders working in designated “tourist” zones” are granted 20 year tax exemptions!! In September 2006, new legislation was authorized providing 15 year tax exemptions for builders constructing new Panama condos and homes.

But wait, it gets even better…individuals and builders who do invest in Panama (i.e. building new condos and commercial builders) are now granted the possibility of work visas and citizenship! Having had a historically strong economy in Latin America, Panama has had steady growth, low inflation rates, and a growing population which is setting the area up for further success as a major economic powerhouse. Economic growth was 6.3% in 2006, continuing a strong five-year upward trend.

One of the most important factors in establishing Panama as a hot spot for international trade was of course the Panama Canal. This brought foreign trade, investment, and new residents to the area and further fueled the modernization of this once quiet little paradise. The country’s key source of income is now tourism. Panama boasts 700,000 visitors per month which has also brought with it a boom in construction— hotels, condominiums, resort complexes and other services such as restaurants and shops. As I have mentioned before, Trump’s investment in the area with the new luxury condo tower, Trump Ocean Club, has further spawned new credibility for the area. More to come…

January 23, 2008

Central America Continues to Draw US Dollars

Filed under: Panama Condos,Real Estate — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

Countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize provide a wealth of political, economic, and ethnic diversity. Over the past 20 years Central America, once considered very dangerous and politically tumultuous, has developed into a world class tourist destination as well as a big target for US and foreign real estate developers and investors…especially in the area of new high-rise condos and resort communities.

Panama condos continue to make strides as major players such as Trump enter the market further branding the area for success. Panama once only know for the “canal” know attracts European, Asian and many Latin American cultures and money! But who knows what will happen as we continue to flood that market…will prices continue to increase creating the dreaded bubble?

Apparently, Nicaragua is now considered to be the safest country in Central America according to the Harvard Business School studies. If so, then we can only presume there will be an ever increasing amount of international consumer confidence in that area.

Before “pulling the trigger” on your new Panama condos or investment properties I would strongly suggest many trips to the desired area, consultations with local real estate experts and attorneys, and the gain a sound understanding of the purchase process. Central America and all of Latin America will continue to gain world-wide recognition for luxury condos and home building, especially as these countries further advance their water systems, Internet access, infrastructure, and economies.

January 22, 2008

Does Our Housing Slump Affect International Markets?

Filed under: Panama Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

The answer is most definitely yes! As buyers, investors and speculators began search for other markets to enter while leaving behind a disastrous state of affairs here in the US, new markets like Costa Rica and Panama became open to the feeding frenzy. Costa Rica has been a popular market for building and investment by US buyers and real estate companies for many years now but Panama is a bit new to the scene.

Once Trump entered the scene officially branding the area as a viable condo market all bets were off. During 2007 prices began to sky-rocket and new construction was everywhere. Panama condos have been on everyone’s mind over the past year. US and other foreign buyers and investors have been flooding the market. Sounds familiar right?

So to go back to my question above…yes, when the US enters a housing slump and possible recession, buyers, investors and speculators seek other opportunities outside the US…they want someplace else to “park” their money. Panama condos seem like a great place to me. On the other hand, what does it take for us to push another once healthy and exciting market into its own “bubble” situation?

December 29, 2007

Trump Goes to Panama – PRESS RELEASE

Filed under: Panama Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

Trump Ocean Club in Panama:
“Talking the Talk” and “Walking the Walk”

PUNTA PACIFICA, PANAMA – (December 2007) – While many other real estate projects are “biting the dust” in the Republic of Panama, Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower is certainly living up to everything it said it would. As one of the only million dollar high rise developments in Panama whose construction plans began on time and are currently progressing onward, Trump Ocean Club is certainly not just “talking the talk” but they are most definitely “walking the walk”.

Each Trump condo property is unique in its own way and makes a statement in true TRUMP STYLE but Trump Ocean Club sets itself apart from the rest as the first of its kind in Latin America. The master plan includes condos and condo-hotel units, a magnificent wellness spa, an oversized infinity pool & deck, Yacht Club & Pier, and a private beach club on Contadora Island. Other exclusive amenities include the electrifying on-site 45,000 square foot Trump International Casino, upscale boutiques and shops, exclusive office lofts, an elite hotel sky lobby, a state-of-the-art business center, concierge service, valet parking, and bellmen.

The official ground breaking took place in May and is going strong. Trump Ocean Club Construction Manager Ing. Jenaro Echeverri M. of OPCORP INTERNATIONAL reports, “The construction process is moving forward in a smooth and timely manor. Pile work for the concrete caps in the main building is now complete and the excavation process for the concrete caps has begun. We are also excited to report that the drawings and designs for the first phase have been completed and approved!

For more information please visit and for sales inquiries please contact 1-877-89-TRUMP (87867) or

Enrique Iglesias Takes a Residence in The Plaza Costa del Este

Filed under: Panama Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

The Plaza Costa del Este has officially announced the first proud owner of the Penthouse unit in The Plaza Costa Del Este is International Superstar and Grammy award-winning artist, Enrique Iglesias.

The Plaza, which is set to break ground in January 2008, will overlook Panama’s breathtaking landscape as a gleaming tower of air and light nestled on Panama City’s jeweled waterfront. Featuring the clean, sleek lines of architect MusAsvat, this mixed-use project integrates function with the pleasure of the senses and provides residents and guests with unparalleled luxury and elegance in one of the world’s most up and coming cities. The building, which will combine luxury two-story lofts, condominium apartments, and 150 lavish five-star boutique hotel quarters, will be an awe-inspiring structure of air, light, and the world’s most innovative architecture and aesthetics.

