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February 21, 2009

Radiance at Mission Bay

The Radiance at Mission bay is raising the standards of waterfront living in San Francisco. Starting from the $500’s with views of the San Francisco Bay, Bay Bridge, and Downtown San Francisco, this development has exceeded even the expectations of Bosa. Model units are now open.

Expert real estate developer Nat Bosa believes the market is set to rebound soon. “Yes, we reduced prices, but this is a unique window of opportunity for buyers, and we have always been realistic in our pricing structure,” Bosa is quoted as saying in the San Francisco business times in regards to Radiance at Mission Bay.

San Francisco Condos will be amongst the first reawaken once the financial markets stabilize, and with the new stimulus package could be sooner than later.

The market is already showing slight signs of a recovery and according to Bosa; the prices will adjust with the market.

Register for information on Radiance at Mission Bay, and don’t miss out on this unique buying opportunity.

August 1, 2008

San Francisco Recently Voted Most Walkable City

Filed under: Downtown Condos,New Condos San Francisco,San Francisco Condos — prosperity @ 8:50 am

San Francisco, California has recently been voted the nation’s most walk able city by Walk Score, a web site that assigns grades to addresses based on the proximity of amenities surrounding them. With rising costs of gas, New Condos in San Francisco could mean a lower cost of living for those that are able to take advantage of the convenience of the city’s public transportation accessibility. As seen in the picture below, most Californians in surrounding areas are paying well in excess of $1000 dollars a year on transportations costs. Residents of San Francisco are also claiming a better quality of life by having the ability to visit local markets, eateries and coffee shops by taking a stroll through the neighborhood. This luxury also attributes to the populations physical fitness placing San Francisco in the top ten fittest cities in the United States in 2007. If you would like to cut back on the portion of your monthly paycheck handed over to attendants at the gas station and live somewhere that many amenities are a short walk away you may consider buying a new condo in San Francisco.sf stats

Monthly Household Transportation Expenditures (2008 gas prices).

by Block Group Model Data


Data not available


0 to 730 UDS($)


730 to 800 UDS($)


800 to 860 UDS($)


860 to 930 UDS($)


Greater than or Equal to 930 UDS($)

Monthly Household Transportation Expenditures (2008 gas prices). Fuel efficiency is based on 20.3 mpg.

February 14, 2008

Is modernization in new condo developments always the best idea?

Filed under: NCO,New York City Condos,San Francisco Condos — The Law @ 8:50 am

I was watching the construction the the new Trump towers in Chicago on the discovery channel in HD last night and I noticed that they are going to every extent to modernize and make that development the most appealing to new consumers and home buyers by importing new italian granite and multimillion facade work. The development is absolutely stunning but it lit a fire in my mind and took me in a direction that I normally wouldn’t go. While modernization and new technology is the standard at the moment, I reflected on how cool the combination of old architecture and new renovation made for a really unique and beautiful condo development. The San Francisco condo market is seeing exactly this happen. The residences at Jackson Square is a fine example of a unique San Franciscan landmark become a very desirable residence. With only 12 units available, it definitely falls into the category of a boutique development with a touch of classic flair. Your typical old landmark of this caliber would originally have many rooms — Jackson Square renovated these spaces to create open expanses and gave it character by adding light wood tones to compliment the antique brick.

Many new renovations are being done on historic landmarks in New York City and in Miami. The New York City condo market has seen a consistent increase in interest and occupancy even during this period of a downward trend. While the new and the fresh is what most new home-buyers are looking for, it would behoove a prospective homeowner to checkout these great renovated projects because they usually lie in very appealing parts of town and offer unique style of living!

