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April 25, 2009

New Urban Model Homes with Views at Aloft

Filed under: Real Estate,San Diego Condos,Uncategorized — Tags: , — Mr Oscar @ 2:26 am

Oliver McMillan, one of America’s premier developers, is unveiling new models at it’s urban residential community, Aloft, in San Diego. The stylish building, located high atop Cortez Hill with views of the city and Balboa Park, is centered in San Diego’s most desirable urban neighborhood. The new models are located on the top floor, showcasing both city and bay views in concert with cutting edge floor plans and amenities. “Homebuyers are very excited about Aloft. Our new models are a ‘must see’ on the downtown scene. The combination of location, floor plans, amenities and sales price make Aloft an irresistible choice for our customers” said Debbie McGhee, sales representative, adding “Aloft also represents the focal point of 30 years of experience from Oliver McMillan, a San Diego based developer of ‘trophy’ urban projects throughout the United States”.

Featuring a location, price, urban sophistication and design not easily found, Aloft has been and continues to be the right choice with pricing starting in the high $200,000’s, and some of the lowest HOA Fees for a newly constructed building in downtown San Diego starting in the mid $200’s per month. Homebuyers are finding that at Aloft they can own their home, live in a vibrant urban environment and experience all of the financial benefits of owning instead of renting.

Aloft offers five distinct floor plans with beautifully furnished models, and an innovative lobby. Within the community there are one and two-story condominiums ranging from 575 to 1,175 square feet, including Aloft’s unique signature platform loft. Additionally there are one- and two-bedroom homes, some with private patios or view orientated balconies. The center of the Aloft community is highlighted by a resort-style lounge pool and spa with a cascading concrete water wall, lounging patio, private cabanas, beach area with outdoor fire pit and a fitness center with top-of-the-line equipment.

Interior amenities, such as state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and laminate wood flooring complement the stylish open architecture. For comfort and convenience, there is central air conditioning, stackable washer and dryer and CAT-5 wiring. Homeowners will also appreciate the secure parking in Aloft on Cortez Hill’s gated underground parking facility. With floor-to-ceiling windows, Aloft takes advantage of the building’s elevated location in one of San Diego’s most revered neighborhoods overlooking Downtown and Balboa Park. In keeping with the fabric and scale of the neighborhood, the building is a low-rise, five-story design that fits nicely into the neighborhood.

To learn more about Aloft on Cortez Hill, visit or call (619) 239-2039, or visit the Aloft Sales Studio open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. located on 8th Avenue between Date and Cedar Streets.

January 8, 2009

Optimism for New Condos in San Diego

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I am very optimistic about the 2009 condo market, especially here in San Diego. We can all be optimistic when considering the following:

Residential development has dropped significantly over the past year. This is an advantage to home buyers because as supply drops and demand continues to increase, home prices will begin to hold steady and soon new condos will again increase in value. I believe we will see the effects of this midway through the year.

This also means that we may have finally arrived at the bottom of the condo market. San Diego was one of the first cities to feel the effects of the real estate downturn and with its continued population growth; San Diego should also be one of the first cities to recover.

San Diego was also ranked as Americas second favorite city with the second highest percentage of people wanting to move to San Diego.

f you are planning to move to San Diego, check out all of the new condos downtown. Some of the best condos downtown have motivated developers with plenty of buying incentives. This might only last for a short time so act now and purchase a new condo today.

October 18, 2008

San Diego condo Balboa Ridge making waves

Filed under: San Diego Condos,condo conversion,condos in california — The Law @ 10:41 am

Let’s face it, the economy and stock market are taking a significant punishing and around the country there are talks of substantial cutbacks. However, there is still a strong need for continued economic stimulation. Cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago are still seeing new projects being developed and built. Of particular note is Balboa Ridge condos in San Diego, CA. New Condos Online has been featuring this development since late 2007 and has proved a great resource for leads and generating exposure online.

