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December 29, 2007

Sacramento Condos Strive to Defeat Downturn

Filed under: Sacramento Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

As we all know in California, home sales have slipped, values dropped, and new construction has slowed due to lending requirements and bank restrictions. But as the old saying goes, “this too shall pass”. And when it does the fact of the matter is that California is one of the most saught after destinations in the country. I moved here 8 years ago when I joined the Navy. I had not been to San Diego since I was a child and as soon as the plane flew in over downtown San Diego overlooking the beautiful bay, I knew this was home. Of course, during my life here in California, I have been able to explore all the other amazing cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. My wife is from Sacramento so I probably go up there the most. I had the opportunity to fly over downtown Sacramento with my brother-in-law (who is a pilot) in a small plane and was able to get a great birds eye view of the progress of new construction condo developments. One of the most noteable being the massive Sacramento Towers project in downtown Sac. Unfortunately, that project is back in the arms of the lender for now – but hopefully we will see it come to fruition in the future.

Northern California has so much developable land and has been the target of major home builders such as Centex, DR Horton, and many more for the last ten years. Sacramento and its surrounding suburbs have experience enormous growth in rural and urban development. Some of this has slowed as we know, but the path has been laid for more future urban condo development. Many projects from builders like Housing Source Partners have been selling well. The days of projects selling out are not gone – they are alive and well!

About Sacramento:

Being the capital city of California, Sacramento is the seventh most populous city providing home to around 475,743 people. Sacramento also serves as the administrative center of the Sacramento County. The culture and traditional values of the city of Sacramento has allured travelers from all over the world. This is a destination which retains the ancient gold rush history of California. With the most ideal weather, prime locations and good quality living, Sacramento has been identified as being among the ‘most livable’ regions in the entire United States. Offering such unique features, Sacramento Real Estate is a booming industry in the present scenario and as a result the new home seekers are craving for the array of stylish Sacramento condos for sale sprouting in the entire city.

Most of the residential areas of Sacramento provide excellent living options for all the owners of Sacramento condos. You can be sure to get a condo of any size and style to suit your preference. These condos are located at such ideal locations where you can enjoy every kind of urban vitalities and recreation facilities, such as gorgeous museums, gardens and parks. The nightlife of Sacramento is always bustling with fun and frolic. There are various nightclubs, pubs and music theaters in close proximity to the highly demanded Sacramento condos. These urban essentialities draw the attention of more and more interested home owners worldwide.

Old Sacramento is the most ancient area of Sacramento and is filled with historical buildings and homes. The Sacramento condos found in this area mostly feature renovated structures of classic styles. The residents of this area enjoy visiting the legendary Eagle Theater, which is the reconstructed form of the first permanent theater of California.

Sacramento houses the main campus of the California State University, Sacramento. It houses thousands of undergraduate and graduate students coming from all corners of the world. They find it very convenient to own Sacramento condos with single rooms that are built in close proximity to the university. Besides this, there are also several private as well as public schools in Sacramento to provide a first class education to all the children residing in this city.

Apart from high quality educational facilities, the transport system in Sacramento is well organized and you can find a network of the Amtrak passenger rail service in the entire city. This enables the residents of the Sacramento condominiums to have easy access to their schools, colleges and workplaces. Moreover, the areas around the Sacramento condos for sale are pedestrian friendly and the sidewalks are made accessible for wheelchairs. All these measures make the city ideal for home seekers of all ages to settle in the various Sacramento condos built here.

The Sacramento luxury condos located just five miles from the vivacious downtown region of the city feature such elegance and luxurious interiors and exteriors too that one can even think of! They are built with great arched windows and tile roofs which are gently sloping. Moreover, the exteriors are made beautifully with private parks, pools and parking lots. Again, the city’s best restaurants, malls and recreation facilities are a few minutes from these Sacramento luxury condominiums, to provide the most unbelievable lifestyles to the residents out there.

Apart from owning one, you can also invest in these highly desirable Sacramento condos and enjoy a great deal.

El Dorado Hills welcomes Lesarra

Filed under: Sacramento Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Sacramento is home to the Governator and now home to a new condo community. Pacific West Companies has done it again with Lesarra. Lesarra attached homes is sure to be a huge hit in the Sacramento area of California. Priced affordably in the 200,000′s, these Sacramento condos will feature 16 unique floorplans including 1 and 2 story homes. These beautiful condos are available now and families with children should definitely consider these condos as there some top-rated schools in the immediate vicinity of this development. Luxury upgrades are also available in this beautiful community – granite countertops and stainless kitchen appliances…to name a few!

Sacramento dubbed 2nd most affordable in State!

Filed under: Real Estate,Sacramento Condos — Schnitz44 @ 8:50 am

Investors and new condo and homebuyers, should really be taking a closer look at Sacramento for their next purchase. According to a report released Thursday by the California Association of Realtors, The Sacramento region is the second most affordable area in the state of California Right now for first time homebuyers. According to the report, in Greater Sacramento, 43 percent of households could afford to buy an entry level new condo or home, up from 40 percent last year. The first-time buyer median price was $310,670, with a minimum qualifying income of $62,640. Statewide, the minimum household income needed to purchase an entry-level home for $480,670 in the first quarter this year was $96,910, based on an adjustable interest rate of 6.3 percent and assuming a 10 percent down payment.