A true retreat, The Plaza Costa Del Este will offer all the amenities and services that the world’s tastemakers could ever want. Conveniently located within minutes from the lifestyle and bustle of downtown Panama, and the Toumen International Airport, The Plaza Costa Del Este will allow their guests and residents to enjoy an unprecedented fusion of the urban lifestyle and a tranquil escape. The Plaza Costa Del Este will boast a roof-top swimming pool and lounge with breathtaking city views, a full service day spa, fully equipped fitness center, business center and conference room, cinema, maid services, and its own premiere restaurant and bar. In addition, all residents and guests will have access to the exclusive Beach Club on Contadora Island, the jewel of the Pearl Islands.

Following the announcement that Gilberto Santarosa, Salsa sensation, was the first official owner of a unit, HOMES has announced that the official owner of the penthouse unit in The Plaza Costa Del Este is Enrique Iglesias. Enrique’s representatives also confirmed that Enrique Iglesias will attend the building’s ground breaking in Panama set to take place in early 2008. Iglesias, who has reached international stardom as the best selling Spanish-language artist of the last decade, said of his newly acquired residence, “I am very excited to be part of this wonderful building and I look forward to meeting all of my future neighbors in Panama.

Homes stated, “We are thrilled to have such an acclaimed artist and global icon as the penthouse owner and to be associated with our project. His attendance at our groundbreaking in January 2008 is an honor and we are pleased that he has chosen to own a residence at The Plaza Costa Del Este.”

Panama Condos: Plaza Costa del Este

Filed under: Panama Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

Here is a new press release by our partner media company, Americas Media Group:

Homes Real Estate is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Plaza Costa del Este located in the heart of Panama City, Panama, an exciting mixed-use tower combining the talents of Latin America’s most renowned designers, architects and developers. The exclusive and over the top September 8th launch gala in Miami, Florida will feature a performance by Grammy award-winning Salsa sensation, Gilberto Santarosa and a special appearance by the former Miss Panama and the title winner of Miss Universe 2003, Justine Pasek.

Homes Real Estate is proud to reveal the launch of the highly-anticipated Plaza Costa del Este, a gleaming tower of air and light on Panama City’s waterfront. The exclusive gala event to mark the project’s launch will take place September 8th in Miami Florida at the famed, historical Vizcaya Gardens. This invitation-only gala will introduce South Florida’s elite to the innovative and awe-inspiring architecture and design that will be The Plaza Costa del Este in Panama. Miami’s finest tastemakers will join in the celebration as HOMES, the world’s leading brokerage and development firm, opens their newest office on the famed Biscayne Boulevard. The evening of cocktails, dancing, and live music will be completed with a performance by Grammy award-winning Salsa sensation, Gilberto Santarosa and an appearance by the former Miss Universe 2003, Justine Pasek. Featuring the clean, sleek lines of architect MusAsvat, this mixed-use project integrates function with the pleasure of the senses.

Hotel accommodation and management are provided by The Octagon Group, a European landmark with a strong philosophy, redefining the boutique hotel with unique, carefully chosen details and ultimate comfort for the business traveler. Set on the waterfront overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Plaza Costa del Este is located in Panama’s hottest residential district. Just minutes from downtown Panama and the Tocumen International Airport, residents will enjoy the tranquility and luxury of ultimate living, with access to all of Panama City’s finest amenities and the tropical beauty beyond. Gilberto Santarosa, one of the first proud owners of a condominium in the The Plaza-Costa Del Este, remarks, “I am extraordinarily proud to be part of this project. I am proud to call it my home.” Developed by A2SN, a development group responsible for many of Panama’s most successful projects, the tower will combine luxury two-storey lofts, condominium apartments, as well as 150 five-star boutique hotel quarters for the high-end traveler. All residents and guests will have access to the complex’s Spa, Sky Beach and Business Center, as well as an exclusive Beach Club on Contadora Island, the jewel of the Pearl Islands Archipelago. The Plaza’s entertainment complex also includes a Theater, on-site restaurant and swimming pool. HOMES and The Plaza Costa Del Este will undoubtedly deliver an evening that will represent the decadence, beauty, and social scene that Miami has become known for. About Homes Real EstateHomes Real Estate is a pioneer of the integrated, multi-service approach to real estate investments abroad. Our management team offers a combined 50 years real estate expertise in both the Central and North American markets.

For more than five years, Homes has offered clients inside access to the burgeoning real estate market in Panama, emphasizing quality both in its offerings and in client care.

Our experienced staff provides clients with expert assistance and insights into every aspect of living, buying and investing in Panama, now considered one of the best business and retirement destinations in the world. We believe our clients should have access to the widest range of professional services can under one roof, and we consider ourselves to be the leading source of comprehensive real estate services in Panama today.

Homes offers thorough expertise in all legal, immigration and visa services, helping clients to secure their investments and gain residency abroad. We also offer a full range of financial services to ensure our clients can conduct their business transactions smoothly and worry-free.

Our team includes fully licensed brokers and developers in the Republic of Panama, with a portfolio of the most exclusive projects available in Panama today. From beach front to mountain top, vacation getaway to urban destinations, we help clients find exactly what they are looking for — and more.

We have six locations to serve you: Panama City, New York, Miami, Toronto, Venezuela and Spain.

Contact us at to find out more about the latest deals and exclusive investment opportunities available only at Homes Real Estate. or contact us at:

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