Alan Nevin, Director of Economic Research for Market Pointe Realty Advisors and Chief Economist for the California BIA, addressed a crowd of real estate brokers at Balboa Ridge Wednesday afternoon. He kept his audience engaged with an informative synopsis of San Diego’s current housing market condition and his forecast for its recovery. Mr. Nevin shared his research regarding the dwindling availability of modern condominiums at prices that still make sense in today’s real estate market. Investing in existing communities such as Balboa Ridge with its quality construction, amenities, mature landscaping and central location makes solid business sense as it becomes harder and harder for builders to acquire single family lots and as the cost of pricey brand new construction drives prices above what the current market will accept.

Brokers continue to bring their clients to Balboa Ridge because it offers an attractive mix of comfort, location and value. Centrally located in Clairemont, between I-805 and I-5, the gated, garden community stands apart from similar projects with extraordinary construction and lush, mature landscaping. Its established Clairemont neighborhood allows residents the convenience and close proximity to many of San Diego’s attractions and freeways. Broker co-operation is invited at 6% to referring brokers.
Community home owners cite beautiful landscaping, thoughtful floor plans and overall value as key reasons they’ve made Balboa Ridge home. In a recent interview at an Owner Appreciation Wine Tasting Party, Balboa Ridge resident Erika boasted, “I bought a two bedroom condominium… with a front yard!”
Balboa Ridge features three swimming pools, a clubhouse with canyon views overlooking a community spa, exercise facility and garden courtyards throughout. Shopping and entertainment are within walking distance. Homes start in the mid $200,000’s with HOA’s as low as $213.00 per month.

Balboa Ridge is located at 5252 Balboa Arms Dr. near Balboa and Genesee, with a sales office open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Contact a Balboa Ridge representative at (619) 857-6148 or via Broker co-operation is invited at 6% to referring brokers.

April 4, 2008

San Diego Condos- You CAN afford one now

Filed under: San Diego Condos — FISH @ 8:50 am

San Diego is one of those towns where most people think that they can’t afford a condo. Growing up in Philadelphia, east coasters think living in San Diego is an unattainable Soutern California paradise. Frankly for awhile they were right. Prices were high and only getting higher. During the San Diego condo boom, thousands of new units went up and now there is somewhat of a glut of condos. This has made builders drastically drop their prices in some areas making some amazing deals out there and making the market affordable to all potential buyers. 2 years ago, you could not find a 2 bedroom San Diego condo for under $500,000. Now even 5 minutes down the street from my house you can pick up some nice 2 bedroom condo conversions or some slightly older condos for the high $200,000′s.

The fantasy of living in this Southern California wonder land is finally attainable for most people. I don’t think there is anywhere in the world I would rather live. The weather is amazing all year round and the people are incredible. If you are looking for some more affordable San Diego condos, you may want to check out areas such as North Park, Hillcrest, and southern San Diego in Chula Vista. They are some beautiful affordable single family homes down in Chula Vista.

As a San Diego resident now, I am heading down to the Padres game tonight where it is military night. The ballpark downtown is one of the best in the country and I would encourage people to make it out to a game if they make it to town.

January 25, 2008

Downtown Living

Filed under: San Diego Condos — JonnyT @ 8:50 am

The largest condo website in the country will soon be adding one of San Diego’s most intriguing downtown’s new addresses The Mark.

This beautiful new address is The Mark of San Diego. You can view this new condos listing of their website here. The residences will range from $400 to 3.7M. If you’re a buyer of this property you can expect concierge, 24 hours per day lobby attendants and a new fitness facility.

I personally love this building because of it’s location, attention to detail and floorplans.I visited The Mark’s website and found this website as a GREAT resource.My wife is an Interior Designer and pointed out the nice layouts.For those interested in a walk through, you’ll notice floor plans ranging from 1 bedroom at 899 sq.ft. to 3 bedrooms at 2441.I love baseball so any sports fans would love to this location because you’re very close to the stadium.