December 29, 2007

San Francisco Condos- Intracorp Strikes Again with Arterra

Filed under: FISH,Hot Developments,New Condos,San Francisco Condos — FISH @ 8:50 am

Last weekend I took a free bus tour (& free parking!) of 6 downtown LA LOFT buidings & Los Angeles Condo Conversions sponsored by It was a fabulous tour & extremely informative, well-run & even included pastries & coffee! The tour lasted 9 – 1 on Saturday morning. You can sign up on their website. Remember not to “register” at the buidings because you will be denied free use of your Realtor. I will be going again in September if anyone wants to join me ( or 323.769.3371) to see 6 different buidings. They started our tour at the new RALPHS – a huge beautiful supermarket new to downtown. It is actually the nicest supermarket I have EVER been in – wine-tasting, dry cleaner, full deli & salad bar, carving stations, coffee, pastries, sushi – clean & well laid out. Last month this supermarket was all over the news. They did $750,000 in business the 1st week (expecting to do $250,000). See quote below:

“More than a 1000 residents, workers and community leaders flooded the opening of the Ralphs Fresh Fare at Ninth and Flower streets on Friday, July 20, celebrating the return of the grocery store to Downtown after nearly six decades. The much-anticipated ribbon cutting at the 50,000-square-foot market is considered a major turning point in Downtown’s revitalization. With more than 10,000 people calling the immediate area home, demand for a full-service supermarket has been strong since the deal was inked more than four years ago.” DOWNTOWN NEWS

Give me a call if you have questions about the LA Market. I can help you find a great new home!!


Intracorp strikes again with Arterrain San Francisco.

The project is 269 units starting in the low $500,000′s and located in Mission Bay in San Francisco. This unique and amazing project is scheduled for completion in March 2008. Arterra features amenities to help make your day-to-day life richer and more convenient. The sophisticated lobby welcomes you and your guests in grand style, juxtaposing the warmth of recycled and sustainable materials with the elegance of expansive glass walls overlooking a serene park.

There is also a breath taking rooftop sundeck with views to the south, west, and north to downtown. Please call for more information or visit the project

arSales center: 415-974-5200

Type: Condo
Stories: 16
Units: 269
Bath: 1 to 2
Bedrooms: 1 to 3
Unit Size: 727 – 1,230 sq.ft.
Price: From the Low $500,000
Phase: New Construction
Completion Date: March 2008 Address: 300 Berry Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

View More San Francisco Condos by Clicking Here

More on San Francisco…Boutique Condo Hotel in Soma

Filed under: San Francisco Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

Soma GrandSan Francisco’s arts, entertainment, and shopping districts welcome a new 22 story condo tower called Soma Grand. The new luxury residence will also offer hotel services by Joie de Vivre Hospitality. These new San Francisco condos will offer floor plans from one to three bedrooms. There will be 246 homes staring from the low $500,000′s. The completion date is scheduled for later this year.

A Tale of Two Cities

Filed under: San Francisco Condos — Rob La Eace @ 8:50 am

According to industry experts, the real estate downturn which essentially started in 2005 could last through 2008 and begin to correct in early 2009. That means we have another couple years to weather the storm before things get much better. These are overall nationwide estimates and local markets will see a lot of variation.

Markets that have experienced the largest amount of price appreciation in homes and condos, high demand, and of course speculation will continue to be hit the hardest by the slow down.

Over the next twelve months many expect to see prices to drop by about 8% or 9% in the top fifty nations around the country. The housing market is expected to struggle in other markets that have less of a bubble, but it will be more do to the job market rather than inflated prices. In many areas of the country that didn’t experience double-digit price increases, home values will continue to appreciate in a healthy manner.

Biotech Boom Supports Housing Growth in San Francisco

Filed under: San Francisco Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

More biotech companies are moving inside the city limits. Previously, the biotech companies set up shop in the


Bay areas and

South San Francisco areas. Now more venture capital firms are pumping over 30% of their funds into the biotech industry. More commercial developers are supporting the growth inside

San Francisco city limits as well.


Bay, a new 303 acre development area is expected to capture the majority of the new biotech growth starting with the new UCSF satellite campus.


Bay will bring thousands of new jobs and very high property taxes for the city.

The companies moving inside the city will benefit from the transportation hub and close proximity to UCSF, Stanford, and UC Berkeley. These institutions will supply thousands of jobs to fill the hundreds of thousands of square feet planned to be absorbed. The companies filling these spaces are veteran biotech companies as well as start-ups leasing 1,000 square foot spaces on UCSF campus.

