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February 1, 2008

Getting a buyer in today’s market

Filed under: Phoenix Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

I was in Phoenix yesterday on business with my esteemed colleague. We were meeting with two devlopers on two different projects about their media options. As many of you know, Americas Media Group opened up their West Coast office in San Diego so a quick trip to Phoenix is always accessible. Our first meeting went extremely well and our second meeting went even better. In a nutshell, we spoke with the developer and learned more about market conditions in Phoenix and even more about conditions of the Phoenix condo market than I had previously known. On the whole, the entire market in Phoenix is not fairing too poorly. After all, it’s the 5th largest city in America. Did you know that? Did you know that Phoenix has 160 golf courses? The developer was extremely passionate about his city and his project…as he should be. Mosaic is one the most highly anticipated devlopments in all of Phoenix. Buyers from all over the world will know about these Phoenix condos once all the media is placed in the appropriate publications and websites.

Media can’t be overlooked…especially in todays market. With Asians and Venezuelans trying to get their money offshore for political reasons into a safe haven like real estate in the US, global media can’t be overlooked. Canadians are buying up gobbles of US condos – as they should be because the exchange rate is extremely favorable right now. Many international buyers want US investments and Phoenix condos for sale are abundant and an excellent investment. Right now is the perfect time to buy. Don’t wait for the media to tell you it’s the right time or else you’ll miss the boat.

December 29, 2007

New Condos in Phoenix

Filed under: Phoenix Condo Conversions,Phoenix Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Hey there -

It keeps getting busier over here at! We’re adding many new condo and condo conversion developments in Phoenix. Just recently, the team at NCO has brought on Jag Development and The Condo Pros in the Phoenix region.

The Montego Pool

The Condo Pros have many Phoenix Condo Conversions and here at NCO, we’re excited to be working with them. Some of their developments include: Paragon Place, Lakeside Village, and Chandler Parc, The Montego, Rancho Mirada, & The Lofts at Arcadia. They are truly the condo kings of Phoenix!

With Jag Development, we’ve added Evergreen 9, Portland 38, and Roosevelt 11. We anticipate our users will be ecstatic with our new developments in the Phoenix region.

Come check out our Phoenix Condos and see why we’re the largest and most visited new condo advertising website in the country for attached for-sale housing!


Monaco Development lights up Phoenix

Filed under: Phoenix Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Monaco Development’s condo conversions in Phoenix have generated much interest on our site and should be noted as excellent purchases. Bella Terra at Paradise Valley and Portofino are two projects that have affordable price points with large incentive packages. Starting from the $190s and $170,000 respectively, both are located in Phoenix – prime location!

Bella Terra boasts a fully equipped fitness center, a garden terrace, pool, spa and an elegant clubhouse! Not only does Bella Terra have incredible amenities but also lush landscaping and breathtaking views of mountain ranges. Also, if you’re a golf lover, you’ll be able to take advantage of Championship golf courses located throughout Paradise Valley.

Living at Portofino isn’t too shabby either. Two pools and fitness centers and three spas among other amenities makes this development luxurious and one of a kind.

Come check out more about these two condos and Monaco Development at:

Phoenix – what a city!

Filed under: Phoenix Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

I’m in Phoenix, AZ today for a meeting the developer of the much anticipated, Mosaic. Mosaic, as I’m sure you’ve all heard is a new condo development slated for completion in 2009. You can see what Mosaic has to offer on New Condos Online along with other beautiful Phoenix condos. You should also note that the largest distributor of organic foods, Whole Foods. will be right below the Mosaic – a great duo!

I’m in my hotel room right now at the Grand Hyatt on the 21st floor looking out over downtown Phoenix and I must say, I’m quite impressed and stoked about the development going on right now. I can see about 8 contruction cranes – kinda like a mini Dubai. No – not quite.

Phoenix is quite a wonderful place to live. I mean, you’re prone to the desert, you’re set! You have a great basketball team, a football team and some really fun universities. With prices of condos and homes a little bit below from where they were a year ago, you can find a great deal right now in many parts of the city. If you fancy Scottsdale or Tempe or Phoenix, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a home that fits your desires.

What does it mean to work with New Condos Online?

Think back to a time when you saw something that someone else had or that you wanted so badly…. Did you beg your mother or father to get it for you if you promised to be good? Did you vow to do the dishes for 2 weeks in a row or pinky swear to never fight with your siblings again?

Was is it a bike or a calculator watch? Was it a a pony? Regardless of what it was, it was marketed the right way and it reached its intended audience. That concept in it self is very straightforward; An entity considers their development to be built to the highest standards to serve a purpose. At NewCondosOnline we are the best condominium advertising outlet on the internet, BARNONE! What makes us the best? We reach a targeted market of homebuyers and investors by implementing a wide variety of specific tools that the consumer would use. Google, MSN, Yahoo? We spend more than a MILLION dollars a year in optimizing our web presence! We work with 1300 different developers across the WORLD; Belize, The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Washington D.C, New York City…. you name it and we are there. Its something we take very seriously over here and we are only going to step it up from here. 2008 is going to be a very productive year and we are expecting to see another successive year of growth.