This said, take a look some of the fantastic Sacramento Condos on Two D.R. Horton developments include Carriage Lane, a D.R. Horton development moderately priced from $282,990 – $340,990 and Laguna Pointe, priced from the mid 200s. Also Washington Park Villas from Signature Properties is another affordable option starting in the high 300s. See more of these Sacramento new condos and pre-construction investment opportunities on

The Values Are Back in Greater Sacramento!

Filed under: California,Northern California,Sacramento,Sacramento Condos,Sacramento region — Marilyn Goff Team @ 8:50 am

And we at the Marilyn Goff Team couldn’t be happier!

To begin with, stop thinking that the real estate market is in a tail-spin and getting worse every day. For the Sacramento Region, this is just not true. Has there been a downturn in list prices? Absolutely. A downturn was needed. Like any commodity, from stocks to houses, runaway prices do not benefit the majority of consumers. The housing market has stabilized and now is a great time to buy. Will prices go lower? Only on those homes that were grossly overpriced to begin with. Buyers are in a good position in this market to negotiate a home to a correct price.

Easy to do? Nope. And this is why you need to be working with an experienced real estate agent.

The Sacramento Region is a great place to live and work and now is an excellent time to buy.

Elk Grove, a Growing Sacramento Community

Filed under: California,Northern California,Sacramento,Sacramento Condos,Sacramento region — Marilyn Goff Team @ 8:50 am

The city of Elk Grove, founded in 1850 and located just south of the city of Sacramento, is a fast-growing community with a lot to offer residents of the Sacramento region. Like other communities in the region, Elk Grove is within easy driving distance to both the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The community has preserved open space such as the Cosumnes River Preserve and the Stone Lakes Wildlife Refuge, and created parks to ensure that even as it grows, Elk Grove retains its natural beauty. The city is also home to cultural events such as the Johann Strauss Festival, Dickens Faire, and Community Harvest and Giant Pumpkin Festival.

Elk Grove offers a broad range of properties from starter homes, condos, new home developments, and ranch estates. Here at New Condos Online, you can find information about the Somerfield and Laguna Pointe condo developments.

As the population of Elk Grove has increased, it has been able to retain its small town charm, while providing residents with urban amenities making it a great place to live in the Sacramento region.

Largest Sacramento Condo Tower in Default

Filed under: Sacramento Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

The largest condo hotel tower on the west coast by developer John Saca is in dire straits after he defaulted on a $22 million dollar loan for the project. The Towers or Sac Towers as it has been sometimes called has a prime location by the river on the edge of downtown Sacramento. I have had “high” hopes for this project for a year now and have been following it closely. My wife’s family is from Sacramento and I have visited the site several times. NCO had actually been in talks with the developer and the marketing company initially representing them about everything from advertising to bulk purchasing 30% of the units. Since that time the project has gone through a series of ups and downs and been put “on hold” multiple times. John Saca, who is best known for retail development, has plans for a very ambitions project for which the timing may not be ideal. Construction costs for these Sacramento condos have put the project in jeopardy since day one. Construction stopped in January when contractors filed liens against the developer for millions in unpaid bills. The total project development costs total $570 million. The principal financial partner of the development is trying to determine whether the project is worth moving forward on. They have brought in a Los Angeles based developer to help determine if the project can be saved by scaling down the model a bit. Many units have actually been sold in the pre-construction phases, but all buyers with deposits hold money in the escrow account and will get a full refund. Many people obviously want to see this condo development move forward because it will change the face of the Sacramento skyline forever. The question is whether those building the project can come out of this venture alive!! The Sacramento condo market is much like many of the other markets in California but has not been hit quite so hard during the market shift. The area has not been drastically overbuilt and never had the influx of speculators that San Diego and Los Angeles did. Sacramento and the surrounding suburbs still have plenty of developable land as well. They ca still build out her than up. More to come…

Sacramento Job Growth

Economy Watch from the Sacramento Regional Research Institute indicates that while the Sacramento Region saw a slight drop in job growth in May compared to the previous month, growth has remained above 2 percent, and the Sacramento Region remains above the Bay Area, statewide, and national averages.

Government led all major sectors with the greatest job gains in the Sacramento Region followed by the Educational and Health Services sector, and Professional and Business Services sector.

The steady job growth and the buyer-friendly housing market make the Sacramento Region an attractive place to live.

The Desirable Community of Lincoln

Filed under: Sacramento Condos — Tags: — Marilyn Goff Team @ 8:50 am

Located in the western portion of Placer County, the community of Lincoln is situated about 25 miles northeast of the city of Sacramento and about 12 miles north of the city of Roseville. Like other communities in the Sacramento region, Lincoln is only a couple hours drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, and Reno.

The community has maintained the small town charm that has defined it for over 100 years, while still enjoying growth in population, homes, and business. Community events include the summer farmers’ markets, the Fourth of July parade (which has been going on for over a century), the Holiday Parade and tree lighting ceremony, and Feats of Clay, Lincoln’s annual arts festival and competition, which attracts artists and art aficionados from all across the nation.

In 2006, Lincoln was the winner of the coveted All-America Cities Award given by the National Civic League.

Lincoln has seen several new developments in recent years, including new condos. Here at New Condos Online, you can find information about the Sierra View condo development

If you are looking to relocate to the Sacramento region or if you have been a long-time resident, Lincoln is a fantastic option.

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