I did my research and found out that this building a project by Doug Wilson.
Doug Wilson he led the design and re-development of the Symphony Towers and created Park Loft.In the next week NCO is proud to launch a Doug Wilson project on the largest condo website in the country.

In the next week we’ll be up-loading all these beautiful images of this property.Stay tuned!

December 29, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Filed under: Chicago Condos,San Diego Condos — admin @ 8:50 am

What’s wrong with this picture. It’s raining on a late April day in San Diego and in Chicago its sunny and warm. I guess the condo sales offices in the windy city will be doing better than those in the finest city. I mean if you can’t go outside in San Diego you pretty much can’t do anything. Chicago is used to covering up and staying inside so they must feel pretty good right now. The real down side to rain in Southern California is watching the natives drive. It’s like going to an old school car derby, where drivers try to destroy other cars. Here all of the accidents become the news story of the day. The sky becomes overcast and suddenly all of the drivers go into a trance and start ramming everything in sight, or sliding through intersections. Here is some advice to SoCal drivers: If you find yourself in Chicago in late January, and white stuff is falling from the sky, take a cab.

Southern California’s Role in the Housing MarketSouthern California’s Role in the Housing Market

Filed under: Los Angeles Condos,Real Estate,San Diego Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

During 2007, Southern California and more specifically San Diego and Los Angeles, were hit very hard by the declining market. This is no secret. As we watched the whisper of a real estate bubble turn to a national media frenzy the sales of San Diego condos and Los Angeles condos slowed dramatically causing inventory levels to rise, values to drop, and layoffs to occur in the construction and mortgage industries. The most optimistic of analysts and economists stated in 2005 that there was no bubble and that the market might correct but not crash. This was true for some markets but not most. Now these more optimistic analysts are saying that we will continue to see condo and home values decrease for another 6 months to a year and start to see a correction in 2009. Of course this means that market conditions may not be what we would consider “good” until 2010 or 2011.

Some real estate professionals in San Diego and Los Angeles feel that there is at least an inkling of consumer confidence starting to emerge. Not so much in the fact that the market will correct soon and become healthy, but that for long term thinkers and condo buyers…now is the time to buy. There are and will continue to be great opportunities through 2008.

Most economists believe however that the market cycle has not run its full course and that we will not see the sale of San Diego condos and Los Angeles condos increase again until 2009. Home sales are expected to decrease another 10% or so during 2008 despite the fact that it is a “buyers market”. Too many people are so nervous about buying and then seeing a decline in value. People need to stop thinking of their homes as money-makers and just think of them as homes. Yes, no one wants to buy then see the value decline $50,000 or $100,000 over the first year of ownership but buyers need to think more long term.

Other more pessimistic economists believe we will not see a correction until 2011 or 2012. Yikes! Unfortunately the pessimists won in the original argument as to whether we were in a real estate bubble. The overall health of the national housing market is important to San Diego because we were one of the markets that experienced a doubling of median home prices between 2000 and 2005.

Housing booms of course can not be looked at a bad thing, simply part of the cyclical nature of the housing industry. During the boom in Southern California, developers began building many new San Diego condos and Los Angeles condos and homes creating a wealth of jobs in the construction and real estate fields. 25% of the job growth in San Diego from 2001 to 2005 was in the real estate industry. Unfortunately many of those jobs were new agents trying to break down the relatively low barriers to entry. While the barriers to entry into the world of real estate agents may seem low, creating a successful career amidst the vast sea of competition is another thing.

The quickly increasing home prices drove more and more investors and speculators to the table thereby further fueling the fire. Home and condo owners, while experiencing a feeling of new found wealth began driving up consumer sales as well while they took out home equity lines of credit to buy new cars and luxury items. This is called living well beyond your means and no financial planner or “wealth” manager would recommend it. People who got it at the right time investing in San Diego condos and Los Angeles condos were able to flip these assets for a decent profit. Most however did not quit while they were ahead and continue to purchase condos and homes. Now many self proclaimed investors are stuck with assets they can’t sell, condos they are renting for a loss, and mortgages they can barely pay.