Real estate experts say that even in an economic down turn the biotech will thrive and more companies will continue to grow and need more space. More space means more jobs and more jobs inside the city limits means higher demand for more

San Francisco condos. Some great new condos in San Francisco’s


Bay area include 235

Berry by Signature Partners and Arterra by Intracorp.

New San Francisco condos bring new urban design and architecture to

San Francisco’s old world skyline. San Francisco will always have the charming three and four story townhomes in


Heights, but new construction is really bringing new life to the city. Condo developers are redefining urban lifestyle in areas like


Bay, Soma, and



Is San Fran following New York’s Lead?

Filed under: New York Condos,San Francisco Condos — Frogman235 @ 8:50 am

We have seen the New York luxury condo market make impressive gains in 2007 while the rest of the country struggles. The high end luxury condo market continues to hold strong as prices and demand continue to be through the roof. Major metropolitan cities have the benefit of being a great investment target for international investors, but the fact remains in the luxury market that affluent people are still willing to buy regardless of “national” market trends.

Banks are taking the opportunity to lend on $10 million mortgages because they can then bundle and sell those high end mortgages to the open market to make up for all the defaults and foreclosures on the lower end. San Francisco condos in the luxury sector seem to be following the same trend. Sales for the 4th quarter have outpaced the 3rd quarter in the high end market by almost double. Average price per square foot keeps going up and is now at $1,200 while time on market has gone down to an average of 45 days!

Buyers in the high end San Francisco condo market want great views and 24 hour concierges. And they are getting it all! In most of the other markets across the country regardless of how many incentives and amenities are thrown at the buyers, values continue to fall. Many experts say 2008 will be no different for most of the country. The real naysayers think 2008 may not even be the bottom, be we won’t get into that! Most of us are hoping for a turn-around towards the end of 2008.

Seeing condo markets like San Francisco and New York excel the way they have in the current conditions gives us all hope. I live in San Diego and just went into escrow on a home. Buyers need to understand that there are great deals out there, especially if the buyer is thinking long term. Now through next year will be a great time to buy condos!

88 South Broadway- Inspired Living

Filed under: San Francisco Condos — FISH @ 8:50 am

88NCO is proud to announce 88 South Broadway. These amazing new luxury condos are situated right on the peninsula in Milbrae California. For those that aspire to a better way of living. 88 South Broadway offers seven distinctive two bedroom and two bath floorplans. Airy, spacious rooms and gracious styling that makes you feel at home. From soaring ceilings to premium appliances and gas fireplaces, these luxury homes are designed to celebrate life. And it is all right here.

With spacious units from 1300 to 1900 sqaure feet and 105 units to chose from, 88 South Broadway is an amazing condo community,

Located in

Millbrae, the charm of small town living meets sophistication. The

Burlington plaza heralds greeting from neighborhood shopkeepers. The delicacies of fine dining meld with the fresh air and invite you to explore, shop and dine. In fact, you are only a short walk to the nearby BART and Caltrain station. 88 South Broaday offers home buyers a great alternative to high-end San Francisco condos!

The Real San Francisco Treat – New Condos

Filed under: San Francisco Condos — Schnitz44 @ 8:50 am

I just spent my memorial day in San Francisco with some friends from college, and being in the new housing industry, I couldn’t keep my eyes from venturing skyward at each spot I visited throughout the city. From what I saw, San Francisco is about to have a major surplus of housing – including condos, townhomes, and lofts. The city has a lot of cranes in operation right now, I personally counted 8 of them on a boat tour of the bay yesterday. Some of the fantastic looking developments going vertical right now include: Soma Grand, a brand new 22-story residential tower at the nexus of San Francisco’s vibrant arts, entertainment and shopping districts, Heritage on Fillmore Condos, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Historic Fillmore Jazz District with One-, two- and three-bedroom condominiums are available in this unique thirteen-story building, and The Hayes, which is currently offering new home buyers two years of paid HOA as well as a new refrigerator, washer and dryer.

With over 20 new condo developments in our San Francisco City Page, there is something for everyone. The overall Bay Area is full of option as well, so check out our Oakland Condos and Sacramento Condos as well.

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