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December 29, 2007 gives maximum exposure for a fraction of the cost of SEO

Filed under: Real Estate Website,SEO — admin @ 8:50 am is a forum where builders, developers, and real estate professionals can showcase their projects in a targeted high quality search environment, which drives a better and more qualified buyer to their property websites. Simply put, is a more focused and efficient lead generation portal. We direct customers to the exact page you want them to see in a way that reduces the cost of acquiring the customer. We are much more cost effective and efficient than do it yourself search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. This offers developers, builders, and brokers a better return on their online advertising dollar.

In order for developers, builders and real estate professionals to target the right buyer to their websites of their new condos and to appear in the major search engines they have to bid against their competitors on hundreds of terms. This drives up the cost of online exposure dramatically. At we have already done this for you. We have over 60,000 terms optimized with the major search engines (Yahoo, MSN, and Google). Therefore we can offer real estate professionals maximum online exposure for a fraction of the cost. Sure some sites offer free listings and free should always be considered. However, as we all know there is “no such thing as a free lunch.” Who is benefiting more from this free listing…the real estate professional or the website? Local branding must be protected and the best way to control this is by having potential customers get to the local professional and see how they do business. At we specialize in bringing the qualified consumer to the builder, developer, and agents website and eventually to their sales team and we do it a professional manner so their business is protected. That is one reason why we take no commissions on sales generated through our site. We are not in competition with real estate professionals. Our business model is to help them get more customers not diminish their commissions our dilute their brand.

Consumers that use have already refined their search criteria to a specific location, price range and housing type (town home, loft, condo, etc.). Once they click through to the properties website there is a much greater chance that the property fits their criteria. They are a much more qualified and informed customer for a fraction of the cost of SEO. Of course that is what everyone in the real estate profession really wants out of their online advertising campaign.

Search Engines- More Ads Equals More Exposure

Filed under: SEO — FISH @ 8:50 am

At we strive to drive the most targeted traffic for our clients. We have the largest PPC condo related campaigns in the country in addition to a massive organic search engine optimization campaign. There is a myth in the industry that when you have great organic placement, you can drop the PPC and still get the same traffic but this myth was just broken by Google with some staggering results I would like to share with our readers.

From a recent article on, the following information was published: Thanks to Google Adwords is a paid tool that advertisers can use to bid on terms related to their business, and potentially show up on the first page of results for those keywords. This can be very expensive depending on your market and your competition. The question is, do you need to pay to be seen if you are already showing in the top ten? The answer is yes you do.

Each search engine uses different sources for things such as paid results, natural results or directory results…and in some cases they even use different sources for their secondary listings.

“So if I’m #1 on Google, why do I need to pay for an additional placement in paid search? Won’t I be paying for traffic that I will probably already get?”

Not necessarily, and we are going to show you and prove why beyond a shadow of a doubt. According to Google, 1000 impressions on average will net 10 clicks on a top spot in their Adwords scheme. A top position in organic results will net you 20 clicks per 1000 impressions. Being at the top of both will net an astounding 60 clicks. Now I don’t know about you folks, but I know the difference between 1-2% and 6% when it comes time to deliver reports to clients. This is an absolutely huge piece of information.So what Google is saying is that you can double your traffic by being at the top of paid and organic results. And they didn’t just say it, they sent me a graph in case I didn’t believe their sales rep. Here it is; Source:

We have thousands of terms in Yahoo as well that we show up for when it comes to condo related terms in the organic section. The majority of the time we still pay for the PPC ads in order to benefit the most and receive the highest number of possible clicks.

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