Many economists are comparing the recession of 2001 to what they think might occur during 2008. San Diego economists acknowledge that during the recession of 2001 San Diego was not hit as hard as other cities because of our diversified economy. Keep in mind though that the recession was driven by increasing employment rates and labor cut backs. This recession (if it occurs) will be fueled primarily by loan defaults, bankruptcies, and declining employment opportunities in construction and real estate. Therefore, San Diego might not be so recession proof after all.

Despite all of this, mid size developers and home builders are still planning and building new San Diego condos and Los Angeles condos in the very low or very high end. The high end side of the condo market has not been hit so badly because the more affluent people purchasing these homes do not care as much about the market cycles.

We will see over the course of this next year who wins the debates, the pessimists or the optimists!

Mayfair Homes brings on 2 Communities to Promote on NCO

Filed under: San Diego Condos — Thimble @ 8:50 am

Mayfair Homes is one of San Diego County’s most respected developers. Recently, this prestigious firm has brought on Avalon and Trilogy on 5th to promote on NCO. Ready in June of ’07 and September of ’07 respectively, these two new construction condo communities are both located in desirable parts of San Diego.

Avalon is located in the heart of Pacific Beach, only steps to the ocean. Living in Pacific Beach is nothing but pure enjoyment as I can speak from experience. The surf is great as is the nightlife and the restaurants. If you’re an active one, look no further! These condos are exquisite as are the stylish and upscale amenities.

Trilogy on 5th has 2 bedrooms beginning in the $500,000s and start of at 1,166 sf. Located in the Bankers Hill area of Hillcrest, this development will surely capture the hearts of many! Come check out the unique floor plans and plush amenities here on NCO.

What does it mean to work with New Condos Online?

Think back to a time when you saw something that someone else had or that you wanted so badly…. Did you beg your mother or father to get it for you if you promised to be good? Did you vow to do the dishes for 2 weeks in a row or pinky swear to never fight with your siblings again?

Was is it a bike or a calculator watch? Was it a a pony? Regardless of what it was, it was marketed the right way and it reached its intended audience. That concept in it self is very straightforward; An entity considers their development to be built to the highest standards to serve a purpose. At NewCondosOnline we are the best condominium advertising outlet on the internet, BARNONE! What makes us the best? We reach a targeted market of homebuyers and investors by implementing a wide variety of specific tools that the consumer would use. Google, MSN, Yahoo? We spend more than a MILLION dollars a year in optimizing our web presence! We work with 1300 different developers across the WORLD; Belize, The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Washington D.C, New York City…. you name it and we are there. Its something we take very seriously over here and we are only going to step it up from here. 2008 is going to be a very productive year and we are expecting to see another successive year of growth.

So if you’re trying to reach your intended audience *HOMEBUYERS* , come see us. We’ll get your name out there and help you show off that beautiful development you’ve been working on.

Smog in Los Angeles, Water tables in Atlanta, Hurricanes on the Gulf Coast

A staggering number of climatic events are threatening some major cities in the United States in the past 10 years. Atlanta is seeing a depletion of their natural water source and that grim reality is leading to panic around the world as we are beginning to face the facts that our natural resources are not unlimited. We are also seeing an increase in greenhouse gases and harmful carbon dioxide emission especially in large cities including Los Angeles and Washington D.C. It seems like we are digging our own grave by doing this to our atmosphere and earth; what is of more concern is that the earth will see an increase in hurricanes, floods, snowfall, heatwaves and ice storms.

As gripping and urgent as this situation is, there is hope. Hope because we as a people are taking the proper steps by reducing emissions, greenhouse gases, water consumption, energy consumption and implementing more strict guidelines for the future. This is GREAT news for the potential and current home-buyer because as more strict standards go into place, we see an increase in the quality of a budding condo or town home development using state of the art technology in making you living as clean and energy efficient as possible.

We are on our way to reducing the negative effects that have been causing so much harm to our environment. The end result points towards a new frontier of modern living that promises to make the world a better place.

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