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May 4, 2008

Buy in a mixed-use development and save gas!

Filed under: San Diego condo — Thimble @ 8:50 am

So, Chevron – that somewhat big gas company – recently posted a little over a $5 Billion profit. That’s $5,000,000,000.00!!!! With gas prices extremely high and with no notion of going south, consumers are looking for ways to save time in the car. I read about Chevron and I thought to myself that owning in a mixed-use condo development in a hip area would be a very smart idea. Think about how much gas you waste driving to the grocery store, drug store, coffee joint, gym, restaurants and whatever else, you use your car for. Now, just think if you lived in a mixed-use new condo. Many of these new developments possess the intangibles that are really starting add up. In San Diego, for example, many mixed-use San Diego condo developments are saving many residents of this city tons of money on gas. My friends who live downtown in a mixed use developments are seldom driving unless they are driving to and from work. They never use their car during the weekend as they have everything they need within a few floors from their condo. Even if you’re not living in a mixed-use development, but living in a condo downtown, you’re going to reap the benefits and hopefully not contribute to the wealth in the Middle East. Not to get poliitcal, but the majority of our oil comes from the Middle East. If you don’t wish to contribute to this, then I would suggest the following, move to a urban area where you don’t need a car. If you are in desparate transportation, by a bicycle.

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