So if you’re trying to reach your intended audience *HOMEBUYERS* , come see us. We’ll get your name out there and help you show off that beautiful development you’ve been working on.

Phoenix Media Tour-Phoenix Condos

Filed under: Phoenix Condos — FISH @ 8:50 am

Our President Brent Gleeson is in Phoenix this week on a large media tour. He has interviews with several radio stations and multiple newspapers and magazines. He will be discussing the Phoenix condo market and how helps developers sell units in this tough market right now. NCO also has some unique bulk buying programs where we can buy a large portion of units and we are working on some of the bulk buys right now in the Phoenix market. has the largest presence of any condo site in the Phoenix area. There were a lot of new projects planned for the downtown Phoenix condo market but some of those have been put on hold for now to allow demand to catch up to supply which we feel will begin to happen later in 2008. Overall condo sales have dropped off 37% since the peak of the real estate market back in 2005. With slower sales, developers need to use the most cost effective marketing methods as possible. 85% of all people start their new home search on the internet and is the largest and most visited new condo advertising site in the world. 57 different projects in the greater Phoenix area have chosen to advertise on NCO and developers have been able to sell a lot of units through e-leads generated on their listings on Check out the Phoenix condo market here. There are a lot of great incentives right now being offered by these developers such as free HOA’s, no closing costs, free improvements, and more.

NCO is Heading to Phoenix

Filed under: NCO News,Phoenix Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

Well, its off the Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow for some newspaper interviews and a talk radio show discussing the current state of the condo and housing makrets, as well as tips/advice for current potential homebuyers. Everyone is waiting to see what the Fed does today in terms of interest rates, as well as anxious to see how President Bush’s mortgage plan rolls out.

The basis of the plan is to place a five year freeze on mortgage rates for borrowers facing the threat of default on sub-prime mortgages. Many of these sub-prime mortgages are ARM’s, or Adjustable Rate Mortagages. These loan products are set at a lower fixed rate for 3, 5, or 7 years and then adjust upward based on the Fed’s discount rate. This freeze will essentially place a hold on these rates getting ready to adjust so the buyers won’t face loan payments they can’t afford. The banks really do not want to see a massive waive of foreclosures because, let’s be honest…banks are not real estate companies. They do not want to hold assets such as condos and homes for long periods of time. It is costly!

One of the other items we will be discussing tomorrow is tips for home buyers and people looking for Phoenix condos…what is the best want to find and buy a home in a down market? Let’s face it…there are and will continue to be amazing deals for home buyers due to the unfortunate state of the market. Values are coming down, but they will adjust and things will normalize as they always do. But for now, strike while the iron is hot. My wife and I just bought a $1MM home for $740K! The previous owner bought it six months ago for $900K. That is a pretty fast drop. The home is relatively new too, built in 2000 with new appliance, perfect finishes, and paint. There are great deasl out there!

Keep looking for great new Phoenix condos.

Grace Communities Graces NCO

Filed under: Phoenix Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

I was really stoked today when Grace Communities came on NCO. X Wine Lofts and 44 Monroe are two of Phoenix’s hottest new condo developments. Both are new construction and will most likely sell out fast. X Wine Lofts is loft-style living at its finest. With open floor plans and massive balconies, a community pool and spa, loft lovers need look no where else. Come check out these lofts on NCO.

44 Monroe soars 34 stories and houses 202 units. Starting at $500K and ready in 2008, this extraordinary tower will be part of the Phoenix skyline forever. The amenities of this amazing development include a pool and spa, state of the art fitness center and business conference center. Residents will be able to enjoy all of Phoenix at all times during the day as 44 Monroe is situated in the perfect place. Come check out these condos here on NCO.

A Testament to Online Advertising

Filed under: Phoenix Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Over the weekend, I received word that a Phoenix condo development had made a sale from a lead that came through our site. The user was from Washington and found out about this certain development through our site. This is the best news I can ever receive from a client and it makes me very happy to know that not only are our clients happy but they are now convinced that online advertising is a very cost-effective way to advertise their projects. Real estate online advertising is still in the inchoate stages right now but is quickly becoming the most sensible way to market your project. Simply read the blog below as it gives creedence to this argument. If you’re a developer and still hesitant about online advertising, shave off a quarter of an inch in your Sunday ad that cost you tens of thousands of dollars. That savings will enable you to show your property to the global community as opposed to that finite newspaper circulation.

Tempe Condos Redefined by Mosaic

Filed under: Phoenix Condos,Tempe Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

As David mentioned, we are off to Tempe for the Groundbreaking ceremony for Mosaic in Tempe, Arizona. New Condos Online is proud to support our client at this exciting event and look forward to watching this new Tempe condo development change the face of Tempe urban living.

New Condos Online has also brought in the major media buying representationf for this development though our partnership with Americas Media Group. AMG, based in Miami but with offices all over the world, will be launching a major campaign for this project and play a key role in the branding strategy.

In an area wide spread with condo conversions, Mosaic will truly bring a fresh and modern concept to Tempe…and the prices are amazing!! The groundbreaking ceremony will take place at 6 PM tonight and the project will then be under way!

More to come…

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